Pizza Oven Vs. Regular Oven (What Are The Differences) 2022

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Pizza ovens and Regular ovens are quite different in several significant ways. They could be different in size, shape, and even capability.

Despite the numerous differences, there is one significant difference between them. It’s the maximum temperature that these two types of ovens attain when in use.

Pizza ovens are extremely hot and cook pizzas faster than the regular oven. A wood-fired oven can cook pizza within 1-2 Minutes whereas the regular oven cooks pizza in about 8-15 Minutes.  Furthermore, it gives pizzas a unique taste and an amazingly beautiful texture. Pizza ovens cook pizzas so that it comes out crispy and crunchy on the outside soft on the inside. 

What Makes A Pizza Oven Or Regular Oven Different?

The significant difference between a Pizza oven and a Regular oven can not be far-fetched from the obvious fact that the former is designed to cook pizza especially. But, at the same time, the latter is mainly used out of compulsiveness or compromise.

By efficiency, Pizza ovens are often more reliable and economical because they do not take too much time to cook, thereby saving enough wood or coal for next time.

Pizza ovens are the only oven that cooks pizzas with authentic taste and flavor. Its efficiency also has to do with its maximization of heat more than Regular ovens and also being able to function at a faster rate.

The intense heat gives the pizza a crispy feel on its toppings, allowing the dough to absorb enough vitamins, When cooked in the pizza oven, regular ovens do not add this crisp feel to pizzas.

Furthermore, the cheese toppings on the pizza do not get burnt, unlike in Regular ovens but are absorbed into the pizza when they melt, giving it a smoke-filled taste.

The high temperature also makes the pizza crusty and crunchy, even though the interior remains chewable and soft.

Regular ovens often burn up all the topping and turn it into a very dark brown color.

While the Regular oven uses the bottom for cooking and the top stove for broiling, the Pizza ovens use steady hot air coolers to maintain a maximum temperature when cooking pizzas.

Another striking difference between these two types of ovens is that Pizza ovens are primarily static or stationary because they are made of weighty materials and have thick walls, whereas Regular ovens are mobile and portable.

It is important to note that another obvious difference between the Regular oven and Pizza oven is the amount of heat or energy they both consume when in use.

While a Regular oven can cook well at 540F/280°C, Pizza ovens require far above that from 600°F to 900°F. Besides, Pizza ovens can conveniently cook up to 16 big-sized pizzas, each having enough space to cook well.

Regular ovens often dry out the crust when used in cooking pizza which is not a problem because sometimes it is good to have a little more crunches on your pizza.

Still, they are most likely to dry out the entire crust when cooked for an extended period, making the pizza extremely tough to eat.

It doesn’t always give pizza the much desired moist and chewable interior.

The steel/stone can be preheated on the top shelf for at least 40 minutes to ensure circulation of heat which is always not enough because the heat is never evenly distributed.

Even if it does anyway, it usually consumes time to get the desired temperature.

Another interesting difference between a regular oven and a Pizza oven is the ability to use heavy frying pans for cooking pizzas.

These shallow-sided iron pans are preheated on the stovetop of the oven to achieve a very high temperature, after which the dough is poured in and the pizza toppings added.

Unlike the other cooking methods in a Regular oven, this method cooks pizza well enough to give it some charring and in almost 60 to 120 seconds every time.

Regular ovens do not have a well effective system of controlling hot air. As a result, they are operated mainly by using gas.

When it comes to choosing the best type of oven between a Pizza oven and a Regular oven, many factors are considered, ranging from space, size, and financial abilities.

Let’s quickly look at some of the factors considered when deciding which ovens are the best.

Is A Pizza Oven Better Than A Regular Oven?

Pizza ovens are so hot that you can use them for at least 24 hours more even after use. The reason is that it retains enough heat that you can use them to cook low heat dishes.

However, it is insulated with heavy walls that enable it to retain heat which is why it does not burn up the pizza before it even finishes cooking.

This feature is also the primary reason why Pizza ovens are made from bricks, clay, stone, cob, or even ceramic materials.

On the other hand, regular ovens do not cook pizzas so well, but you should not use them as they take longer to cook.

They use a pizza stone to preheat its interior and make heat transfer easy. Let’s look at some of the factors considered when deciding which ovens are the best.

#1. Time of cooking

Pizza ovens and Regular ovens cook at different temperature ranges, cooking faster than the latter.

If you’re cooking your pizza for restaurant purposes, you can get the pizza ovens, making your business move faster.

Meanwhile, if you’re making pizza at home, it’s best to go with the most budget-friendly one.

#2. Higher temperature

The Pizza ovens have such high temperature that allows heat to be equally distributed in the interior for an extended period.

On the other hand, the regular oven needs more effort to boost the heat levels needed to cook pizza.

The regular oven needs a little bit more time to get fully heated.

#3. Flavor

Most people believe that the authenticity of pizza is when it is cooked in the Pizza oven.

Well, it doesn’t matter if you want to have a nice wrap of pizza and enjoy yourself or if you are cooking for your family and friends.

Regular ovens, when used, can also bring great satisfaction after using them to cook pizza.

Both methods are pretty economical and efficient. It doesn’t require you to spend so much, but this also depends entirely on the size of your oven.

Interestingly, depending on the method you choose to cook pizza, they can run well using wood for cooking.

Amazingly, the Regular oven and Pizza oven allow you to cook other dishes simultaneously when cooking your pizza.

It gives enough space to cook other small dishes in between cooking your pizza, and sometimes, main dishes could be cooked using the ovens.

For example, the Pizza ovens can cook meals well enough for almost 24 hours even after they are not used.

However, this is possible due to its ability to retain heat for a long time. Besides all this, they are both easily available and can be found almost anywhere.

The Pizza oven may be traditional but is relatively easy to construct or set up. Also, you can purchase any Regular oven almost anywhere.

How To Choose Which Is Better For You?

Choosing if something is better for you than another often has a lot to do with individual preferences and tastes.

If you have decided to own one of these ovens after going through some of the similarities and differences, it might be easier to make a choice.

Besides, making this choice has everything to do with your personal preference and taste to avoid purchasing what you may never use.

You can also put other factors into consideration, are such as your income, the size of your home or kitchen, the number of people in your home,

Of course, if it is a restaurant you will undoubtedly have to choose a Pizza oven to make your work less busy and enjoyable. Also, the features of the oven you want to purchase could influence your choice.

Features you should consider :

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Economical
  • Texture
  • Flavor
  • Taste of Pizza cooked in it
  • Cooking Time
  • Cooking Temperature
  • The possible risk or potential hazards associated with using it.


Pizza ovens and Regular ovens are very different in so many ways. But, you can use them to achieve almost the same results when used to cook pizza.

There are differences like sizes, cooking time, temperature,  method of cooking, etc.

Choosing between the two types of ovens is entirely based on individual preferences and how much satisfaction you can have from using them.

A Pizza oven is better than a Regular oven is because it is made specifically for cooking pizzas.

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