Can Ooni Pizza Oven Be Used Indoors? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

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Pizza ovens should be able to be used everywhere, especially given that pizza has become a regular addition to meals that everyone indulges in and frequently.

In this vein, outdoor pizza ovens are rising, as the market constantly demands them. But are any excellent brands of Pizza Oven still in the business for indoor ovens?

Ooni Pizza oven is one of the best ovens for outdoor use. Sadly, though having several sought-after models of Pizza Ovens, you can not use Ooni Pizza Ovens indoors. Not only is it the easiest to set up and use overall, but its large cooking area and enormous heat generation also restrict its use indoors.

Can You Use Ooni Koda Indoors?

ooni koda

You can not use the Ooni Koda Oven indoors. The Ooni Koda oven is built for outdoor and not indoor use by design.

Several other ovens can be used indoors, such as the countertop pizza oven, but Ooni Koda is restricted for use outside only!

The Ooni Koda 16 oven is a propane gas-powered oven initially made for outdoor use, considering how dangerous the use of gas indoors is, especially in accompaniment with the heat the oven generates when in use.

But there are exceptions to this use, as traditional kitchens feature a chimney to aid the dispersal of excess heat generated by the oven.

Imagine the heat an 800° Fahrenheit temperature would cause in an enclosed kitchen space.

Besides the traditional kitchen that often comes with a chimney, using a cooking appliance that causes that much heat indoors is not advisable.

The following reasons discredit the use of Ooni Koda Ovens indoors;

#1. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas is not meant to be stored or used indoors where there is no avenue for quick dispersal of the air into the surroundings.

So, when used indoors, the smell of the gas pollutes the air and causes a choking smell to permeate the whole atmosphere.

Just like smoke from the exhaust pipe of a generator, the gas in the air kills, though slowly.

However, it exposes you to gas leaks and their hazards to avoid these hazards and be safer than sorry.

It is best to stick to the manufacturers’ recommendation to use this oven outdoors.

#2. Fire Hazard

The heat generated by the oven will make any room it is used remain at a constantly increasing temperature.

And such heat, if not correctly taken care of, can set fire to the nearest available and flammable object, even a cloth.

Sufficient heat in a room can also quickly encourage a simple gas leak to result in a blazing fire, consuming an entire house.

Using the Ooni Koda oven increases fire risk loss of lives and properties. Therefore, it was made solely for use outdoors, and I recommend that no one try using it indoors!

Can You Use Ooni Fyra Indoors?

ooni fyra

Ooni Fyra oven is an outdoor-happy oven, meaning it is an oven that can conveniently be kept outside, under different weather conditions, as long as it is well covered.

It would still be able to function correctly. And no, it can not be used indoors but can be stored indoors.

Ooni Fyra is a higher heat capacity oven which is why it was made strictly for outdoor use.

Though designed for indoor storage, this oven can be used as a full outdoor property since it also has protective features.

These features include doors and a cover to keep it safe in any weather condition. 

Though restricted to outdoor use only, Ooni Fyra remains an awesome choice for a decent pizza oven, and here are the reasons why.

#1. Authenticity

Ooni Fyra 12 makes use of wood for generating fire (the first of its kind), and this, in turn, produces fantastic flavors as the hardwood pellets used adds a smoky, aromatic, woody flavor to the food.

#2. Efficiency

An automatic pellet feeder feeds the hardwood as soon as it is being exhausted.

So, there’s little need to keep checking to see if the wood pellets are diminishing quickly, as long as the automatic pellet feeder has been loaded with enough pellets to last for about two to three hours.

Pellets light up quickly, burn cleanly and leave little ash behind. This is because they make food as neat as possible while being fast.

And this is efficient for people who are allergic to a bit of dirt here and there.

#3. Speed

Ooni Fyra 12 heats up to 500°C (950°F) quickly. Meaning you can be sure your pizza is ready within a minute to five minutes of putting it in the oven.

And not only does it cook fast, but it also cooks it thoroughly, leaving no room for half-cooked pizza.

#4. Cheap Energy Source

Ooni Fyra 12 is the world’s first portable pizza oven fuelled by wood.

And since wood is non-renewable, natural energy, the result is not as deadly to the environment as the gas-powered Ooni Koda oven.

It helps to conserve energy and maximize natural energy resources, making energy sources for fuelling the oven cheap.

#5. Lightweight

It is perfect for making pizza anywhere due to its portability and the fact that it is lightweight.

You can cart it to your garden, out for a picnic, vacationing by the beach, or anywhere in the world you decide you want to go to, and be sure your oven will perform the exact function you bought it for.

Can you use Ooni ovens in the garage?

Ooni ovens are not built to be used indoors.

Designed by a pizza producing company located in Scotland—a land of enduring and consistent unpleasant weather—these pizza ovens were made as models that can withstand any outdoor weather.

Using such ovens indoors, even in a garage, will only expose the entire house to a fire outbreak.

If you must use an Ooni pizza oven in the garage, ensure to place the gas tank outside so the gas would be going outside where there is enough ventilation, not indoors where it can cause more harm than good.

Still, “I wouldn’t recommend doing so“.

Ooni Pizza ovens are made using insulators—poor conductors of heat and electricity—outside.

Although the inside of the ovens is made with conductive materials to make cooking faster, the outside is insulative, making it hard to rust or decay for however long you leave it outside under bad weather conditions.

This means that it can be used during periods of a light shower.

And if the weather condition gets awful while in use, you can make use of the coverings that have been provided for the ovens. So in the end, everyone is happy.

Does Ooni make an indoor pizza oven?

No. All Ooni ovens are made and certified for outdoor use only.

As stated earlier, the pizza producing company that invented the Ooni oven is based in Scotland.

However, having experienced terrible weather conditions that made it almost impossible to make pizza outdoors, Ooni Ovens are inspired to surmount this challenge.

So no, Ooni doesn’t make an indoor pizza oven. The heat generated by Ooni ovens, after being in use for about sixty seconds to prepare pizza faster, is usually too hot to be used indoors.

For this reason, it is recommended to use the oven outdoors only. Most people have more space outdoors and are happy to enjoy nature while being with friends.

Think of a day out in the woods with a river in front of you. The sound of the running river mingled with the bantering, and the smell of pizza was heavenly. Yes, you know that.

Many characteristics make it a great oven for outdoor use only, and it is worth the hype. Many people believe it is the best oven ever designed.

The reason, they say, is that it caters to the needs of people who would instead make their food outside due to the intense heat in some countries, especially those closer to the desert.


Inspired by the need to produce pizza Ovens that can withstand adverse outdoor weather conditions while retaining an excellent baking result, Ooni has developed numerous Pizza Ovens for outdoor use.

Unfortunately, no consideration for indoor use is made for any Ooni Pizza Oven. The efficiency of the Ooni Ovens has accompanying features such as enormous heat generation and space consumption, both of which discourage indoor use.


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