How Much Dough For A 12-Inch Ooni Pizza? (Explained)

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The perfect recipe promises a great food result. However, when baking pizza, you should ensure that you use the correct measurements of each ingredient.

Water, yeast, flour, or salt, whatever ingredients you are combining to make a pizza, you must measure them out depending on the pizza size.

To make a 12-inch Ooni pizza, you should use 280g or 10 ounces of dough. However, keep in mind that the size and shape of the pizza determine the amount of dough needed, and no special tools or skills are required. From previous experiences, 10 ounces of dough is the amount that produces a standard 12-inch Ooni pizza.

How Much Dough Do I Need for a 12-inch Ooni Pizza?

You can achieve the right amount of dough needed for a 12-inch Ooni pizza when you follow these simple instructions below:

  1. You would need to get these ingredients; 10g salt, 500g flour, and a little extra required for dusting, 300ml of cold water, and 7g fresh yeast.
  2. Get a large bowl and fill it with 2/3 of the cold water. Next, heat another 2/3 of the water using a microwave or saucepan and allow it to boil for some minutes.

    Then proceed to add the boiled water to the cold one in the bowl. This mixture is the best temperature for activating the yeast. Finally, add the salt and yeast whisk into the warm water.
  3. Pour the flour into a large bowl and add the yeast mixture. You may choose to mix with your hand or stir using a wooden spoon. Do this until the dough forms and molds into a ball.

    Next, apply flour lightly onto a surface and use both hands to knead it until it is stretchy and firm. This should last only about 10 minutes, then cover it, and leave it to rise in a warm place for about 1-2 hours.
  4. When it has doubled, divide the dough into 4 or 5 pieces of equal sizes. Place the pieces in separate bowls or a single tray. Cover it up using plastic wrap until it doubles in size under 20 minutes.
  5. A pro tip for Ooni pizza is: to begin with a perfectly rounded dough ball. This way, the pizza base maintains a circular shape during stretching.

    Apply flour lightly on your hands and a clean surface, place the dough ball on it and knead the dough into small disc shapes. Press your arrow on the center, spread your fingers and push the dough outwards to make it bigger.
  6. You have pulled the dough into a 12-inch circle at this point.  It has stretched to the full; the next step is to apply light flour on the Ooni pizza peel and place the dough.

    If there are any tiny holes in your dough, pinch them together. Next, add your toppings and follow the instructions on baking with an Ooni oven.

What Size Pizza Does Ooni Make?

As a pizza lover, you may want to consider which Ooni oven is best for your pizza size. The size of pizzas that you can make depends on the model of the oven.

The Ooni pro oven is twice the size of the Ooni 3 oven. The Ooni 3 is best for baking 12-inch pizzas, while an Ooni pro can prepare up to 16-inch pizzas. You can also use it to make roasted veggies.

The Ooni Koda 16 possesses an internal size of 42 by 42 cm and can perfectly fit a 16-inch pizza. While the Ooni Koda 12 can make pizzas with sizes of 12 inches.

Furthermore, how you choose to use your oven, depending on how many times you intend to select it, is another factor to consider when selecting Ooni oven models.

A gas-powered Ooni Koda is the best for easy use; it is extremely portable and powerful.

Looking to taste that wood smell mostly associated with Neapolitan pizzas, the Fyra should be your choice.

But if you want both benefits of the Fyra and Koda in one model, the Karu is your perfect choice for an advanced model.

Manufacturers invented the Ooni Pro model for people at a professional or high level of baking pizzas.

Ooni Pizza Dough Size?

The recommended Ooni pizza dough size is a mixture of 10g salt, 300ml cold water, 500g flour, and 7g fresh yeast. When the pizza dough exceeds this size, it becomes too sticky and tough.

This happens when there’s too much oil or too little kneading. You can lightly add flour while kneading the dough to correct this.

You need to be careful while doing this to avoid ending up with the dry and dense dough.

Too much water can also make your dough sticky. It is referred to as too-high hydration and occurs when the amount of water is high compared to the flour in the dough mixture.

If you want to make your dough stretchy and not sticky, it is advisable to add only 65% water compared to the flour.

Ooni Pizza Dough Size?

Furthermore, using the wrong type of flour can also contribute to dough stickiness. I observed that most pizza recipes do not specify the type of flour to use in the baking process.

Make sure a more vital flour is added to your ingredients, precisely one with high gluten content. ‘W’ is the measurement symbol of flour’s strength, but most flour packages do not indicate this.

Purchase an Italian 00 pizza flour that possesses the strength of 200-300W. This is more compatible for 60-75% hydration.

How Much Should a 12-inch Ooni Pizza Weigh?

An Ooni is a portable oven, at 9.25kg; it is enough to cook a 12-inch pizza. Large for cooking and yet still small enough to fit into the boot of a car.

Worthy of note is that your pizza size is limited to your pizza peel size. For example, Koda 12 is limited to the 12-inch size of pizza. And in most restaurants, a 12-inch pizza is the most served size.

Dough Ball Size for Ooni Pizza?

When preparing a 12inch pizza, my best recommendation is to make dough balls of size 5.6oz (160g).

Although, you may choose to experiment using various dough weights to find which works the best for your pizza.

To begin well, you can use 1 ounce of dough along with an inch diameter for any size, not more than 16 inches.

Next, subtract or add the dough weight until you finish. You would then divide your surface area by the dough weight.

The dough loading per square inch of the pan surface is the result. You can use this method to measure a dough ball size for any inch of pizza.

Dough Ball Size for Ooni Pizza?

A major benefit of this is that a similar amount of dough would be in all your pizzas, and only the diameter (size) would be different.

This only means that if you are using a conveyor oven, pizzas with similar toppings will process under the same baking time, regardless of their size.


The dough for making pizza possesses some required measurements. When baking a 12-inch Ooni pizza, it is advisable to follow the recommended recipe.

You should mix the ingredients used in preparing the dough in the right quantities, step after step.

Consequently, if your pizza dough is overdone, it will result in a tough pizza crust.

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