Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Use Propane? (Explained)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

Ooni manufactures various portable pizza ovens, and they all need fuel to work. Ooni does have gas, wood-fired, and multi-fuel ovens.

However, ooni Koda (12-16) is the only one that has inbuilt Gas (propane) feature. Although ooni has multi-fuel ovens compatible with propane gas, you need a gas burner to make it work properly.

Furthermore, one who already owns ooni Koda or wants to buy it may wonder how much propane does it use?

The ooni Koda 16 consumes 1.3 Pounds of propane gas an hour, equal to 550-600g/h. Whereas ooni Koda 12 consumes 0.63lb an hour that is 300-350 in grams, as per Ooni’s official website. In a nutshell, as per ooni, you can easily make up to 10 pizzas with that amount of propane gas.

What gas does an OONI pizza oven use?

As we know, ooni does produce wood-fired, gas, and multi-fuel outdoor pizza ovens. So, if I talk about gas ovens, Ooni Koda 12 and ooni Koda 16 are the ones that are built to work with propane gas.

Moreover, you will need a gas burner for ooni pro 16 and ooni Karu (12-16) to work with propane gas.

How much propane does ooni Koda 16 use?

As per ooni, ooni Koda 16 consumes 1.3lb, equal to 550-600g/h of propane at the full flame, and it is enough to cook 10 pizzas.

How much propane does ooni koda 12 use?

Ooni Koda 12 consumes 300-350g/h at the full flame, and as per the ooni official website, you can cook up to 10 pizzas with it.

How much propane does ooni pro 16 use?

Ooni Pro 16 is a multi-fuel oven, and it works with wood, charcoal, and propane gas(with an optional adaptor). As per ooni, ooni pro 16 consumes 1.04lb/hr. Therefore, it is equal to 450-500g/h.

How much propane does ooni Karu 16 use?

As ooni Karu 16 is a multifuel pizza oven, you will need an optional adapter if you want it to work with propane. Ooni Karu 16 consumes 1.1lb/hr propane gas around 500 in Grams.

How much propane does ooni Karu 12 use?

Like ooni Karu 16, ooni Karu 12 is also a multifuel outdoor pizza oven and works with wood, charcoal, and propane (with gas burner). Ooni Karu 12 consume 0.74lb/hr (330-350grams)

What kind of propane tank does OONI use?

When choosing a perfect propane tank size for the ooni gas ovens, some of you may get confused about what propane tank size is better for you?

Outdoor pizza ovens from ooni sold in the United States are ready to use 20lb, 10lb, 5lb.

Furthermore, the type of tank you will use depends on the region where you live and the regulator. You can purchase propane tanks from Gas stations, Hardware stores, or Amazon.

What size of propane tank is better for ooni on the go?

So, If you are an adventurous person and you would like to go camping, hiking, and picnic, a 1lb propane tank is better for up to 1 hour of cooking.

However, you need a suitable adapter (gas burner) to hook your ooni oven to the gas tank. You need an adapter only if you own other models such as ooni Pro and ooni Karu.

Can I use butane instead of propane for ooni?

Ooni’s all gas products are certified to work with propane, Butane, and a mix of both, such as LPG. Furthermore, Butane and propane are pretty similar and burn slightly differently.

Moreover, As per ooni, they decided to optimize the oven design to work well with propane gas, as it is readily available.

However, Butane, propane, and LPG can all be used with ooni Gas models. Therefore, Butane will produce a somewhat sootier flame.

Note: In the United States, OONI recommends only using propane.

In the UK and EU, the regulator you will need for Butane depends on the oven you have got.

  • A 28-30 mbar butane compatible regulator is required if you have a 30 Mbar oven/gas burner.
  • Same as 30 mbar oven/gas burner, if you own 37 Mbar oven/gas burner then a 28-30 Mbar butane compatible regulator is required.

Does ooni work with natural gas?

If we look at all the different models, ooni Koda 16 is the only one compatible with natural gas. But this is only for the United States.

Furthermore, to switch from the default propane gas feature to a fixed natural gas line, Natural gas conversion kit is required for ooni Koda 16.

What Ooni Natural Gas conversion kit comes with?

What’s in the box:

  • Gas Hose
  • Natural gas nozzle
  • Control dial collar
  • Quick connector
  • Screwdriver and Hex wrench
  • Instruction manual

The box contains detailed instructions to help you complete the conversion within just one hour.

Conversion required:

  1. Remove the propane gas connect hose.
  2. Removing the control box from the bottom (10 screws)
  3. Removing and replacing the jets
  4. Undoing the existing bezel (2 screwes)
  5. Turn a gas volume screws 5-7 times to increase the gas volume
  6. Closing everything back.

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