Roccbox Dimensions (Everything You Should Know)

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The dimensions of a Roccbox are pretty small, making it easy to move around and store. Also, you can place it in small spaces due to its modest size and weight.

While others prefer to measure certain dimensions in inches, others also want to relate the lengths, widths, and heights in centimeters.

The dimensions of a Roccbox in centimeters include a length of 53 centimeters, a width of 41 centimeters, and a height of 47 centimeters. On the other hand, when you measure a Roccbox’s dimension in inches, you get a length of 21 inches, a width of 16.3 inches, and a height of 18.6 inches.

Roccbox Dimensions in Inches?

Roccbox Dimensions

This easy-to-use quick pizza oven which possesses a very simple set-up is a fairly medium-sized appliance.

For its encapsulating features, its use has become popular in most parts of the world.

The Roccbox pizza oven has a length of 21 inches and is 16.3 inches wide; it also stands 18.6 inches high.

The oven, which carries a silicone building block capable of withstanding high amounts of heat, possesses a compact design that pushes its mobility to the absolute peak.

On the other hand, a calcium silicate material is embedded in its physique, preventing heat loss and increasing its overall efficiency.

Consequently, this pizza oven can reach temperatures around the neighborhood of 500°C.

You should understand that the height of the Roccbox pizza oven mentioned above includes that of its legs as well.

However, if you only consider the height of this appliance’s body frame, its height beats down to around 11 inches.

Additionally, the 20kg weight which characterizes the Roccbox pizza oven is considered by most pizzaiolos as originally portable.

Nonetheless, it always requires a level of strength to shove around; the additional weight comes about due to the stone material added to the frame of the oven.

Roccbox Dimensions in cm?

Relatively small dimensions accompany this pizza oven which creates highly tasty pizzas. With a length of 53 centimeters and a width of 41 centimeters, it stands 47 centimeters tall.

Nonetheless, understand that these measurements encompass the entire frame of the pizza oven; this includes the external frame.

On the other hand, the Roccbox pizza oven, which has amassed a star rating of 4.2 out of 5, is quite expensive and requires a small space to operate.

The price is understandable because of the extra features which follow it; it reaches higher temperatures than your regular pizza ovens, thus baking pizzas more quickly.

This 44-pound monster offers the highest efficiency you can imagine.

Therefore, it is far easier to carry it along to parties or camps than most other regular pizza ovens due to the reasonable size.

This dome-shaped pizza oven stands on three foldable legs. It comes with additional accessories for burning wood and gas fuel and a gas hose that connects to a propane cylinder.

There is also a cover, a pizza peel, a bottle opener, and a manual for usage.

Overall, the Roccbox pizza oven is moderately sized with aligned dimensions.

Roccbox Leg Dimensions?

With the legs of the Roccbox pizza oven extended, the pizza oven stands to a height of 18.6 inches.

However, the oven shrinks to 11 inches when you fold the legs.

This indicates that the legs of the Roccbox pizza oven are 7.6 inches tall.

This phenomenon is advantageous to pizza lovers who love to move around with their ovens.

This also indicates that this pizza oven is a highly movable oven, with the aim of mobility in mind during its design.

Therefore, it remains the most effective and sought-after pizza oven among its peers.

On the one hand, the legs of this pizza oven are made of stainless steel. These legs possess the capacity to support the staunch body of the pizza oven without failing.

Therefore, the Roccbox pizza oven possesses some awesome strengths and other interesting features.

The frame of the legs of this pizza oven forms the right partnership with its body.

The proportions are just right and never need replacement during the lifespan of the oven. This is one key factor that distinguishes it from its peers.

Finally, mounting the legs of this pizza oven is a quite straightforward task to achieve.

Roccbox Internal Dimensions?  

Just as is common knowledge, the internal dimensions of every pizza oven are never the same as its external dimensions.

This is always because of the thick body material and insulation that characterize these appliances.

Therefore, the same thing applies to the Roccbox pizza oven; the internal dimensions measure 12.4 inches in width and 13.3 inches in depth.

This is far smaller than the size of the oven measured from the external dimensions.

The above notwithstanding, the Roccbox pizza oven is relatively large as compared to several other smaller ovens.

With a scissored internal space for the actual cooking of pizza, the appliance’s efficiency is pushed to a higher level.

This is true because the heat that the oven generates has a smaller area to distribute itself, thus cooking the pizza within a shorter period.

On another hand, the internal dimensions of the Roccbox pizza oven control the size of pizza you can cook in it.

This is because larger pans won’t fit into the oven; thus, it only allows for the cooking of moderately sized pizzas.

Considering all things related to this pizza oven, you should understand all these features and characteristics before you decide to obtain one of these.

Roccbox Pizza Peel Dimensions?

The Roccbox pizza peel is made uniquely for use in the Roccbox pizza oven.

The head dimensions measure at 305 millimeters by 360 millimeters, while the handle measures at 125 millimeters.

This specific pizza peel is of a professional grade; it is lightweight and works in the placement of cooking trays and dough inside the Roccbox oven.

