How Long Does It Take For OONI To Cool Down? (Explained) 2022

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:21 pm

Ovens are well known for generating intense heat, and Ooni is no exception.

Ooni is a pizza oven brand well known for heating up within a few minutes after being lit up, and it prepares pizza faster and better than other oven types.

Ooni heats up so, fast and you may wonder if it cools down at the same rate at which it heats up.

Comparatively, Ooni takes a longer time to cool down than it takes to heat up. It takes about 60- 90 minutes for OONI to completely cool down depending on the insulating material the oven is made up of, the source of fuel used, and the weather condition of the environment where the oven is being used.

How Long Does It Take for OONI Koda to Cool Down?

ooni koda

The time taken for an OONI Koda to cool down depends on the temperature you used in the oven.

OONI Koda is known to burn at very high temperatures. This oven can reach up to 950F and retain the heat for a long time.

Hence, reducing the complication of standing by to heat the oven continually.

However, it takes as long as one hour for the OONI Koda to cool down thoroughly after being used.

Although, after about 20-30 minutes, it is cool enough to touch and handle, it is safer and best advised that you wait until approximately one hour after use.

At this time, it is safe for the oven to be moved, cleaned, or stored for future use.

Surprisingly, it takes Ooni Koda only about 15 to 20 minutes to heat up. Nevertheless, the fuel source (gas) is very efficient and supply heat consistently.

Also, the insulating material used in OONI Koda, which is undetachable, contributes to the time it takes OONI Koda to cool down.

One important factor determining how long it takes for OONI Koda to cool down is the weather condition of the environment.

It is important to note that the atmospheric temperature of the area where the oven is also mounted increases or decreases the cooling process.

When placed under the sun, the sunlight tends to heat the oven from the exterior while the burner heats up at the interior.

When this happens, the oven will be extremely hot, and as a result, the oven cools down slowly, taking a long time for it to cool off completely.

So, the OONI Koda is best used under a cool atmospheric condition.

And since it is an outdoor oven, you can not operate inside the house due to the intensity of heat it generates and the smoke it emits out of the chimney, which is extremely dangerous to humans and pets when inhaled.

Therefore, you should provide shade or a cooler environment for the OONI.

However, this shade should not be directly under a tree! Using OONI Koda directly under a tree is detrimental to the tree’s health.

Consider how inconvenient the heat usually makes the environment feel when OONI Koda is in use.

Now, you can best envisage how inconvenient it would be for a living tree sited above a functional OONI Koda.

Still, when next you’re thinking of mounting your OONI Koda anywhere around your house or at any chosen location of your choice, ensure to look out for the coolest area to avoid unnecessary overheating of your OONI Koda and a faster cooling time.

Knowing how long it takes for OONI to cool down is ideal for your safety to prevent the risk of accidents while it is in use.

However, it’s also necessary to ensure proper oven handling to serve better for a longer time.

How Long Does It Take for OONI Fyra to Cool Down?

ooni fyra

Normally, it takes about 90 minutes for the OONI Fyra to cool down completely at ambient temperature, especially when the oven is used at the recommended temperature.

However, OONI Fyra takes longer to cool down, unlike other OONI ovens such as OONI Koda, which uses gas as its fuel source.

The reason is that most times, the wood pellet used is not entirely burnt off after the food is ready.

Thus, it will take some time for the wood to be burnt completely before the cooling process starts.

So it may take a longer time for it to cool off completely to ensure safety in handling.

Let me use this opportunity to state that using water to cool down OONI Fyra is wrong! For one thing, this act could lead to damage to the oven, causing rust and eventually wearing of the oven.

Though made of steel, this material also has metal constituents; thus, when exposed to water in the air, they tend to rust, which is not good news for your OONI Fyra.

You should also avoid a moist environment as much as possible. Such places do more harm than good to your OONI Fyra.

However, this does not justify placing your oven directly under the sun, which is a wrong practice.

Besides elongating the oven’s cooling period, it also fades out the oven, making it look older than normal, depleting aesthetic value.

A cool and dry atmosphere is perfect for sitting an OONI Fyra stand as this provides convenience for you as the user and for the oven to help it last longer.


There is no fixed duration for which it takes OONI to cool down.

Instead, factors such as the type of OONI, the fuel used to heat the oven, the environmental condition, and others contribute to the time taken to cool down the oven.

Generally, however, specialized in heat retention, it takes OONI much longer to cool down than to heat up, sometimes even an hour!


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