What Is The Best Salsa At Chipotle? (Must Read)

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Over the years, the list of human fast food has increased from having a few options to not knowing which to choose.

Among the numerous fast foods in our present era is the delightful tasty salsa available at Chipotle. 

Chipotle’s salsa comes in various varieties and specialties with their flavor and taste.

So much so that you will need to brainstorm to get the best of the best. This article contains a list of the best salsas.

The chili corn salsa is ranked the best among the best salsas available today. However, there is such a balance in the chili corn salsa. Although taste and preference are indeed highly individual, the roasted chili-corn salsa is still by far the best Chipotle salsa recipe. 

Which Chipotle Salsa Is Best?

What Is The Best Salsa At Chipotle

A good survey on the list of Chipotle salsa offers the roasted corn chili salsa as the best, among others.

There is just something about the chili corn salsa that affords it the preference it has in every Chipotle salsa bar.

The freshness added to corn, sweetness, texture, delightful taste, and lots more are literally what the chili corn salsa offers.

On tasting the roasted corn chili salsa, your inner joy will come alive that you cannot just settle for less.

At the heart of the roasted corn, chili salsa is sweet corn, cilantro, charred poblano, red onion, and lime juice.

Undoubtedly, the ingredients mixture and the perfect balanced taste serve the roasted corn chili salsa right.

On the other hand, the flesh tomatillo green salsa is coming head-on with the roasted corn chili salsa at Chipotle.

Although the roasted corn chili salsa is the best choice, the flesh tomatillo green salsa has made many sales too.

The fresh citrus and cilantro notes give the tomatillo salsa tons of flavor that are slightly almost perfect for every breath.

Note that the ranking is on a general preference and sales ratio rather than individual taste.

The best Chipotle orders are hinged mainly on the chili corn salsa and the green tomatillo chili salsa.

Chipotle’s list of good salsa goes on and on, matching all appetites and tastes of customers.

So, if you do not find the roasted corn chili salsa, the tomatillo green chili salsa is your next great choice.

The spicy, delightful taste, refreshing, and flavor-filled aura are present at every bite.

It is nearly as tasty as the chili corn salsa with a gluten-free texture, plus it is naturally vegan.

What Is The Spiciest Salsa At Chipotle?

The red chili salsa is typically the spiciest salsa flavor that you can find at Chipotle or anywhere.

Undoubtedly the delight of people who love spicy meals, you can add some chili for an even hotter taste.

The vibrant Mexican pepper that gives the bright red color is at the heart of the red chili salsa.

The added tomato sauce is one primary reason the Chipotle red chili salsa is spicier than others.

The tomatoes, in turn, add to the salsa’s red hue, and heating the salsa adds to the spicy nature.

No wonder Chipotle fresh red tomato chili salsa is usually chilled to dampen the spice.

There is a widespread debate on which type of Chipotle salsa is the spiciest.

The bone of contention among several customers is between the Chipotle green chili salsa and red chili salsa.

So aside from the difference in color and a slight change in taste, which salsa is hotter?

Your guess is as correct as mine, and the Chipotle red chili salsa is spicier than the Chipotle green chili salsa.

The reason is that the fresh red tomato salsa is made from red ripened chiles hence the difference in hotness.

Chipotle green chili salsa, on the other hand, makes use of unripened green chiles, which are bitter and less spicy.

What Is The Tastiest Salsa At Chipotle?

Based on taste and nutrition, the roasted corn chili salsa still holds the stakes as the tastiest.

There is no better way to end a stressful work day with some fantastic cheesy Chipotle salsa.

The chili corn salsa is your surest bet to look for a quality, fast meal that serves just right.

The roasted corn chili salsa is not just moderately hot but also sweet, an excellent combination for a sauce.

Wide varieties of commercial salsa exist, but the chipotle chili corn salsa recipe beats them all hands-down.

You will be able to grade the chili corn salsa by only seeing the thick texture of the sauce. 

Several varieties of Chipotle salsas use sugar as an additive to bring out a sweet taste.

But the case of roasted frozen white corn chili salsa is different; it naturally just has a sweetening tasting.

With some additives such as corn syrup, garlic, spices, chili pepper, and the likes, what more do you expect?

According to a survey by Mashed, four salsas options appear to have a widespread preference among many others.

Amongst the list is the roasted corn chili salsa, ranking top with the most appreciation from Chipotle customers.

Two-thirds of the answers show that chili corn salsa is preferred everywhere, even with taste.

Which Is The Best Flavor Salsa At Chipotle?

Topping this category amongst others as the salsa with the best flavor is the Chipotle salsa arriba.

You will certainly not lack the aura of the fire-roasted tomatoes and smoked jalapenos in every full spoon.

From chunky to blend to any other variety, the salsa Arriba takes the lead in strong-smelling flavor.

Wonder why the salsa arriba, even though not popular, has the best flavor on the list of Chipotle?

Thick, chunky, smoky, and sticky is just the exact description of the Chipotle salsa arriba.

The cilantro in the salsa arriba and other supplements accounts for the excellent flavor and puts it top in this category.

What comes close to the Chipotle salsa arriba is the roasted corn chili salsa that is even more popular.

Chili corn salsa features a rich, complex, incredible complementing layered flavor more like the salsa arriba.

The makeup of the roasted corn chili salsa is more or less perfectly balanced, which will leave you drooling. 

An excellent pointer to a well-flavored chili sauce aroma is the nature of the texture of the salsa.

Generally, a thick and sticky sauce tends to be more flavored than salsas that aren’t thick to the dip.

Therefore, the roasted corn chili salsa is your best bet whenever you feel like grabbing a good salsa with excellent flavor.

Which Is The Most Popular Salsa At Chipotle?

The most popular salsa at Chipotle is equally the best, which happens to be the roasted corn chili salsa.

On a scale of 1-100, the Chipotle roasted corn chili salsa has a whopping 59 percent preference.

Roasted corn chili salsa ranks as the best, among the most flavored, and should undoubtedly be the most popular.

Another well-known Chipotle salsa is the flesh tomatillo green salsa, ranking with the corn chili salsa.

However, it ranks second only after the roasted corn chili salsa, which is the best.

The green tomatillo ratcheted with the cilantro leaves is pretty much on the positive side of the market.

Several different types of Chipotle salsas match customers’ different demands and are popular.

The table below shows the most populous Chipotle salsa in ranking order with their ingredients.

Several other varieties of good Chipotle salsa follow the chili corn salsa. 

Most Popular Chipotle Salsas With Their Ingredients.

Popular Chipotle SalsasMain Ingredients
Roasted white corn chili salsaLime juice, roasted corn, cilantro leaves, spices, olive oil, salt, and red onion.
Frontera TomatilloCilantro leaves, garlic, Serrano peppers, and lauded green tomatillo.
Salsa RojaArbol chili pepper, charred green tomatillo, and some spices.
Xilli salsaToasted peanuts, chili oil, salt, and lime juice.
Honey vinaigretteTomatoes, cilantro leaves, blended chili sauce, chili oil, garlic, salt, and sautéed veggies. 


The chipotle salsa bar is undoubtedly one of the most popular fast-food restaurants to obtain the best available salsas.

The list of its healthy salsa dishes goes on and on, and it becomes hard sometimes to keep track.

However, among the numerous options at Chipotle, the roasted corn chili salsa is undoubtedly the best and most popular.

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