How To Cut Pizza into 6, 8, 10, & 12 Slices? (Beginners Guide)

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Over the years, pizza has claimed the ranks with its continually rising daily demand.

The high demand for pizzas today is mostly for homemade pizzas, which require slicing.  

While you cannot go wrong with the cooking process of pizza, cutting the pizza into equal slices could be somewhat of a pain. 

The first step to cutting pizza into any desired slice is to get the right pizza size. Not every pizza size can be sliced into any number of pieces. You can then ascertain the exact slice you want with the right-sized pizza. If the above step is correct, cutting the pizza into equal slices becomes less of a task.

If you are in to get the perfect steps on cutting pizza slices into the required perfect pieces, then this article is your best bet.

Browse through to see how to cut the pizza into any desired sizes.

How Do You Cut a 6 Slices Pizza?

How To Cut Pizza Slices Into 6, 8, 10, or 12 Slices

The first step in cutting pizza into six equal slices is to have the right pizza size. 

Even though it is an unpopular fact, the truth remains that getting the right-sized pizza guarantees perfect slices.

After getting or preparing a pizza, we have the common issue of the pizza slices being too large or too small. 

In most cases, the reason may be that we are slicing off too many pieces from a small-sized pizza or vice versa. 

When slicing pizza into six pieces, two very viable size options will give a perfect slice. 

To get a perfect six slices off a pizza, you can use an 8-inch or 10-inch pizza. The inch measurement is as it relates to the diameter of the pizza.

You can decide of your own volition to use a larger pizza size to get the six pieces slice.

However, be sure that the diameter of the pizza you decide to use isn’t below 8 inches.

The size of the pizza slices you’ll get from the pizza depends on the size of the pizza at hand.

An 8-10-inch sized pizza will produce the perfect and more proportionate slices. Haven’t you gotten the right pizza size for the six-piece slice? 

Here is the trick to slicing the pizza equally.

  • Firstly, slice the pizza into two halves. 
  • Rotate the pizza a little from the first cut. Let’s say one-third of the first cut.
  • Next, cut the pizza diagonally to pass through the middle of the first cut.
  • Finally, locate the middle of all the cuts and make a final cut. 
  • Viola, you’ve got six perfect and equally proportional slices off the pizza.

How To Cut Pizza Into 8 Slices?

Cutting pizza into eight slices means you are ready to entertain a few people.

In this case, you need at least a family-size pizza. Let’s say 12-inches for the perfect eight-slice.

You can opt to use a larger-sized pizza, but the 12-inch-sized pizza gives the best and most proportionate slice ratio.

Below is a step-by-step procedure for getting eight slices of a medium-sized pizza.

  • The trick to getting eight slices is to cut the pizza horizontally into two halves.
  • Rotate the pizza to have the middle of the sliced halves.
  • Next, slice the pizza vertically in the middle giving you a cross-cut. Observe that you have four equal slices already.
  • Now, simple arithmetic will show you that dividing the four equal pieces into two halves will give you eight slices.
  • Proceed to slice the cross-cut diagonally to give you the eight even slices.

How Do You Cut 10 Slices From a Pizza?

As mentioned earlier before, the first step on how to slice pizza begins with getting the right-sized pizza. 

Getting the right pizza size will yield the evenest pieces for every slice you make.

It should be obvious that you’ll require a bigger pizza to get ten equal slices. A small-sized pizza will be difficult to cut, giving you thin slices.

A medium-sized pizza is an ideal size for eight slices and above. It is to say that a medium-sized pizza will serve well for ten slices.

Nevertheless, for the ten perfect slices, bigger is better. For more precision and even slices, use a 14-inch-sized pizza since it is the best size option.

With a 14-inch pizza, you can get the most satisfactory cut of every slice.

One thing to note about cutting ten slices from a pizza is that the precision of the slices largely depends on your expertise. 

10 slices require more slicing; hence it isn’t as easy as cutting four slices. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to cut a pizza into ten even and equal pieces. 

  • As usual, make a straight slice of the pizza dividing it into two halves.
  • Rotate the pizza at an angle of 30 degrees and make a straight cut through the middle of the first cut. You can opt for a custom pizza board set to get the angle mark.
  • Repeat the above step till you meet the first half cut.
  • On counting, you’ll have ten equal and even slices from the pizza crust.

How Do You Cut Pizza Into 12 Slices?

First, get the right-sized pizza. Getting the right pizza size is always the first step to getting proportionate slices from a pizza crust. 

So, cutting a large pizza into about 12 slices is far easier and more accurate with a large pizza than a smaller pizza.

Remember that 12 slices from the pizza mean even more slicing than usual.

Therefore, ensure to always be conscious of the pizza size before slicing the pizza to avoid slicing it into tiny pieces.

Always size up when cutting more slices from a pizza, especially 12 slices. This way, you get a larger slice to enjoy rather than managing off a thin slice.

The most appropriate pizza size to cut off 12 slices of pizza is an 18-inch sized pizza crust.

Below is how to cut 12 slices from an appropriate pizza size.

  • To begin with, cut the pizza in half.
  • Rotate half of the pizza and make a vertical cut giving you a cross-cut shape.
  • Carefully rotate one-quarter of the four slices and divide them into three equal parts.
  • Repeat the same step for the remaining quarters of the slice.
  • Trace the mark cuts from each wedge and cut. 
  • Cut the pizza so one cut meets the other at the opposite end.
  • Haven’t done the slicing; you should have 12 pieces of pizza from that one pizza crust.

What Is The Best Time To Slice Pizza?

The best time to slice a pizza into pieces is the second the pizza is out of the oven.

The slicing may yield a disappointing result no later than that period. There are numerous reasons why the above time happens to be the best.

In cutting pizza into slices, one thing to be cautious about is the ratio of the pizza toppings to the crust.

Slicing the pizza before cooking distorts the pizza’s toppings, and so does cutting it a while after cooking.

While it may cause no harm to you, it is not always appealing to the eyes.

Aside from slicing the pizza at an inappropriate time, another factor that can cause an uneven crust-topping ratio is the pizza slice.

Every slice amount for a pizza has a standard size from which you can get the most even and equal slices.

Below is a table showing how many slices you can get from a particular-sized pizza crust.

Number of Equal SlicesPizza Crust Size (Diameter)
Four slices6 inches
Six slices8 or 10 inches
Eight slices12 inches
Ten slices14 inches
12 slices18 inches


The quest to get an equal pizza slice makes for the difficulty in pizza slicing.

Most of the time, the fault comes from not using the right pizza size for your cut. 

Haven got the right pizza size; the cutting difficulty is halfway solved. All you need to do afterward is to follow the mentioned steps.

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