How Long Does It Take OONI To Heat up? (Explained) 2022

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A major distinguishing factor between ovens is time, the time taken to get things done.

All types of ovens function in making a good and crispy meal, so it has to carry out that same function faster for one to be termed superior.

Ooni ovens vary in the time they take to heat up, given the different methods, all geared at improving the heating time and retention.

Generally, Ooni Pizza Ovens take 15 to 20 minutes to heat up. Some Ooni’s use charcoal and wood pellets while others use gas to heat up, making their heating time differ slightly. But no matter the means it uses to get hot, heating up is usually between 15 to 20 minutes.

How Long Does It Take Ooni Koda 16 to Heat Up?


In 20 minutes, your Ooni Koda 16 will be ready for use which is the time it heats up to the temperature required.

Since it uses gas, Koda is about the perfect Ooni to use. You can control the temperature and won’t have any issues once it reaches its desired temperature.

With Ooni Koda 16, the stress of making fire naturally for the oven to get hot is phased out.

The process of making the fire usually prolongs the heating up of your oven. But with an Ooni Koda 16, you will only have to put on the somewhat automatic gas.

This feature saves time and makes the entire process faster and easier.

How Long Does It Take Ooni Koda 12 to Heat Up?

ooni koda 12

Ooni Koda 12 takes 15 minutes to heat up. It is notable for its improved baking capability in terms of speed.

When you use Ooni Koda 12 for the first time after its purchase, it takes more time to heat the firelighter.

This first heating makes the oven adjust to heat, making subsequent use more effective.

The oven mostly takes an extra five (5) to ten (10) minutes to heat up for first-time heating.  

Thus, it amounts to 25 minutes at most, after which it will take less time to get hot. Furthermore, unlike its counterpart Ooni Koda 16, Koda 12 is lighter hence, more efficient.

It reaches the required temperature of 500°C (932°F) as fast as 15 minutes. Since Koda 12 is half the size of Koda 16, it is easier and faster to get hot.

The fire from your gas will have just a much smaller distance to circulate and fill with heat. So it does the job with relative ease and in time but with less output due to the size of the oven.

How Long Does It Take Ooni Karu to Heat Up?


Ooni Karu, best noted for its versatility, also heats up within 15 to 20 minutes, which is not specific.

The reason is that it can use gas, wood pellets, or charcoal. So the time used to heat the oven varies directly with the medium employed to make it hot.

The oven also has two versions with the sizes as the difference. It has a smaller version of 12kg and a bigger one of 28kg.

The size influences the time it heats up by just a fraction. Therefore, the heating medium is prominently considered for Ooni Karu to reach its maximum heating temperature.

How Long Does It Take Ooni Fyra to Heat Up?

ooni fyra

It takes Ooni Fyra between 15 to 20 minutes to reach cooking temperature and it takes up to 90 minutes to cool down. Therefore, wood pellets are used as Ooni Fyra’s heat medium.

So, the amount of pellets you add to the hopper determines how hot it will become. Yet, there is a limit to the number of wood pellets you can add to the hopper to avoid overloading.

In an Ooni Fyra makeup, the fuel used in heating it is added at intervals. Therefore, when you add a certain amount of fuel, you will have to wait to burn down before adding more.

So for you to reach the desired temperature, it will take 15 minutes at most. The addition of pellets is usually within three (3) minutes.

When you calculate this, you will discover that it will take about five (5) fills to reach its temperature.

Some people do not follow this rule, but I highly recommend you adhere to this for a smoother operation as an expert.

Wind and outdoor temperature are also key factors that influence the time it takes for Ooni Fyra to heat up.

If the temperature outside is dry and the wind blows very well, your Ooni Fyra will heat up faster.

Once the temperature reaches 400-450 degrees Celsius, it is already heated up and ready to cook.

The factors that influence the time it takes Ooni Fyra to heat up make it a faster brand of Ooni.

Unlike some other brands, natural conditions aid its heating efficiency, thereby making the time it takes to heat up shorter.

But once your Fyra is heated up, ensure the oven door is closed to avoid heat loss.

How Long Does It Take Ooni Pro to Heat Up?

ooni pro

The Ooni Pro is also a multi-fuelled brand of a pizza oven. It heats up within 15 to 20 minutes depending on the medium used, just like the Ooni Karu.

The significant difference between Ooni Pro and Ooni Karu is that Pro is bigger and more expensive than Karu.

Besides this, they are almost the same in the time they take to heat up. I used the term ‘almost’ because the smaller one tends to be faster in heating up when you consider the sizes.

The difference is not too noticeable but certain, so it should also count even if it is just within a split second, which of course, is more.

If not for the time taken in building your charcoal and wood pellet fire, it is faster than the gas.

I refer to this as a “flexibility edge.” The gas is selected over the other heating medium because of its easy operation.

So time and inconveniences are weighed when giving an overview of the two mediums.

Why Is My Ooni not Getting Hot?

The reason your Ooni is not getting hot is basically because of insufficient fuel.

And when you fail to take off your chimney cap and open the chimney vent, you will have difficulty heating your Ooni oven.

Fuels are the basis of getting your oven hot, so endeavor to have them in abundance.

If you use wood and charcoal and fail to refill on time, then your Ooni won’t get hot.

The chimney is the means of bringing air into your oven so blocking it will stop airflow. And air aids in strengthening the fire and making your Ooni get hot fast.

How Do You Heat Ooni?

You Heat your Ooni oven by burning your fuel. The way you Heat your Ooni is dynamic because of the different brands.

So considering that the way you heat your Ooni Pro and Koda will be different. In general, ensure the medium of heat you are using is positioned rightly and allowed to reach the required temperature.

#1. How to Heat Ooni Koda

You Heat Ooni Koda by simply igniting the L-shaped burner at the left side of the oven. Then allow it to heat up to the required temperature.

#2. How to Heat Ooni Fyra

Ooni Fyra can easily be heated adhering to the following process;

  • Ensure precautionary measures like closing the oven entrance, removing the chimney cap, and opening the chimney are carried out.
  • Add your wood pellets in the oven tray and light it up with the aid of a Fire starter or firelighter.
  • Slide the tray back into the oven and leave it to burn.
  • Refill tray with wood pellets every three minutes until it reaches the desired temperature.

#3. How to Heat Ooni Karu

Below is a specific, stress-free process of heating your Ooni Karu;

  • Ensure you observe precautionary measures like closing the oven’s entrance, turning off the chimney cap, and opening the chimney vent.
  • Bring the fuel tray out and add some of the already chopped hardwood kindling.
  • With the aid of fire lighter and a long torch, light your wood kindling.
  • Keep checking and adding the hardwood kindling till it is hot enough.
  • Use a thermometer to check the temperature of the stone.
  • Once it is up to 500°C (900F), it is ready to cook your pizza.

#4. How to Heat Ooni Pro

Ooni Pro can be heated the following way;

  • Close the entrance of your oven, off the chimney cap, and open the chimney vent.
  • Bring out your tray and fill it with charcoal and some wood.
  • Light it up with a gas torch or Firestarter.
  • After it burns down, check the temperature of your stone and add more charcoal if it is yet to reach the required temperature.
  • Keep checking until it reaches 500-550°C (900F).


Ooni is one of the most popular ovens partly because of the efficient firelighter time it takes to heat up.

The faster your oven gets hot, the quicker your pizza also gets done. For example, an Ooni oven heats up to 500°C (932°F) between 15 to 20 minutes.

Thus making it possible for your pizzas to be ready within seconds.


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