Dough Ball Size For Roccbox? (Things You Should Know)

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Roccbox is a portable pizza oven that cooks at very high temperatures from 500-932 Degrees Celsius. To get the best pizza quality when using this oven, you need a specific dough size.

A Roccbox has a space large enough to cook a 12-inch pizza. For a thin crust 12-inch pizza, you’ll need a 9 ounce (Oz) dough ball. However, for a thick crust 12-inch pizza, a 12-14 ounce (Oz) dough ball.

What Size Pizza Can You Cook in a Roccbox?

A Roccbox pizza oven has a cooking surface that measures 13.4 x 12.4-inches. With that said, you can manage an 11/12 inch pizza in it.

The Roccbox isn’t on the large side because it needs to be portable. This causes most of its features to fit its size. Twelve inches isn’t small, but it is the largest the oven can take.

There are three ways to size pizza. It’s either small, medium, or large. A 12-inch pizza falls into the medium size. You can cook a smaller-sized pizza in a Roccbox.

Anything below 12 inches will fit perfectly into the wood/gas oven. Ten inches, 8 inches, 6 inches, even less, is perfect for a Roccbox pizza oven.

The Roccbox comes with a medium-sized pizza peel that can hold any pizza size 12 inches and below. The pizza peel, which Forbes has tested, enables the pizza side gently into the oven.

Nevertheless, you can use your pizza peel or whatever you’re comfortable using. Just make sure it doesn’t exceed the 12-inch mark.

As a small family, you can enjoy a medium-sized pizza from Roccbox for the weekend or at camp. You can also enjoy mini pizza for some “me time.”

What Size are Pizza Dough Balls?

A pizza dough ball can be any size. It all depends on the measurement of the pizza to be made. Pizza dough balls are measured in ounces and weighed in grams.

A Roccbox pizza oven can contain pizza made with pizza dough balls of up to 9 to 10 oz.

What Size are Pizza Dough Balls?

The size of pizza dough balls varied. It is very important to know what size of dough ball you’re using before going ahead to cook your pizza.

This helps you know the ratio of ingredients to put. If you don’t measure your dough ball and the go-ahead to put ingredients randomly, you will end up with a disastrous pizza.

You need to have the perfect dough ball size and the perfect amount of ingredients to have the perfect pizza.

For a small-sized pizza, you will need a 9 oz dough ball. For a medium-sized pizza, you will need a 16 oz dough ball.

Finally, you will need a 23 oz dough ball for a large pizza.

Here are some commonly used dough ball sizes for small, medium, and large pizzas.

#1. Small-sized pizza

For a small-sized pizza, a 9 oz dough ball will give you 12 inches of pizza for a thin crust. You can also get 8 inches for a thick crust pizza.

Also, a 9 oz dough ball can make a 10 inches hand-tossed pizza.

Still, a 14 oz is enough to give you 10 inches of thick crust pizza on the small side. For a thin crust, it will give you 14 inches.

If you are making a hand-tossed pizza, 14 oz will give you 12 inches.

#2. Medium-sized pizza

A medium-size pizza measures about 16 oz. This is because you need a 12-inch pizza for a medium-sized pizza.

Even though you can get a 12-inch pizza for 9 to 14 Oz, 16 Oz will give you 12 inches for a thick crust.

Also, you can get 14 inches of hand-tossed pizza out of 16 oz of a dough ball. For a thin crust pizza made of 16 oz, you will get 16 inches.

19 oz of dough ball is also used to make medium-sized pizza. It’ll give you 13 inches of thick crust pizza, 15 inches of hand-tossed pizza, and 17 inches of thin crust pizza.

#3. Large-sized pizza

If you have a large family or a weekend with some friends, you will order or make a large-sized pizza.

A large-sized pizza requires 23 or 26 oz. 23 oz will give you a thick crust pizza of 14 inches. Eighteen inches for a thin crust pizza of 23 oz of the dough ball and 16 inches for a hand-tossed pizza.

On the other hand, 26 oz of dough ball will give you 16 inches for a thick crust pizza. You will get 20 inches for thin-crust pizza, and for hand-tossed pizza, you will get 18 inches.

How Many Grams Should a Dough Ball be?

There is no specific measurement a dough ball should be. Dough balls are made in different sizes for different sizes of pizza.

However, if you are making an average speed pizza of 10 oz of the dough ball, it will weigh 190 g.

Just as dough balls are measured in oz, they are weighed in grams. Measuring your dough ball in grams saves you a lot of trouble and calculations.

This is because you’re only measuring whole numbers, and thus, you don’t have to calculate extra decimals like in ounces.

If you aren’t buying an already made and measured dough, you can measure your dough ball yourself using a kitchen scale that measures in grams.

Measuring your dough ball in grams is also good because most of the ingredients used in making pizza are measured in grams.

It ensures the right proportion of every single ingredient is added.

The same way dough balls are measured in ounces are small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized, we will classify dough balls in grams in small, medium, and large.

  1. Small size: For a small-sized pizza of 10 inches, you will need a dough ball weighing about 190 g. This will give you roughly a 9 oz dough ball.
  2. Medium size: A 12-inch pizza leans slightly on the small size but is considered a medium-sized pizza.

    To make it, you’ll require 275g of dough, which is 16 oz. Still, a 14 inches pizza will need 375 grams of a dough ball on the medium size. This is is about 16-19 oz.
  3. Large size: For a large-sized pizza of 16 inches, you’ll need a really big dough. For 16 inches, you will need a 23 oz dough ball. In grams, it should weigh about 490 g.

Dough Ball Weight for 12 inches Neapolitan Pizza

To make 12 inches of Neapolitan pizza, you will need to measure a dough ball of around 180 to 250 grams. Sometimes, the 12 inches of pizza measures up to 275 grams.

This gives you roughly 11 to 12 inches of Neapolitan pizza.

A Neapolitan pizza is often made with a diameter of 12 inches. It is the perfect size for a pizza as it isn’t too small or too large.

You can have your Neapolitan pizza in smaller or larger sizes.

A 10 inches Neapolitan pizza is made of a 190 grams dough ball. For 14 inches, you’ll need a 375 grams dough ball.

And for a large Neapolitan pizza of 16 inches, you’ll need a 490 grams dough ball.

Whether you choose to make your Neapolitan pizza big or small, remember that the dough isn’t the only thing you’re measuring. Your ingredients are just as important.

Dough Ball Weight for 12 inch New York Style Pizza

If you are making a New York-style pizza of 12 inches, you will need about 220 g of a dough ball. Some people like to add a few grams to the measurement.

Nevertheless, just make sure it doesn’t exceed 220g by far.

Dough Ball Weight for 12 inch New York Style Pizza

Twelve inches is the traditional size for a New York-style pizza, just like the Neapolitan pizza. Only that, the Neapolitan 12-inch pizza is bigger than the New York-style 12-inch pizza.

A 12 inches pizza is still medium-sized, not too big, and small. Also, you can have your New York-style pizza in all the sizes available.

For 10 inches, measure 150g of a dough ball. For 14 inches, measure 300 g of a dough ball. Finally, for 16 inches which are large, measure 390 g.

As you can see,  a Neapolitan pizza is naturally bigger than a New York-style pizza as it has larger measurements of dough balls.


To make pizza in a Roccbox pizza oven, the pizza has to be 12 inches or less. This means you can make 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches of pizza in a Roccbox pizza oven.

Measuring your dough ball before adding ingredients to make your pizza is very important. Measurements are very important if you want the expected size and perfect pizza.

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