Pizza Ovens Vs Pizza Stones (In-Depth Comparison)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

You might be wondering how a pizza oven differs from a pizza stone since both are used for a specific purpose.

Despite the specification in functionality, there are still some distinctions between the two items.

This distinction is evident in the general overview of the pizza we get from different sources.

The differences between a pizza oven and a pizza stone are notable in structure, temperature, quality, ease, cost, and durability. These are the major factors that distinguish the two pizza makers. Although a pizza oven is made to make pizza baking easier, it also has its limitations compared to the pizza stone.

Differences between Pizza Oven and Pizza Stone?


As mentioned earlier, the differences between a pizza oven and a pizza stone can be seen in six forms: structure, temperature, quality, ease, cost, and durability.

Here’s a closer look at these differences.

#1. Structure

There is significantly a slight difference in the pizza oven and stone structure. Both work with the principle of heat transfer via conduction using firewood, gas, or electricity.

A pizza oven is structured so that your pizza is placed directly in the compartment under the heating medium.

In contrast, a pizza stone has a finely shaped stone placed on the compartment where you can place your pizza.

#2. Temperature

Both the pizza oven and pizza stone heat up to a considerable temperature. They can warm up to 500 degrees Celsius, but the initial temperature and heat retainment ability differ.

Ovens begin to heat your pizza slowly while stones that are already pre-heated give off maximum temperature.

But an oven retains more heat for long periods than a stone with about 300 degrees of temperature retained.

#3. Quality

Your pizza stone gives a better crispy quality pizza over the oven. The stone evenly distributes the heat around the pizza, making moisture extraction consistent.

This feature is the major distinguishing factor of the nice and crispy result gotten through a pizza stone from the oven.

#4. Ease

It is easier to use a pizza oven than a pizza stone. You just have to put your pizza directly on the cavity meant to place your pizza for the oven, but for stone, you will pre-heat before placing your pizza.

Doing this could be a bit difficult since the stone is already hot. The stone would need more regular maintenance than the pizza oven, making it difficult to use.

#5. Cost

A stone is less expensive than an oven; hence, it is the best choice for low budgets.

You can get a pizza stone for less than 50 dollars, and that amount would not afford a pizza oven. So in terms of cost, a pizza stone is more affordable than the oven.

#6. Durability

A pizza stone’s lifespan is limited to cracks and breaks. Each time you make use of the stone, it is gradually deteriorating.

The more heat it is subjected to, the more brittle it becomes and the less efficient it becomes. This degeneration is also influenced by the size of the pizza stone you have.

Is a Pizza Oven Better than a Pizza Stone?

A pizza oven is not better than a pizza stone. Although a pizza oven might be preferable in some ways to the stone, it is not better. The result gives the final say as to which is better.

And, from the comparisons between both of them, a pizza stone gives the best crispy quality pizza.

A pizza oven is structured easier and more usable than a stone. This structure makes it very easy to operate without any difficulties or stress.

And the oven is designed in such a way that it can last for a very long time regardless of usage. These make people see why a pizza oven is better than a stone.

But, when you carefully study the areas where a stone stands superior to an oven, you will have to rethink.

A stone gives the exact temperature in the evenest way required for a pizza. And it is with this emission of heat; that it can produce the best crispy kind of pizza.

The pre-heated stone gives the initial high temperature needed to be evenly distributed around the pizza.

This temperature also dries up any extra moisture to make your pizza crispy and yummy. And with a pizza stone, you wouldn’t have to spend much on having a pizza maker.

Do You Use a Pizza Stone In a Pizza Oven?

Yes, you should use a pizza oven as an inlet for a pizza stone. This combination creates the best duo in making just the perfect pizza for any household or restaurant.

The oven can be used efficiently even without a stone, but for convenience, use a pizza stone. It also can hold more pizzas in any form or shape.

The build-up of a pizza oven is versatile in terms of a wide range of performance. It is very easy to operate as all you have to do is put the stone inside the oven and allow it to heat up.

After which, you can then place your pizza and await it to bake. Also, a pizza stone can be used in grills to make pizzas, and you will still get your results.

Though it is easy to deal with and supplies the right amount of heat required, the difference will still be clear. The only edge a grill has over an oven is that it gives out a special flavor.

Does Pizza Cook Better on a Stone?

Sure, a pizza does cook better on a stone because of the stone’s ability to evenly distribute heat. Compared with a metallic surface, a stone is better at retaining and giving off heat.

The absorbent surface of a stone helps with the wet area of the pizza and draws any moisture that stays on it. The major effect of the stone on a pizza is the initial flare of heat.

The heat helps puff up the pizza at the initial stage of preparing it. Unlike a metallic surface that begins to heat your pizza at a slow rate, a stone gives you that blast of heat needed.

This result is possible because of the pre-heated stone and its porous nature of the stone.

Is It Worth Getting a Pizza Stone?

It is a necessity if you want to get the best result when baking your pizza, so it is worth getting a pizza stone.

Although most people might feel it is irrelevant because of some extra stress you will have to undergo.

But if the stress is compared with the output, you will no doubt that it is worth having a pizza stone.

Moreover, getting a pizza stone will cost you nothing, the quality gained from using it for making pizza is worth the cost.

You get this satisfaction from a pizza made from a pizza stone, well-cooked inside and crispy outside.

Many classic and high-rated pizza restaurants today use these stones in their pizza oven.

It gives you that taste of traditionally made pizza with all its nutrients intact, making you realize that pizza is indeed an art.

There is a low chance of getting disappointment from using it. It is worth the cost and choice.


Pizza ovens are made to conventionally wade off the shortcomings of an oven and become a better brand.

There are indeed improvements in the oven, but a pizza stone remains dominant.

You can see this in the evenly heated pizza and established crispy taste. And that is the major difference between a pizza oven and a pizza stone.

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