The 4 Benefits Of Boiling Grapefruit And Lemon Peels

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Many people believe nutrients are only present in the juice of the fruits while the peels aren’t useful.

But, this isn’t entirely true; subscribing to this thought can make you lose a lot. Some peels are nutritious and could have more nutrients than juice.

The peels are rich in vitamins and serve as organic enzymes to brighten the skin. Knowing this, let’s delve into the benefits of extracting the juice of lemon and grapefruit peels by boiling.

Boiling grapefruit and lemon peels have many benefits, from strengthening bones to weight loss and improving the body’s immunity. In addition, these peels enrich the body with vitamin C, which aids digestion, and smoothens the skin. Furthermore, lemon and grapefruit peels have fiber that flattens the cholesterol curve after consumption. 

Can You Drink Lemon Peels?

Benefits of Boiling Grapefruit And Lemon Peels

You can drink lemon peels by making lemon peel tea. However, some people chew the peels or grind them and use the powder as a seasoning for food.

Whichever way you employ offers good results, but preparing it as a drink allows you to store it and drink it at any time. Well, I know you might struggle with preparing the drink/ tea.

Not to worry, I have a simple way for you to make this lemon peel tea. Let’s go!

#1. Requirements

  • Two or three fresh lemon fruits
  • 15g of granulated sugar
  • Water
  • Kettle
  • Tablespoon and Peeler
  • Jug

 #2. Procedure

  • Boil the water
  • Use some sugar to rub the body of the lemon
  • Use the Peeler to peel the body of the Lemon, thinly
  • Put the sugar and peel in a jug (a jug that can withstand the heat of the boiling water)
  • Leave it to cool for 2-3 minutes
  • Upon cooling, pour out the liquid

Health Benefits of Boiling Grapefruit And Lemon Peels

Grapefruit and Lemon Peels have many valuable nutrients and come in a platter of gold.

Their health benefits are numerous and spread across many body systems, yet we haven’t been able to unveil all the goodies these peels offer. 

Notwithstanding, I’ve gotten below some of the vital health benefits of boiling grapefruit and lemon.

Nevertheless, you can’t afford to ignore them because they’ll save you from spending much on pills.

#1. Provision of Vitamin C

Vitamin C never fails to help in digesting food quickly. In addition, it prevents constipation and indigestion.

This vitamin also helps in reducing the level of cholesterol in our body. In addition, this class of vitamins is beneficial for people with arthritis and some other inflammation-related health conditions.

Furthermore, Grapefruit and Lemon Peels boost the body’s Immunity through the help of vitamins in the peel, and flavonoids, a potent antibacterial.

#2. Supply of Fiber

Don’t be surprised to know that grapefruit and lemon peels supply more fiber and other nutrients than pulp does. Yes, you just read a fact!

Just like vitamin C, fibers also assist the digestive system in digestion. Besides, these peels will do much good for diabetic patients.

The reason is that their blood sugar level tends to rise due to the presence of little or no insulin in their system.

But, the fiber in these peels regulates the sugar absorption rate into the bloodstream after eating and makes every metabolism optimal.

Boiling grapefruit and lemon peels to make tea to drink is an excellent method for managing diabetes.

Pro tip: Always drink grapefruit and lemon peel tea on an empty stomach for best results.

#3. It provides Healthy Skin.

Everyone wants to have good-looking skin that is free from blemishes. So, why not prepare citrus tea and drink it regularly instead of visiting different skin care shops?

This tea gets rid of toxins and blemishes on the skin. The fiber is responsible for all these and prevents the emergence of pimples on the face.

#4. It Improves Oral Health

Drinking grapefruit and lemon peel tea after boiling serves as a prevention against many oral infections like gingivitis and other gum diseases.

These two citrus supply citric acid through their peels which acts as an antibacterial that repels the invasion of bacteria on your teeth.

Lemon peels single-handedly have a hand in the fight against tooth decay.