It is also used to remove these materials when the cooking is completed.

Aluminum forms the body material of the Roccbox pizza peel. In addition, an anodized finish covers its exterior to accentuate its functionality and beauty.

One wow factor is that this peel possesses the same design and features as the larger and more popular pizza peels used for commercial purposes.

A tape on one side of the Roccbox pizza peel allows smooth access to under-baked foods or pizza pans.

There are also a few perforations to allow the extra flour to fall off when cooking fresh pizza.

Also, these perforations allow the outflow of steam when you cook baked foods to make the base more crispy.

Consequently, the dimensions of this pizza peel create an utterly compatible hybrid with the pizza oven.

Roccbox Turning Peel Dimensions?

The Roccbox turning peel has dimensions that measure 52.2 centimeters by 16.1 centimeters by 11 centimeters.

This device also weighs 520 grams. These dimensions make it ideal for turning pizza in the Roccbox pizza oven.

This turning peel has features that work specially in the Roccbox oven. Its simple workability helps properly manage pizza and other baked foods in the Roccbox oven.

It works in unison with the pizza placement peel by easily sliding and turning the pizza during the cooking process after must have placed the pizza in the oven using the placement peel.

Additionally, the circular, thin surface allows the peel to fit underneath a semi-cooked pizza base easily.

This enables you to smoothly turn the baked food inside the oven and allow the other surface to cook as well.

Well, never use your peel to turn the pizza earlier than you should. Allow the crust to color and rise a little bit before turning it.

Using your turning peel may seem hard when you first begin. However, you can beat the odds and perfect the skill with practice.

Overall, the Roccbox turning peel possesses excellent, tested dimensions that maximize the great potential of the Roccbox pizza oven.

How Big Is A Roccbox Pizza Oven? 

A Roccbox pizza oven possesses a footprint that people generally consider as basically small.

Nonetheless, it is quite moderate when you compare it with the ovens in its class.

The Roccbox is a compact 45-pound monster of solid steel and a little bit of calcium silicate insulation material.

Its dome shape creates an intimidating aura of great size; nonetheless, it is not as big as it looks.

Additionally, when its three legs are spread out, its height increases by a high degree.

But it still stands out among its peers as a huge appliance among its peers. Even its door has a dimension of 12.2 inches wide by 3.3 inches tall.

Several thousands of pizza chefs worldwide use the Roccbox pizza oven for their commercial businesses.

Despite its intended design for private use, these pizza chefs have no complaints about its size or general functioning.

So, this is an indication that the Roccbox pizza oven is just big enough to carry out most simple pizza cooking activities without a fuss.

From a personal experience of appraising pizza ovens, I would conclude that the Roccbox pizza oven is the ideal size for a standard pizza oven.

Is the Roccbox Big Enough?

If you do not plan on making a pizza as big as a basketball court, then a Roccbox pizza oven should be big enough for you.

Scrap out the joke: if you only plan to make normal pizzas, the Roccbox pizza oven is ideal for you.

The dimensions of the Roccbox’s cooking floor fall within the area of 12.4 inches by 13.3 inches.

This indicates that you can cook pizzas with a maximum size of 16 inches.

However, the downside is that you can only cook one pizza at a time in the Roccbox pizza oven.

A while ago, the Roccbox pizza oven was billed as the first portable pizza oven with a restaurant style in the world.

You can describe it as the pint-sized doppelganger of professional ovens meant for the household.

So, while some household pizza ovens are static figures perpetually sitting in your yard, you can move your Roccbox pizza oven around in whichever manner you feel like.

Consequently, the impressive features of this beauty have pushed its price to a top shelf.

As compared to other pizza ovens around, the Roccbox is a hyper-expensive piece of machinery that works to bring out the except taste of your pizza.

So, on a general note, a Roccbox pizza oven is big enough to serve all your needs, except you want to create a gigantic, room-sized pizza.

However, this appliance isn’t too big to be carried around to functions that require its presence.

What Size of Pan Fits in Roccbox?

With the Roccbox’s door being 12.2 inches in width and 3.34 inches in height, it carries the 12-inch perfect pizza pan which comes along with it.

Additionally, a 10 inch cast iron skillet lodges perfectly in this beauty.

Therefore, the 12.4-inch wide floor of a Roccbox would comfortably hold a 12-inch pan, as stated above.

This is the medium for cooking the size of pizzas which most people go for. On a clearer note, this pizza oven supports a medium-sized pan that bakes regular pizzas.

Additionally, due to the design of this pizza oven and its peel, it does not allow pizza dough to stick to the bottom of the pan.

This is so because the pizza pan has a design with regular perforations, which allow the passage of free dough and air, thus preventing burning.


The Roccbox pizza oven is one of the most popular movable pizza ovens because of its simple features.

People who love to cook their pizzas in outdoor spaces find it quite attractive despite its high cost.

Consequently, its dimensions describe a medium-sized appliance that you can transport in your car boot to a family get-together.

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