Do You Need A Fire Starter For Ooni? (Explained) 2022

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Before using your pizza oven, lighting it up is always the first thing to do. However, while some pizza ovens only need to be switched on to heat up, others need more than that to start burning.

Pizza oven manufacturers always try to make things easy for their customers by making helpful accessories available.

Materials such as fire starters are available for some wood or charcoal-fueled ovens. Do you require this for your Ooni?

The fire starter is necessarily not needed for an Ooni oven that is charcoal or wood pallet-fueled. However, using fire starters helps to set fire on your wood or charcoal oven and can be done in seconds rather than being stuck trying. In addition, firestarters have refined wax coating for fast lighting; it is more efficient for your Ooni.

How Do I Light My Ooni Without a Fire Starter?

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Lighting your Ooni without a fire starter can be done by using other methods/materials. You can use

  • Blowtorches
  • lighting fluid
  • Natural firelighters aside from a fire starter.

Below are more about using these materials to light your Ooni. You can use fat woods or kindling to light your oven in place of the fire starter.

Although the fat woods produce little creosote, it is still okay because almost all woods produce little.

In addition, the creosote should not be a problem since the fatwood is used in small quantities to light your fuels.

#1. Using a Blowtorch on Your Wood Pellet Burner


A blowtorch is a fuel-burning device used for applying heat and flames.

This is a recommended tool to light your Ooni, such as Ooni 3 and the rest. Ooni ovens that are wood/charcoal-fueled have a grate at the burner tray that allows free airflow.

You can do lighting easily without a fire starter a blowtorch with high heat and flame intensity.

Now to light up your Ooni, make sure your wood pallets are available and your blowtorch is in good condition. Let’s use the Ooni 3 as a reference Ooni oven here.

  • Firstly, you remove your grate and add some wood pallets to it.
  • After filling the grate, put the grate back into the oven.

In the case of Ooni 3, you will find a hole on the right side of the pellet burner. Point your blowtorch there and light it for 30-60 seconds.

After heating up for that long, it should be burning already. Remember to top up the pellets regularly avoid adding many to them to burn quickly.

#2. Using a Lighting Fluid

Using the liquid fluid is also a good and quick way of lighting your Ooni. You can also use this for both charcoal and wood-based Ooni ovens.

When used, instead of heating for some time, the charcoal/wood burns evenly.

  • Add some charcoal or wood pellets to the grate.
  • Add a little quantity of the fluid to it. About a teaspoon of it is ok to avoid complete increment.
  • Light it and put it back into the oven. Don’t forget to add more pellets regularly too.

#3. Using a Firelighter

Just like the fire starter, the firelighter can also be used to light the oven. But, again, there are different types of firefighters; you should go for a natural firelighter.

To use a firelighter:

  • Remove your grate and fill it with the fuel you are using.
  • Make a space towards the front edge of the pellet grate and Put your firelighters.
  • Light the firefighters and put it back into the oven.

When using wood pellets, if it is completely lit, remember to add more of the pellets to keep the oven heated up.

If you have an infrared thermometer, you can check if the desired temperature is acquired.

What Is the Best Way to Start a Fire?

There are many ways of starting a fire in an oven; the best way to do so is by using a fire starter.

The fire starter can light up easily, and it produces no odor that may affect your oven and pizza. It gives out no chemical odor, and it burns cleanly.

This method is best for any fuel type you use for your oven: wood pellets, woods, or charcoal.

With a fire starter, the fire will start in seconds and light up in 10- 15 minutes, and make your pizza in seconds.

With the fire starter, the use of newspapers or other high creosote woods, such as the softwood, will be over.

However, when it comes to knowing the best way to start a fire, there are some key things you need to consider.

  • The size of the material used.
  • What it’s made of
  • How long it burns
  • Are they environmental friendly

#1. Size of the Material

When it comes to getting a fuel lighter, convenience is a priority. If they are heavily weighted, it’s most likely to give lousy output; this is where a fire starter comes in.

On the other hand, most fire starters are lightweight and small; this feature makes a fire starter best to start a fire.

#2. What it’s Made of

Another thing to consider is what they are made of. A few of these materials and even earlier fire starters used in starting a fire contain some flammable.

In addition, chemicals inside them produce some odor that could remain in the oven when lighted.

Most fire starters of today are made odorless and made with clean waxing that lets them burn clean.

#3. How long it burns

When starting a fire, the starter used for the fuel should burn longer to light the fuel. Also, the primary use of these things is to eliminate the stress of trying to keep the fire burning.

With the fire starter, consider it easy and reliable. The fire starter can burn enough to get the fire set completely because it burns for longer.

#4. Is it environmentally friendly?

For starters, they are made with no awful chemicals. Instead, they are made with well-refined wax and natural wood material such as wood wastes.

There are many types of cheap fire starters out there to help you start your fire quickly and easily.

However, you will appreciate how clean and reliable it is when you start using them for your oven.


You don’t need a fire starter to light your Ooni, but it’s the best for you. Using others like the lighting fluid is not highly recommended for your Ooni; they all have effects, but the fire starter has less.

Go for the best, let your decision satisfy you, and always avoid using flammables like kerosene to light your oven.


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