Do I Need To Tip Pizza Hut Delivery? (Must Know This)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

If you have ever gone to a fast food restaurant or a cafe in the US, you must know it is customary to tip your servers.

Customers are used to tipping attendants in restaurants and cafes. However, the idea of tipping delivery drivers is strange, and they might tip poorly or not.

So, it’s pretty understandable when people wonder if they need to tip Pizza Hut delivery guys.

When ordering pizza from popular pizza places like Pizza Hut, it would be best if you tip your delivery driver. This is because they do not earn direct commissions from your delivery fee. Customers should note that delivery fees and tips differ, and only tips go straight into the driver’s pocket.

Tipping delivery drivers after paying for doorstep delivery might feel unnecessary, but tips are essential. 

In this article, I will explain the importance of tipping and how much you should tip. Here, I also cover situations where you shouldn’t tip.

Is It Okay To Tip Pizza Hut Delivery Guys?

Do I Need To Tip Pizza Hut Delivery

Yes, it is best to tip your pizza hut delivery drivers whenever you order a pizza, no matter how small your order is.

Most fast food outlets pay their delivery drivers minimum wage, and pizza hut is no exception.

In certain cases, delivery drivers’ wages are below minimum wage, and their employer counts their earnings from tips as income to allow them to reach minimum wage.

You can now see how important tipping is for delivery drivers and those in the service industry.

Tipping is so important that if customers stopped tipping, there wouldn’t be any delivery drivers.

Delivery drivers face many hazards while delivering pizza. They face dangers like getting run over, being bitten by dogs, and even armed robbery.

So the next time you order a pizza, be generous and tip a healthy amount. You can also try obeying some of these tipping etiquettes.

#1. Try To Tip In Cash

Most fast food outlets have options where you can tip on their ordering app, but this is only sometimes preferable.

Some companies share in-app tipping with other workers, and your delivery driver will only receive a percentage of the tip you paid.

You should try tipping in cash because it will allow your delivery driver to keep 100% of the tip without deductions.

#2. Tip at least 15 Percent 

It is customary to tip 3-5 dollars on orders ranging from $10 to $20 and at least 15 percent to 20 percent on deliveries worth more than $20.

Large orders are heavier than small ones and more difficult to deliver, so it would help if you tip the driver for their troubles.

How Much Should You Tip Pizza Hut Delivery?

There is no clear umbrella amount of tip a customer can give pizza hut delivery drivers, but a tip of 15-20 percent is generally accepted.

Different factors can affect the amount you can tip. For example, the size of the order and weather conditions should influence how much you tip.

Here are some conditions to help you navigate how much tipping you should do.

#1. Size/Cost of Your Order

The size and cost of a particular pizza hut order can help you choose the amount of tips you can give.

Large and expensive orders are heavy and difficult to deliver, orders ranging from $20-$90+ are considered large, and you should tip a minimum of 20 percent.

#2. Weather Conditions 

Adverse weather conditions like rainfall, snowy weather, and hot days pose extra difficulty for delivery drivers.

It would be best if you tip a large percentage when ordering deliveries in these weather conditions. 

For example, it would help if you tipped at least 25 percent of your pizza cost in bad weather.

#3. Geographical Challenges 

One of the major challenges delivery drivers face (minus low pay and non-tipping customers) is geographical challenges that can hamper their delivery efficiency.

Long-distance deliveries, traffic, and multi-story apartments make deliveries stressful and dangerous.

If you live in places with challenges like this, consider raising your tip as high as 20 percent and more.

Is It Rude Not To Tip Pizza Hut Delivery?

It is considered rude not to tip a delivery driver after a successful and satisfactory delivery. Nonetheless, there are situations where tipping is not needed at all.

Unlike the US, tipping is not compulsory in other parts of the world, and patrons only tip whenever they receive excellent service from an attendant or a delivery driver.

Here are some situations where it wouldn’t be rude if you refused to tip or reduce the amount you tip.

#1. Late Delivery 

One of the most frequent problems with food delivery is late delivery. You can choose not to tip if your order is more than 30 minutes late.

Late deliveries might only sometimes be the fault of the delivery driver, but if problems out of human control (traffic, rain, snow) caused the delay, you should try tipping.

#2. Rude Delivery Driver

Contrary to popular belief, tips are monetary bonuses for outstanding customer service. Therefore, customers are not obligated to tip when they receive bad service.

If your delivery driver is rude, you can not choose not to tip, but you should ensure that it wasn’t your attitude that angered the delivery driver.

#3. Cold or Wrong Order

If your delivery driver brings a cold or a wrong order, you can choose not to tip or reduce your tip.

You should note that wrong or mixed-up orders might not be the fault of the delivery driver, but it might be an error from the fast food outlet.

Avoid tipping through the app in cases like this because they share in-app tips between staff, including those that mixed up your order.

#4. Online Tipping 

Some delivery apps have options for you to tip while ordering. They have tipping options ranging from 10 to as high as 50 percent.

If you tip the delivery driver on the app, there is no need to tip extra. However, since delivery drivers only sometimes collect 100 percent of in-app tips, you should try tipping with cash.

Here is a table showing the various service satisfaction levels, from the lowest rating to the highest, and the amount of tipping required.

Service RatingTipping Percentage (%)
Poor 0 percent (%)
Fair10 percent (%)
Good15 – 20 percent (%)
Excellent 25 percent (%) plus

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