How Hot Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Get? (Explained) 2022

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Making a delicious pizza requires a good pizza oven. Ooni pizza oven is one of the best; it has more quality than other pizza ovens. Also, preparing good quality pizza fast depends on how hot ovens get.

People would want to go for an oven with a specific temperature or the one that gets very hot. So when getting an Ooni pizza oven, you want to know how hot these Ooni ovens can get.

Ooni pizza oven can get as hot as 932° – 950° Fahrenheit in 15 – 20minutes. The small and portable size of Ooni ovens contributes to the high heat temperature. You can know this point by using a thermometer when you see a glowing red-hot ember and Ooni whirling flames within the time range.

How Hot Does the Ooni Fyra Get?

ooni fyra

Like every Ooni pizza oven, an Ooni Fyra can heat up to 950° Fahrenheit (510° Celsius ). After setting fire on the oven’s grate filled with wood pellets, it just takes about 15 minutes for the oven to pass 900° Fahrenheit.

With this amount of heat Over 900° Fahrenheit, it is scorching compared to regular ovens with lower degrees. With a heat source fueled by wood pellets, the Ooni Fyra can get very hot.

The higher the oven’s temperature, the faster your pizza is done, so being very hot is advantageous.

I advise you to get more of these wood pellets to avoid disappointments because they burn pretty fast.

You might be surprised or somewhat confused about how an oven powered by just wood could be this hot.

The secret behind this wonder is its size; most Ooni pizza ovens come in small sizes, including the Ooni Fyra.

The small-sized Ooni Fyra is big enough to prepare your pizza and not heavy or big to carry.

You should ensure the front of the oven is not left open for too long because Its temperature will drop at a fast rate when it’s open.

To keep the temperature constant, you can try feeding the fire with more wood pellets. You can easily do this with the removable wood pellet grate.

How Hot Does the Ooni Koda Get?

ooni koda

An Ooni Koda can get as hot as 932° Fahrenheit (500° Celsius ) and up to 950° Fahrenheit.

Unlike the Ooni Fyra that uses wood pellets to produce heat, the Koda uses gas to heat the oven.

When you set burning the gas with the slick one-touch gas ignition, it will take 15 – 20 minutes to heat up to the given temperatures.

This Ooni oven can reach high temperatures because of the quality gas it uses. The only gas used here is propane gas which you mostly use in the kitchen.

The propane gas is used for the oven because it’s clean and produces more even heat. The propane gas efficient performance makes it ideal for heat production compared to other heat-producing fuels.

With the use of this gas, the heat in the oven can be very stable without much drop in the temperature.

With the heat the Ooni Koda oven produces, you are sure to have an excellent baked pizza in seconds.

How Hot Should My Ooni Be?


A good Ooni oven should be very hot with a temperature that exceeds 900° Fahrenheit, Which could be between  932° – 950° Fahrenheit.

So having an oven with such a tremendous amount of heat is not bad. Besides, Ooni pizza ovens are backyard/outdoor ovens, making it the best atmosphere to bake pizza in such a hot oven.

However, an ideal cooking temperature for a pizza oven is from 700°- 800° Fahrenheit,  Which is less hot than the Ooni ovens. When other pizza ovens make your pizzas in minutes, the Ooni makes it in seconds.

If you are using an Ooni Koda, you have absolute control over the hotness, and your oven should be at least 850° Fahrenheit hot for good results.

So, even though your Ooni exceeds the regular pizza oven temperature,  you are good to go. The only challenge you may encounter is the time difference between other ovens and the Ooni.

If you were used to making pizza for like four minutes, adapting to the fast oven could take some time.

How Hot Should My Ooni Pizza Stone Be?

A pizza stone doesn’t need to be as hot as the oven before you place your pizza on it. However, after heating the Ooni pizza oven, your Ooni pizza stone should be at least as hot as 750° Fahrenheit.

You can start cooking your pizza at this temperature, and the heat will increase fast later on.

Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

Since these ovens don’t come with a temperature gauge, you should get an Infrared Thermometer to check how hot the stone is.

The typical heat range should be around  700° – 832° Fahrenheit. Other sources will tell you that a pizza stone can be at 500° Fahrenheit and all that; that’s true, though.

But the average degree should be at 700° Fahrenheit. So baking with a degree range of 500° Fahrenheit is not just an ideal temperature for making a pizza.

Ensure that your pizza stone is hot enough before placing the pizza on it. When the stone is not hot enough before putting your pizza, it may stick to the stone, which is not very good.

Can a Pizza Stone Get Hotter than the Oven?

No, it can’t;  pizza stone can only absorb a good amount of heat enough to cook your pizza. The oven’s temperature is always hotter than a stone since the oven is what produces the heat.

The heat produced by the oven determines the stone’s temperature. Unlike the ovens with a specific degree range, the stone can exceed 900° Fahrenheit provided more heat.

However, placing the pizza on a broiler can get hotter than the oven itself. A steel/metal pan gets hotter than ovens, but pizza stones are still preferable because of their moisture-retaining ability.

Even though the steel pans get hotter than pizza stones, pizza stones produce excellent pizzas. A fantastic pizza should be crispy on the outside with a browny color and a moist inside.

Stone heat can be held more evenly and longer than steel/metal.

How Hot Does the Exterior of an Ooni Pizza Oven Get?

The exterior of an Ooni pizza oven can get as hot as 200°- 300° Fahrenheit like other pizza ovens. However, the Ooni pizza oven can be hotter externally because pizza preparation does not waste time.

Therefore, the degree of hotness is always significantly less than that of the oven’s interior part.

Ooni pizza ovens work to produce an even amount of heat internally. Unfortunately, this means the exterior part of the oven will be extremely hot, especially when left on for a longer time.

Therefore, you should avoid touching the external part or keeping any object on top of it at all costs to prevent hazards.

It’s not as hot as one will think, but for safety’s sake, you should keep off when it’s in action. An Ooni Fyra won’t have a problem being too hot on the exterior because of its chimney baffle on top of it to allow airflow.

It’s a normal phenomenon for the body of the Ooni ovens to be warm in touch. Besides, it’s metal and heat we are talking about here; it’s not a defect that gets too hot.

So when you want to use the oven after turning off the heat source, let it cool down for a few 15-30 minutes before touching it.

Does Ooni Get Hot Underneath?

Underneath the Ooni oven is sure to get hot by conduction. An Ooni oven comprises stainless steel, also a good fire insulator. Also, the surface where you place your Ooni won’t get hot like the oven parts.

You should check for the best surface or table to keep your Ooni. You should specifically keep the surface or table for the Ooni oven alone.

For an Ooni Koda, the coolest part of the oven is at the upper right corner, and it is farther away from the oven’s heat source.


Ooni pizza oven is indeed a great oven to get for your backyard for making quality pizzas fast. However, avoid running your oven in high degrees, and the hotness is indeed high, which is likely to cause many disappointments.

Also, when you exceed the time and degree range given, your Ooni oven burns your pizza.


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