1/3 of A Pizza Is How Many Slices? ( Must Know It)

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You can eat pizza in many ways. One of the most popular ways to eat it is to cut it into many slices and share it with others.

The size of each slice varies depending on the size of the pizza and how much you want to eat. 

One-third of an 8-slice pizza is two slices and ⅔ of the third slice. If you bought a large pizza, ⅓ of a 10-pizza cut slices is three slices and ⅓ of the fourth slice. In comparison, ⅓ of an extra-large pizza is four whole slices.

What Is ⅓ of a Pizza?

1/3 of a Pizza Is How Many Slices

Pizzerias bake medium pizza to be 12″ in diameter and divisible into eight standard slices.

So if you want to get ⅓ of an 8-slice pizza, you would eat two slices, divide the third slice into three pieces, and eat two out of the three. 

A third of a pizza also varies depending on the type of pizza and the size of the pizza itself.

For example, if you order an extra-large pizza, your slice will be more than if you ordered a medium pizza.

How Many Slices is 1/3 Of A Jack’s Pizza?

Suppose you plan to eat ⅓ of a Jack Pizza. You would have to take three slices, cut the fourth slice into four parts, and pick one out of the fourth.

Jack’s Pizzas are usually large, i.e., about 11.5 inches in diameter. So a Jack Pizza is usually divided into ten slices. 

Jack Pizza Pie usually has too many servings left after everyone in the family has eaten. The large size, however, makes it possible for big-size slices to be shared among friends with large appetites.

If three slices would be too much for your family and friends each. You could get a Domino medium pizza or Pizza Hut small pizza pie instead. 

What Does 1/3 Of A Pizza Look Like? 

A third of a medium Pizza is often two slices and a third slice cut into three. The number of slices will be more if it is a large or an extra-large pizza.

However, ensure you limit the slices from the pizza size you eat if you are watching your weight. 

One-third of a pizza might also be seen from the serving size perspective; serving size is indicated on each nutrition facts label.

That is the amount of nutrition found in the stated amount of food, as indicated by the number. 

Do Different Brands Of ⅓ Pizza Have Different Sizes Of Slices?

Pizza sizes from the famous brands, including Jack, Domino, and even Papa John’s, are always in a fixed range.

Spanning from medium pizza that gives about eight slices to large pizzas that give about ten slices. And if you are starving, extra-large pizza that provides 12 slices.

Some other times, some brands have unconventional slices serving pizza like;

  • New York City’s Joe’s Pizza provides a 21-inch basic cheese pizza with eight slices per slice.
  • Metro Pizza in Las Vegas currently serves big pizzas measuring 18 inches in diameter, sliced into six or eight slices; there is also a choice of sauces and seasonings.
  • Scott’s Pizza Tours in NYC has pizzas that measure 18 to 20 inches in diameter and are divided into eight pieces.

Pizza Hut and Domino’s sell large pizzas of about 14-16 inches in diameter. Both restaurants offer similar numbers of slices in their large pizzas.

Typically, each restaurant offers around 10 to 12 slices. Dominos allows its customers to create their pizza with various toppings, so the cut may vary depending on your selection.

Overall, Pizza Hut and Dominos offer around 12 whole slices per large pizza. In contrast, Papa John’s offers a 20-inch-wide large pizza.

Thus, a large pizza from Papa John’s usually contains between 12 and 14 whole pieces.

Are Slices Of A ⅓ Pizza Good For a Single Person?

If it is a child, about one-third of a pie is okay. If it is someone older, about four slices will do. Moreover, it depends on the appetite of the person.

To be on the safe side, allow one or more extra slices for each person.

The slices a single person can eat can also change based on his age, appetite, and state of health.

For example, it is possible for a single person who isn’t too old to have a great appetite and is healthy enough to consume a lot of pizza so that there are no slices left.

How Many Slices Are in a Pizza?

The number of slices and the pizza size vary from one pizza to the next. Some pizzas, for example, get sliced into eight slices, while others can cut into twelve slices.

A large slice might be around six inches in diameter, while a little slice can be as small as four inches.

Furthermore, some pizzas have more than one crust layer, while others only have one, affecting the number of slices.

Small pizzas are usually 8 to 10 inches in diameter on average and yield roughly six slices.

Medium pizzas are 12 inches in diameter and yield roughly eight slices. Finally, large pizzas have about ten slices for 14 inches of pizza.


If you desire the best of both worlds in terms of hot red pizza and a low-calorie diet, eating 1/3 pizza cut pieces is a good start.

This article should have also helped you determine how many slices are on a pizza. With this, I hope it will be easier for you to calculate accurately when ordering pizza.

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