Here Is How To Send Pizza To Someone In Another State

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

We often want to treat our family and friends to excellent food like pizza. However, if that person lives in another state, it becomes difficult to do so.

However, it is possible to order pizza and have it sent to someone in another state so that you can eradicate the problem of distance.

To send pizza to someone in another state, you must pay using your credit card. Using a credit card does many things, like paying for the pizza you are ordering and ensuring your order is sent to the correct address. Nevertheless, you may experience a few difficulties during this process.

Can I Order Pizza to be Delivered to Someone in Another State, so They Don’t Have to Pay a Thing?

Send Pizza to Someone in Another State

You can make an order for a pizza and deliver it to someone in another state, ensuring they bear zero cost.

Nevertheless, to ensure this happens, there are three essential things you need to note. They are:

  • The Delivery Address in Question 
  • The Pizza Vendor in Question.
  • The Method of Payment.

I will be explaining these three vital points in detail below:

#1. The Delivery Address in Question

The first thing any pizza delivery driver would want to know is the address they are meant to deliver the pizza to.

Since you are ensuring the order you placed is delivered to another state, you certainly want the delivery address to be in another state entirely.

To avoid complications along the way, you must ensure you have filled out the delivery address correctly when making your order.

This way, the pizza delivery driver knows the state and location of the customer you are ordering the pizza with.

#2. The Pizza Vendor in Question

Understand that not every pizza vendor will deliver to the state you wish to place an order.

Therefore, you need a background check on any pizza vendor you wish to use and ensure they can deliver to the state you want.

After confirming whether the vendor delivers to the state, confirm if the vendor can make deliveries to the delivery address in question.

You can discover this by checking their delivery spots online, as most orders you place will be online. 

If you cannot find this information online, place a call to your pizza vendor and ask some questions. You will receive some helpful feedback.

Moreover, you can confirm if the pizza vendor has branches in the state you want a customer to pick up your placed order. This way, the delivery can be made from that particular branch.

#3. The Method of Payment

The easiest way to ensure that whoever picks up your placed order doesn’t pay for the order is to already pay for it. You can classify this payment as an online transaction.

To make an online transaction, you need to pay using your credit card to make an online transaction.

To pay for your pizza using your credit card, you need to take the following steps:

  • First, choose your credit card as your payment method.
  • Enter your name correctly.
  • Enter the credit card number
  • Insert your expiration date and your security code into the required places.
  • Insert your card’s billing address.
  • Ensure you verify your information.

You can pay for the pizza you ordered when you take all these steps. Only then will the person picking up the pizza be able to get the pizza for free.

Steps to Order a Pizza to be Delivered to Someone in Another State

You can take straightforward steps to order a pizza and have it delivered to someone in another state. They are:

  • Contact your pizza vendor. You can do this by going online or placing a phone call.
  • Select the pizza you need and describe the kind of toppings you need on the pizza.
  • Order the pizza and notify your vendor of the delivery address. Since you are sending the pizza to someone in another state, notify your vendor of the state. Note that your vendor may not deliver pizza to the state you have notified him of. Therefore, I advise you to find another vendor at that moment.
  • Pay for your pizza. Use your credit card to handle this transaction. However, you can use any other payment method you are comfortable with.

Can I Pay for a Pizza that is Being Delivered in Another State?

You can pay for a pizza that is being delivered in another state. There are two ways you can make this purchase.

First, you can pay cash to the vendor, primarily if you communicate with the vendor face to face.

However, if you cannot pay in cash, as in most scenarios, then you need to make the payment using your credit card. 

In some cases, you can also use your debit card to make the transaction, especially if you have money in your bank account.

Nevertheless, I advise using a credit card to pay for such deliveries as it is much more convenient.

Also, in rare cases, some restaurants and pizza vendors provide other methods of ordering their pizza.

These methods include PayPal, Payoneer, and many other companies. Nevertheless, these are primarily available to foreigners, and thus, I do not recommend using them.

In the end, use the payment method that you are most comfortable with.

How Can I Get A Domino’s Pizza Delivered to Someone in Another State?

You need to take specific steps to get your placed order delivered to someone in another state.

Fortunately, Domino’s pizza provides easy steps for you to make that move successfully. These steps are:

  • Access a Domino’s Pizza restaurant. If you cannot access a Domino’s Pizza restaurant, ensure that you access the online page.
  • If you are using their Web page, locate the “Order Online Now” tab.
  • When you locate the required tab, click on it. For example, access the “Home Delivery” tab.
  • Search for the locality you would deliver this pizza to. This is a very crucial moment and the period you choose the delivery address to have your Domino’s Pizza reach. In other words, this is the moment you get to choose the state you want to deliver the pizza to.
  • Go through the various pizza available for order. If you do not find your preferred pizza, then do well to return at a later time to search again. 
  • Select the pizza you need and add it to your cart.
  • Add a phone number and address to the softcopy form you need to fill out. Note that the information you are filling in belongs to the recipient of the pizza, that is, the person receiving the pizza. This is to allow the pizza delivery drivers to locate the recipients better. Therefore, do not add your phone number and address.
  • Make your payment online. You are at liberty to use your credit card for this process. Insert your name, credit card number, expiration date, and serial number in the spaces you will see. After that, you go ahead with your purchase.
  • Stay on your device until you receive a confirmation message. This is important as the confirmation can be used as proof of order in a failed delivery.


To make successful orders, you need to obtain a credit card, no matter who you are making the orders for.

Also, ensure that you provide accurate information as you make your order, as this will determine how the delivery will end up.

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