They strengthen the enamel (the outer white covering of teeth) and give no way for sugar to stick to the teeth simply because it’s the sugary substance that stays on the teeth that invite bacteria to create cavities in our teeth.

Notwithstanding, lemon peels kill all forms of harmful bacteria in the teeth. 

A sulfur substance in our mouth causes bad breath when bacteria act on it. So, drink grapefruit and lemon peel juice if you have bad breath.

The peels have Limonene, a substance that neutralizes the effect of the sulfuric substance that causes fresh breath.

Reasons to Eat Boiled Grapefruit And Lemon Peels

There are quite many reasons you must eat boiled grapefruit and lemon peels. If you genuinely want the healthy well-being of your entire body system.

Peels of these citruses ordinarily envelop the functions of many drugs and serve as a natural remedy for many diseases.

So, which would you prefer: expensive pills or fruit peels?

#1. They improve Immunity

Grapefruit and Lemon peels are intensely antibacterial due to flavonoids in all citrus. So, imagine how strong your Immunity would be if you fed on these fruit peels regularly. 

Also, Polyphenols are present in grapefruit peels. This compound is essential in the fight against bacteria and some viruses such as Influenza A or B.

In essence, flavonoids in lemon work with Polyphenols in grapefruit in building the immune system.

#2. They Care for the Heart

All citrus peels contain Limeone, a potent anti-inflammatory and oxidant.

These oxidant properties help in annulling free moving radicals that could destroy delicate but essential cells in the body. 

Furthermore, consuming these peels will help counter the effect of enzymes that cause inflammation, which could probably result in arthritis, and serious cardiovascular diseases (diseases concerning the heart).

So you see how to save yourself from undergoing heart surgery with just cheap grapefruit and Lemon peels.

#3. They Have Anti-Cancer Properties

Consuming flavonoids and vitamin C through lemon peels heightens the body’s immunity level.

And that causes the production of more white blood cells that will fight against cancer-causing cells in the body. This ability to prevent cancer is one significant benefit of lemon peels.

Although lemon peels have Anti-Cancer properties, they aren’t acting as a cure for cancer. Meet an Expert if you see cancer symptoms.

Here’s a table outlining the nutrients in lemon and their benefits.

FlavonoidsThey help in building the body’s immunity
LimeoneIt acts as an anti-inflammatory substance and oxidant
Vitamin CVitamin C boosts the body’s immune system
FiberIt supports digestion 

Below is a list of grapefruit’s nutrients and their benefits to the body.

PolyphenolsIt helps the body in fighting against infirmities and antibacterial infections.
FiberFiber improves digestion.

Uses of Boiling Grapefruit And Lemon Peels

You could have been getting rid of your lemon and grapefruit peels before now, thinking they’re just trash.

But, I’m about to inform you of some mind-blowing uses of boiling grapefruit and Lemon Peels.

#1. It helps in Weight Loss.

Pectin in lemon peels is an active agent that helps in tackling obesity and losing weight.

This Pectin has some anti-inflammatory effects on some beneficial bacteria that help in the fight against obesity. These beneficial bacteria include Lactobacillus and Megamonas. 

Furthermore, after the University of Southern Medical Center conducted a study on weight loss, they got a result that showed that Pectin happens to be a soluble fiber in lemon that makes people with obesity get satisfied with their food quickly when eating. 

This fiber will reduce their craving for food and the excretion of the food they’ve eaten. Note that you should use grapefruit and Lemon peels before eating.

#2. Increase in Bone Strength

Boiling grapefruit and Lemon peels before intake offers the body many minerals such as Calcium. Calcium increases the bones’ toughness and reduces any bone infection.

Conclusively, lemon peels are rich in ascorbic acid, an organic acid that allows them to care for the bones. It manages some bone disorders like arthritis too.


Ridding of lemon and grapefruit peels after extracting the juice from the pulp is a costly mistake.

These peels benefit us in various ways. They improve the immune system, protect the heart, fight obesity, strengthen bones, prevent cancer, etc.

Now that you know lemon and grapefruit peels are beneficial take care of yourself with them.

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