What Flavor Of Takis Is The Hottest? (Must Know)

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Mexico is quite famous for its spicy foods and snacks, one of which is Taki. This intense snack is a popular favorite of many who enjoy its intensity and spiciness.

As such, there are frequent arguments on which Taki is the hottest.

Takis are made of rolls of corn tortilla chips and come in many flavors. These include blue heat, lava, angry burger nitro, Fuego, and crunchy fajitas. Of all these, Fuego wears the crown of the hottest.

What is the Hottest Taki Color?

What Flavor of Takis are the Hottest?

We can trace the history of Takis to 1999 in Mexico, after which it spread to the US in 2004 and became a popular spicy snack.

The spiciness of the snack is its most interesting quality, which pulls lovers to it.

Though in its initial years, the target audience for these hot chili chips were Hispanics, the snack broke across racial borders.

Since its introduction to the market, Takis has come in various flavors, each with different colors.

While some people use the flavors to distinguish between Takis, others use the color, giving rise to the question of the hottest Taki color. 

The Taki with the hottest flavor may also be the most famous. It comes in purple packaging and combines lime flavor and extra spicy chili pepper.

However, despite the purple packaging, the color of the Takis in the pack is an exceptional shade of color red. Anyone familiar with spices should know how peppery chili is.

So, the presence of chili alone gives the snack an intense heat, and the lime flavor drags the heat several notches up, giving it a spicy-sweet taste.

Although it is sweet, if you can’t handle spicy food, I’ll advise you to stay far away from the red Takis in purple packs. 

Is Blue Heat Takis Hotter?

Not every day do you see a snack with the color blue, so the Takis blue heat is unique.

Normally, the color blue is associated with cool and calm, but it’s quite the opposite in the case of blue heat Takis. This Taki color is particularly controversial as its taste is the opposite of its looks.

This burning taste has led to arguments about whether blue heat Takis are hotter than the famous red Fuego Takis.

The blue heat tortilla chip is tangy as it contains a high amount of chili pepper. However, in contrast to its color, the more you chew, the hotter its aftertaste becomes. 

While I’m unaware of the secret behind the mystic blue powder that makes this particular flavor remarkable, I know it can’t compare to the red Fuego flavor.

The blue heat may come close to the red Fuego because it’s a variant of Fuego called Fuego Azul.

However, the main Fuego taki is much spicier as it brings heat and intensity to a new level.

Though you may not need a glass of milk immediately after eating blue Takis, you’ll need water and a hand wash.

If you’re wondering why it’s because the brightly colored snack lies to leave its mark.

What is the Best Flavor of Takis?

The Mexican all-time favorite snack has different flavors. In total, the number 25. Unfortunately, deciphering which one of these 25 flavors is best is quite impossible. 

The reason is that no flavor has reached an all-time high without facing contest and opposition.

Unfortunately, there is no universal rule of thumb for judging matters like these; therefore, the choice is an individual one. 

Although there is no universally agreed best Taki flavor, I do know a popular favorite of many people.

This flavor is the spicy red chili and lime Taki Fuego. Since the common factor uniting all Taki lovers is the heat, Fuego is a popular choice. 

Reviews on Taki Fuego have brought about several descriptions of the snack.

People say it’s the taste of fire, some describe its intensity as fire touring your tongue, and others call it a lava bite. 

Though the spiciness of Taki Fuego is the best, it may not be the best choice for anyone intolerant to chili, pepper, lime, and spice.

Such individuals would prefer a less spicy Taki. Also, some people pick the best not based on spiciness but on flavors. 

For flavors, there’s an endless list of them. There’s the guacamole flavor, barbecue flavor, and many others for you to try.

To select your best, you could try out a bunch of Takis and see which you enjoy most.

Are Nitro Takis Hotter Than Fuego?

I can duff my hat for the heat which Nitro Takis bring. However,  I can confidently say that nitro Takis don’t stand a chance wherever Fuego Takis are.

Unless, of course, with people with low tolerance levels for spiciness and pepper. 

The name nitro and its habanero flavor might trick you into thinking it’s spicier, but Fuego Takis beats the nitro hands down.

Two packs of Nitro Takis are like a mini bite of the famous Fuego. I see the name nitro as hyperbole that leads people to develop unrealistic expectations of the variant. 

The lime concentration in this particular snack variant surpasses the spiciness but doesn’t drown it as it’s pretty spicy. So, in this battle of spiciness, Nitro loses.

If you’re looking for Takis that are more like Nitro, I suggest you try these. So, let’s see which Takis are similar to Nitro and why you should try them.

Takis Similar to NitroWhy You Should Try Them
Blue heat Takiscontain hot chili pepper.
Takis wildThis flavor is equally spicy with a kick of hot sauce though it doesn’t contain lime. 
Takis CobraIt has a rich fiery flavor with lime and a covering of chili extract.
Takis flareTakis flare has a mild heat in addition to the chili pepper and lime combo.

Yes, Nitro is hot, but it’s more like a step lower than the heat of Fuego. There are other spicy and tangy flavored Takis that share similarities with Nitro, as seen above.

So, if you’re desperate to find a different flavor of Takis that taste like Nitro, I’m sure one of the above will do.

List of Hottest Taki Flavors.

Takis are generally hot and spicy. It feels like a taste of an inferno, but it’s so good that you can’t help but want more. The pleasurable burn from Taki is so intense. 

Since it’s difficult to get a perfect order of the hottest Taki flavors, here is a list. Please note that the list is not arranged based on the order of spiciness; it’s just random.

So, let’s see the flavors that can cause a thrilling mad burn- the sensation Taki lovers crave for.

  • Takis blue heat or Fuego azul
  • Takis fuego
  • Takis crunchy fajitas
  • Takis guacamole
  • Takis Nitro
  • Volcano Queso
  • Takis xtra hot

These are the remarkably spicy Takis I’ve tried. You may have the same judgment or not, depending on your tastebuds and tolerance of peppery edibles.

However, one fact that has been established is that Takis Fuego is the king of spiciness. 

Its spiciness rating is extreme. So, if you’re fond of hot spices, this should be the first Taki you try.

I know that it will meet and probably even surpass all your expectations regarding Takis. 


As this hot tortilla chip snack comes in different flavors, so does their spiciness vary.

Though Takis nitro and blue heat are highly peppery, none is as extreme as the Fuego.

If you want to test for the best Taki, I advise you to have a glass of water or milk in anticipation of the spiciness.

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