Where To Put Ooni Pizza Oven? (Explained) 2022

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

When we talk about efficiency in our daily activities, we also emphasize safety.

However, as efficient and portable as an Ooni pizza oven is, the assurance of safety is relatively not high in all places.

So where then is the safest place to put an Ooni pizza oven? Is it safe to use your Ooni pizza oven indoors, or should you assemble it outdoors?

Ooni pizza ovens, for the sake of safety, are best assembled in the backyard, at least 10 meters away from resident structures and buildings. When assembled in a large space free from excess wind, they are safer to use. Likewise, it would be best not to use an Ooni pizza oven in a closely packed environment like your kitchen, stores, garage.

Can You Place Ooni Pizza Oven Indoors?

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No, it is not advisable to use an Ooni pizza oven indoors. Ooni pizza ovens are specially home-designed, shaped to reach a very high temperature, and can generate a lot of heat, making for fast preparation of pizzas and other home dishes.

Hence you should not use them indoors because they can cause damage to your home appliances and even cause a fire.

You can power your Ooni pizza ovens with gas, wood, or charcoal and heat up to about 700 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

Unfortunately, these fuel sources often generate a large amount of heat and normally emit smoke and flammable residues.

These residues, in turn, cause fire outbreaks at homes. For this particular reason, I will recommend you use it outdoors. All Ooni pizza ovens are designed and certified for outdoor use only.

When used indoors with a limited oxygen supply for complete combustion, you risk carbon monoxide poisoning due to incomplete combustion.

It can also be the major cause of a fire outbreak. In addition, it may as well distort the comfortability of those living next door, etc. To mention but a few of the risks of using them indoors.

While you can use any regular oven or toaster oven for making homemade snacks indoors.

You should not use Ooni pizza ovens indoors as they are designed to work at very high temperatures and often generate a lot of heat when used and make the whole room as hot as balls.

Consequently, you can avoid many major home accidents when using your Ooni oven outside.

Also, manufacturers produce Ooni pizza ovens using fine high-graded stainless steel, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

You can use them in all weather conditions. Therefore, they can be assembled, used, and left outside even after usage. You can equally decide to put them indoors when not used for an extended period.

It normally comes along with a water-proof cover for coverage after usage. Thus, there is no excuse for using your Ooni oven indoors.

What Is the Best Place to Set Up Ooni?

The best place to set up an Ooni pizza oven is in the backyard, in a well-spaced place with a moderate flow of wind. You best place Ooni pizza ovens away from structures and buildings.

You should assemble your Ooni pizza oven outside at the balcony or in your backyard but not in a confined area like a garage or store, no matter how large it may be.

You should always place and use Ooni pizza ovens outdoors for a safe working environment. Amazingly, you can use them in all weather conditions.

They are usable on a rainy day, a windy day, and even during the winter as long as the user doesn’t mind the weather.

When using a wood or charcoal-fired Ooni Pizza oven on a windy day, do well to position your oven in such a way that the wind aids for combustion.

Manufacturers of Ooni pizza ovens produce them in different models, and they can run on diverse resources as fuel.

So we have a wood-fired Ooni pizza oven that uses wood for fuel, a charcoal Ooni pizza oven that works with charcoal as fuel, and an Ooni pizza oven that works on the supply of natural gas like propane, etc.

They are specifically designed to be operated outdoors.

What Surface do I Put an Ooni Pizza Oven On?

There is no specific surface where the manufacturers design an Ooni pizza oven, but users have used them on different surfaces without any harm caused.

You can place an Ooni pizza oven on a wooden surface, a stone, marble, or a stainless steel surface. It all depends on what surface is available to you for use.

Generally speaking, the most suitable working surface for all Ooni pizza ovens models is a stainless steel table with chambers underneath the table for other accessories.

Double-Shelf Movable Dining Cart Table

Ooni pizza ovens are well insulated and have a high resistance to heat than the surface upon which you place them.

Thus, they do not conduct any significant amount of heat generated by the oven. Therefore Ooni pizza ovens can equally be used on a very stable wooden table which is relatively cheap to obtain.

So you can decide to use a wooden table for your Ooni pizza oven with your mind at peace. I will recommend a sturdy and tough table capable of carrying above 30kg of weight.

Any tough surface would suffice except for a glass surface or a plastic table surface that is fragile.

Well, a concrete setup slightly higher than the floor would also fit perfectly with your Ooni pizza oven.


Technology has gone a very long way to making life seem easy, even affecting our cooking utensils.

Ooni pizza ovens are a very portable, specially designed oven for homemade crispy and delicious pizzas and other homemade dishes.

However, they can work at very high temperatures and generate a large amount of heat.

Therefore it is advisable to use them outdoors away from structures and buildings and should not be used indoors.

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