Does Pizza Hut Delivery Carry Change? (Explained)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

Some bonuses that make up for how much you enjoy your favorite snack is the customer service culture upheld by the restaurant.

This can be demonstrated in how fast they respond and deliver orders to the behavior of their employees.

The problem many people have with most pizza delivery drivers is getting the balance of their money from them.

So, some people wonder if they wouldn’t create more problems for themselves by ordering for home delivery.

Depending on the restaurant, pizza hut delivery guys are expected to carry some change while making a delivery. Although it may not be so much money, all pizza hut restaurants require that the pizza delivery drivers give change. This is because they should have some spare cash as a change for their customers.

Does Pizza Hut Delivery Give Change?

Pizza Hut Delivery Carry Change

Pizza hut delivery drivers give a change to their customers. But they often do not check to ensure that the pizza delivery driver carries some change; they’re required to give out change.

The pizza delivery drivers know about this policy and what is expected of them during delivery, but many do not carry change.

This action is deliberate to get tips from said customers, which shouldn’t be, but many customers let them keep it out of understanding. 

So this encourages other pizza delivery drivers to do the same, creating a trend that may appear like a culture in the pizza hut restaurant.

Many food vendors who offer home delivery services are fond of demanding tips from their customers directly or indirectly.

In some places, a 15% tip is expected from customers, but the customers do not need to pay the said percentage. 

Tipping pizza delivery drivers shouldn’t be a subtle way of extortion as many delivery drivers have made it to be.

All pizza delivery drivers must carry about 15-20 dollar bills in cash. But because the rules aren’t strictly enforced, they skip that to keep the spare change.

Apart from the bill, customers pay for a delivery, which is often done on arrival, which requires them to hand out cash to the delivery drivers.

This is where the case of not giving back change comes in for many drivers who plan to get tipped by all means.

How Much Change Does Dominos Carry?

There is no stipulated amount of money that Dominos pizza delivery drivers carry about as change; it all depends on the region and country.

In some restaurants in America, however, Dominos pizza delivery drivers are told to carry some cash on them during delivery. 

The cash breakdown of five-dollar bills, nine one-dollar bills, three quarters, two nickels, a dime, and five pennies.

But many pizza delivery drivers do not bother carrying the coins along to reduce the load or save some tips.

In other restaurants in the same America, some Dominos pizza delivery drivers are mandated to take a breakdown of 20 dollar bills and coins to give out the exact change to the customer.

Do Pizza Hut Drivers Carry Cash?

Pizza hut delivery drivers are supposed to carry cash change for their customers.

However, while it is stated on paper for them to carry a breakdown of at least $20 bills, many do not carry any change for obvious reasons.

Not just for pizza hut restaurants but many other pizza restaurants like Dominos, Papa John’s, and other popular pizza restaurants have complained of not giving change.

This has raised some questions about why pizza delivery drivers expect to tip and if it is part of the restaurant policies that you should tip the delivery drivers. 

Home delivery is easy to get your snack from miles away at your doorstep.

It takes care of the trouble of beating traffic to and fro to enjoy a steamy pizza that sometimes gets cold before you’re home. 

But in trying to make things easier for themselves, some people have found themselves in uncomfortable situations with pizza delivery guys, especially when it involves giving change.

Why Do Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Expect Tips?

In many pizza hut restaurants, it is customary for customers to tip service providers, especially food vendors.

Whether in a restaurant, bar, or any food vending spot, you’re expected to tip a percentage of the total amount of your order.

This is because the random tips customers give to delivery men make up for their miserly income; therefore, clients are expected to give tips.

Customers aware of this policy do not have a problem tipping delivery men or waiters whenever their order has been delivered.

However, many are confused about how much they should tip for these services.

Formerly, 15-20 percent was given as tips, but the recently set standard for tipping service providers, according to a 2018 report, is 20% of the total charge.

While for delivery drivers,15% is the recommended tip required from customers. Sometimes, it depends on the total cost of what you order.

If your total bill is on the high side, you are to pay the standard tip of 20%, and if your bill is on the low side, 3-5 percent is acceptable.

Even though there’s a set standard for tipping, there are times when tipping extra should be a good gesture. For example, under certain inconvenient conditions like bad weather or delay. 

Do Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Keep All Their Tips?

Another question is if the tips given to these pizza delivery drivers are later handed over to the restaurant management or if the drivers keep them for themselves. 

It depends on which restaurant, but for many, every tip given to a service provider belongs to him and isn’t deducted from his monthly pay.

Tips given to delivery are kept by them as confirmed by many agencies that are into home delivery like Uber eats, DoorDash and GrubHub. 

However, some restaurants take tips as a subsidy for the monthly payment of their staff, but ideally, tips are meant to be retained by the delivery drivers.

Does Pizza Hut Have Change For $100?

Pizza hut delivery drivers do not give out change for $100, especially if your order requires a change of above $20, but if your order is up to $80, you will get a $20 change.

When placing orders, ensure to get notes close to the amount you’re ordering for. Giving massive money for a small price order can be frustrating for the delivery drivers.

Also, considering that your change will be far more than the amount they’re required to take along as change, it will be impossible.

How Much Change Do Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers Carry?

Pizza hut drivers are required to carry $20 in cash. They do not carry coins probably to avoid certain inconveniences, but every delivery driver must carry nothing more than $15-$20.

Although things are fast-changing, carrying change is no longer as common as before since many people now prefer to pay with a card instead of cash.

This practice has also saved a lot of people from the trouble of leaving more than the recommended tip with the delivery drivers.

Depending on the restaurant, many restaurants hand out bank change of not more than $15 or $20 notes.


Recently, many people have become accustomed to getting goods and services delivered to their doorstep, especially food.

For example, through the help of pizza delivery drivers, you can afford to get your favorite pizza from a distance that ordinarily would be more stressful.

To serve you better, these drivers have some policies which include carrying some cash on them as change.

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