Can You Leave Ooni Pizza Oven Outdoor? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

For many outdoor properties, much attention is not given to them whether it is okay to leave them outdoor for long.

As long as it is in good condition whenever needed, why should it be a big deal to consider moving it indoors.

As a portable device, Ooni Pizza Oven is built to be used outdoor. But, considering the durability of this device, should you leave Ooni pizza oven outdoor?

Ooni Pizza Ovens can be left outdoor. However, even though it is built to be used outdoor, leaving it outdoor for a prolonged period may reduce the life span. You should also understand is that it is made to be used outdoor when in use. Still, you can store it indoors after it cools down to improve its durability.

Can You Leave Ooni Fyra Outside?

ooni fyra

You can leave Ooni Fyra outside for some time. Still, leaving an Ooni Fyra outside under extreme weather conditions such as rain or heavy sunlight may reduce the life span.

I highly recommend storing it indoors to avoid rapid depreciation of the device. Also, you could cover the Ooni Fyra using the carry cover.

But in all these, keeping it inside after it cools off is still preferable if you want your Ooni Fyra to last long.

Ooni Fyra can last as long as needed. You can make lots of pizza using it carefully. It comes with a carry cover that you can also use if left outside.

The durability of Ooni Fyra can be significantly affected if proper care is not given to it. Built for outdoor use, Ooni Fyra is excellent quality, sleek, and easy to use.

However, you must also note that it is made of stainless steel, a sturdy material that may depreciate under harsh weather conditions.

The longevity of Ooni Fyra will not be guaranteed if left outside for long. Also, Ooni Fyra is mobile, which means you can move it from one place to another where it is needed at the time.

For this reason, you should give proper care to Ooni Fyra in ensuring it is not left outside for a long period. Why leave it outside to harsh conditions when you could easily take it inside?

Similarly, you can use the Ooni Fyra Oven any time of year. Winter, for example, poses no threat to using your Ooni Fyra.

In fact, Ooni Fyra offers a top-notch experience during the winter. There is no hindrance to a great pizza in winter, whether with family or friends huddling around the fire.

Can Ooni Karu Be Left Outside?

ooni karu

It is okay to leave Ooni Karu outside. It is okay, though, but I will not advise you to do so after your Ooni Karu must have cooled down.

Ooni Karu can be used outside to make pizza, but a prolonged stay outside can cause depreciation of its components.

There is so much excitement for having your pizza oven get a pizza ready in less than two minutes.

But aside from being excited about having many pizzas ready in an hour, you must be rational in ensuring that your Ooni Karu is protected from extreme sunlight.

Even though Ooni Karu is built for outdoor usage, you may soon lose your Ooni Karu without protection from sunlight or rain.

Thus, leaving it outside under this condition is not good. Furthermore, Ooni Karu is functional in its performance. OONI Karu is built to deliver exceptional outdoor performance.

Generally, leaving Ooni Karu outside is fine; after all, it is built durable, made of steel, and for outdoor use.

Nevertheless, you must consider that steel depreciates over time if not well preserved or protected. Thus, leaving your Ooni Karu outside is entirely at your own risk.

Additionally, if left outside, rusting of Ooni Karu may cause it to malfunction. Ooni Karu is best known for its ability to heat up in a short time.

And one of the reasons why the heating is possible is the perfectly enclosed build. The build makes it possible for air to pass through the chimney and the heat to circulate well.

When considered, the risk of keeping the Ooni Karu outdoor oven outside affects its performance and durability.

If you want your Ooni Karu to serve you well, leaving it outside may undermine that goal. The reason is that extended exposure outdoor may cause the baking stones to crack.

If you choose to leave the Ooni Karu outside, I advise removing the pizza baking stones. Temperature changes may have a deteriorating effect on the baking stones.

If you have an Ooni Karu featuring a chimney, do ensure you leave the chimney cap on to protect the inside of the pizza oven from the elements.

Protect the Ooni Karu pizza stone by removing it and the rest of the interior infrastructure by simply closing the chimney.

Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Rust?

Generally, the Ooni Pizza Ovens do not rust. Nevertheless, Ooni Pizza Ovens may rust when acted upon by water and oxygen.

Ooni pizza oven is made of steel which is not a metal but is composed of iron. The iron component in steel makes it possible to rust, but not easily.

The components of the Ooni Pizza Oven ensure maximum heat retention and optimum airflow. Its heat retention ability is possible because of the ceramic fiber-insulated steel body.

Ooni Pizza Oven is made of steel body to withstand temperatures as high as 450°C. It is built to ensure super performance and delivery in heating pizza.

In addition, steel does not rust when exposed to direct sunlight. So, steel can withstand sunlight if exposed to it. Although, direct sunlight on steel may result in photon leaching.

It does not mean it will cause Ooni pizza to malfunction; it only makes the steel lighter in color, reducing aesthetic value.

Furthermore, steel will rust if both water and oxygen act on it. We know that the atmosphere comprises these constituents; therefore, it is possible for the Ooni Pizza Oven to rust.

Rusting is faster in saltwater areas than in freshwater areas. Salty components acting on steel accelerate corrosion which makes rusting faster than normal.

The point here is that direct sunlight on the Ooni Pizza Oven may affect it. But that being so, rusting is inevitable for an Ooni Pizza Oven if left outside.

As long as there is airflow, water and oxygen flow into the Oven. Therefore, as major components of the atmosphere act on it, the Ooni Pizza Oven is prone to rust.


Ooni Pizza Oven is a portable Oven built for outdoor usage. Notwithstanding that fact, you ought to consider the durability of your oven when considering the storage of your oven.

Ooni Pizza Oven can last for a long time, but it depends on maintaining it. You should give adequate care to your Ooni pizza oven to ensure that it is used outdoors and not left outdoors.

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