This is Where You Can Find Parmesan Cheese in The Grocery Store!

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Sometimes shopping can be stressful when you haven’t gotten what you intend to buy, especially foodstuff.

Moreover, it mostly happens when shopping in a particular store for the first time.

To easily locate the position of the Parmesan cheese in grocery stores, follow the instructions in this article.

This article reveals the possible positions of these cheeses in most grocery stores.

In some stores, you’ll find it in the condiments or Italian food department since Parmesan is of Italian origin. And other Groceries stores place the Cheese in the deli section. In short, the positions of Parmesan Cheese in grocery stores depend on the store because they arrange goods differently.

Where Do I Find Parmesan Cheese in the Grocery Store?

Where Is Parmesan Cheese in the Grocery Store

The style of arranging wares varies across all grocery stores. Walmart arranges Parmesan cheeses on the shelf according to their brand names.

But for some other supermarkets, all Parmesan Cheese may be in a particular department, disregarding the type differences.

Some stores arrange foreign food items based on their country of origin.

So since Parmesan Cheese is Italian food, you might find it in the Italian department of the store.

However, this arrangement could be a problem for people who don’t know the country in which Parmesan originates. 

Additionally, some Marts keep Parmesan cheese in the deli department.

A department for only ready-made foods, such as bread, cheeses, salads, butter, etc.

Please note that Parmesan Cheese isn’t usually on refrigerated shelves because they last long without refrigeration until you open them.

You can find Parmesan Cheese in the pantry department of some leading stores in the US, like Kroger.

The pantry department is for ready-made meals only, such as canned corn. 

A handful of grocery stores are selling Parmesan Cheese in the United States. And the Parmesan Cheese they sell could be of the same brand or different in some cases.

So, let’s look at the table outlining various brands of Parmesan Cheese in some stores.

Grocery StoresBrands
KrogerKraft, Ole Cotija, Sartori, Private Selection, Follow Your Heart, Simple Truth Organic, and Sargento.
MeijerBelGioioso, Buitoni, Frederick’s by Meijer, Kraft, Sargento, 4C, Sartari, and Meijer.
CostcoCello, Kirkhand, Kraft, and Galbani.
Whole foodsFollow Your Heart, Organic Valley, BelGioioso, and II Giardino.
TargetRio Briati, Market Pantry, Good & Gather, BelGioioso, and Kraft.
SafewaySignature Select, Primo Taglio, Lucerne, BelGioioso, Frigo, Andrew & Everett, Sargento, Sartori, and O Organics.
WegmansBelGioioso, 4C, Wegmans, Stella, and Miller’s.
PublixFrigo, Andrew & Everett, 4C, II Villaggio, BelGioioso, and Kraft.
WalmartBelGioioso, 4C, Bella Rosa, Great Value, Ambriola Locatelli, Kraft, and Mama Francesca

Where Is Parmesan Cheese Located in Kroger?

In Kroger, Parmesan Cheese is in the pantry department. It’s in that department alongside other foods that don’t require refrigeration, such as tomato sauce, canned corn, cereal, and oatmeal.

Unlike Walmart, Kroger keeps all Parmesan cheese in the same department irrespective of the differences in brand and type.

So, finding a specific brand is easy. If locating the Parmesan Cheese seems difficult, Kroger’s official website or app always comes in handy.

Its result is always straightforward. To use the site, follow these steps;

  • Visit the site and register if you’re using the site for the first time. Otherwise, log into the site.
  • Click in the search bar and input the Parmesan Cheese you’re searching for on the site.
  • Add to cart.
  • Include the pick-up venue.

However, you can’t find all brands of Parmesan cheese in Kroger. So, here’s a list showing the brands of Parmesan that Kroger offers, although it could be in other grocery stores too.

  • Kraft
  • Follow Your Heart
  • Private Selection
  • Simple Truth organic
  • Sartori
  • Sargento
  • Ole Cotija
  • Kroger

Where Do I Find Parmesan Cheese in Walmart?

The location of Parmesan Cheese in Walmart depends on the type and brand of Parmesan cheese you want and the Walmart store you want to do the shopping. 

In Walmart, different brands are in different departments, so you must be specific with the Parmesan cheese you’re requesting.

Shredded Parmesan isn’t on the same shelf as the grated parmesan Cheese and the Parmesan Cheese wedge.

Grated Parmesan Cheese is usually in aisle A15, the grocery section, while shredded Parmesan cheese is mostly in aisle A32, the deli section.

However, if the Cheese isn’t available or you can’t find it in the store, use the Walmart app or site.

But before placing an order, you must have selected the Parmesan cheese type you’re after, using the following procedure;

  • Register if you’re a new user, or log in to if you’re an existing user.
  • Click on the menu button.
  • Click on the department, and you’ll see all the departments Walmart has.
  • If you want the grated Parmesan Cheese, click on grocery and choose from various brands.
  • If you opt for the shredded Parmesan, click on the deli.
  • Add to cart
  • Make payment.
  • Type in the place you will receive the Cheese.

You can also try the following method if you don’t want to go through the Walmart department;

  • Visit the site, register, or log in.
  • Click on the search icon to type in the name of the Parmesan you’re requesting.
  • Add to cart.
  • Make your payment.
  • Include the pick-up venue.

Walmart offers different brands of Parmesan cheese. So, it would be good if you were specific with the brand you need.

Thus, below is a list of Parmesan Cheese brands you could find in Walmart.

  • 4C
  • Bella Rosa
  • Kraft
  • Mama Francesca
  • Frigo
  • BelGioioso
  • Ambriola
  • Great Value

Is Parmesan Cheese Refrigerated in Stores?

Parmesan Cheese isn’t usually refrigerated in Stores because this Cheese already has a long shelf life.

Consequently, it isn’t prone to spoilage and microbial attack. And it’s still suitable for consumption even after a month past its “best by” date.

This Cheese has a low moisture content, so it wouldn’t harbor mold and bacteria that love moisturized environments.

Unrefrigerated Parmesan can last for about a year or more without going bad.

In addition, Parmesan cheeses in cans and jars don’t need refrigeration unless the buyer opens them.

Furthermore, the unopened hard Cheese Parmesan can last for weeks after expiration.

As long as air and moisture don’t come in contact with the Cheese, harmful microbes won’t breed on them.

Although grocery stores don’t refrigerate Parmesan cheese, refrigeration helps make these cheeses long-lasting, especially when opened.

This opened Cheese must be stored within a temperature range of 35°F to 45°F to render every surrounding microbe inactive.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Parmesan Cheese?

You must refrigerate Parmesan Cheese after purchase, although it isn’t refrigerated in grocery stores.

Refrigeration will help retain the Cheese’s freshness for the next use and extend its shelf life.

It must be refrigerated, whether in grated or shredded form. If not, it will spoil and be harmful for consumption due to exposure to air.

However, mold doesn’t appear quickly on Parmesan Cheese since it has little moisture.

But if it does, you can remove the moldy part and store the remaining Cheese appropriately.

Additionally, store the Cheese in a bottle or airtight container before placing it in the fridge.

Consequently, it will help in preventing moisture and contamination in the Cheese.

Also, ensure to keep the Parmesan Cheese away from foods that have an odor because Cheese readily absorbs odors. 

Final Thoughts

Parmesan cheese is readily available in most grocery stores, but finding the location of the Cheese could be tasking.

It’s because all stores arrange their wares differently. However,  a handful of grocery stores keep this Cheese in the deli department or the Italian section of the store.

You shouldn’t find Cheese on refrigerated shelves, owing to its long shelf life.

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