Does McDonald’s Take 50 And 100 Dollar Bills? (Explained)

McDonald’s is a paradise for food lovers looking for tasty dishes that can be prepared quickly. 

This international network of fast food restaurants has satisfied our needs innumerable times, whether for breakfast or for cravings at late hours. 

Fortunately, they accept many payment methods, including cash. However, some customers have complained about their large bills being rejected. 

So, does McDonald’s have any policy against large bills, especially 50s and 100s?

McDonald’s accepts fifty and hundred dollar bills. As one of the world’s most well-known and ubiquitous fast-food restaurants, McDonald’s has become associated with ease of use, reasonable prices, and speedy service. And they accept many payment forms, including all kinds of dollar bills.

We will cover their acceptance policy of dollar notes, the factors involved, and what you can get at any of their restaurants. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Does McDonald’s Accept 50 and 100 Dollar Bills?

Does McDonald's Take 50 and 100 Dollar Bills

Yes, McDonald’s usually accepts fifty and hundred dollar bills, and you should be able to spend them whenever you visit any of their outlets.

However, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you’re asking the right time for a quick-service restaurant like McDonald’s to accept a fifty or hundred-dollar bill.

First, taking a fifty or hundred dollar note to the cashier when the store opens may not be a good time. Most times, there won’t be enough change to give out. 

There is always minimal cash in their registers at that time, and they will have difficulty making changes from it.

The second step is to ask nicely. Being courteous is a good approach to making such an inquiry, yet some individuals expect things without asking. 

In addition, make sure you inquire before placing your purchase. However, know that your order will not be sent to the kitchen until payment.

It would be impolite to make an order if you can only pay with such a note, so make sure everything is clear between yourself and the cashier before making an order.

Nevertheless, you should also anticipate that they will decline your request, and you must be ready to pay with a credit card.

Finally, do not ask for a cup of coffee. Place an order for a fair quantity of food; this prevents searching for forty-five dollars worth of change due to the order you made. 

If you order food that costs twenty-five dollars, they will be far more inclined to help look for a change than food that costs five dollars.

However, if you find yourself in a position where the cashier does not have enough chance to accept your money, you still have several other options.

Does McDonald’s Accept All Dollar Bills?

Yes, McDonald’s accepts all dollar bills. However, most McDonald’s establishments might not want to accept large dollar bills for several reasons. 

To begin, the cash registers at some locations may not have sufficient amounts of change. Therefore, they do this rather regularly and sometimes switch every four hours. 

Due to the massive number of orders, most customers pay with cards, particularly in a drive-thru.

And by doing this, they sometimes go without needing to give a change to customers, irrespective of the amount. 

Therefore, Most McDonald’s stores accept all dollar bills but might not have excess dollar bills collected from customers.

The second reason is to prevent counterfeiting. They realize that many counterfeit check machines are unreliable. 

In addition, it is always difficult for staff to tell most of the time just by looking at checks given to authenticate their validity.

On the other hand, having management verify the money and make changes takes a significant amount of time, at least in comparison to a typical business transaction.

When you add that to the fact that a few stores are understaffed, it is easy to see why they are reluctant to accept all dollar notes.

Below are other important reasons influencing McDonald’s large bill acceptance;

#1. The Location

The location and the population around the McDonald’s store can affect the policy regarding accepting big bills. 

Certain stores in regions with lower average transaction volumes can refuse to take bigger bills to prevent rapidly running out of smaller notes.

#2. Fraud Protection

Due to the growing number of fake cash in the U.S., many establishments may choose not to accept higher denominations to reduce their risk exposure.

Over time, McDonald’s has recorded cases where cashiers defrauded customers cash.

As a regulation to curb this and prevent further fraud, excess fifty and hundred dollar bills may not be accepted; however, this doesn’t mean they don’t collect it.

#3. Manager’s Discretion

The manager’s discretion and the rules of the particular store will both play a role in determining whether or not the store will accept big amounts.

Although some conditions may affect McDonald’s rules regarding the acceptance of money, it is common for McDonald’s to take bills worth fifty dollars. 

In its busy restaurants, McDonald’s strives to ensure that transactions go through without a hitch and keep a consistent stream of customers coming through the doors. 

However, if you have such a note, verifying this information with the shop or bringing another payment form to complete your order easily is best.

What Can 50 Dollars Get You at Mcdonald’s?

The McDonald’s menu pricing in your area and any active specials or discounts will determine which things you can get for fifty dollars at that particular McDonald’s. 

In addition, most of the items on the menu are between five to twelve dollars; nevertheless, we will still discuss some items you can purchase for fifty dollars.

#1. Combo Meals (Burgers, Fries, and Beverages)

Prices for individual combo meals often vary from five to ten dollars; each combo meal costs an average of seven dollars. 

So you can order seven to eight combo meals for lunch or dinner if you stick strictly to your fifty-dollar budget.

#2. Solo/Individual Items

You can also order more individual snacks from the menu, such as cheeseburgers, smaller orders of fries, and smaller beverages.

Each of these things often ranges between one and three dollars.

#3. Group Meals 

When placing an order for a group, you can select many meals that you can, such as bigger portions of fries, chicken nuggets, and a beverage tray.

You should also be aware that prices differ from one McDonald’s restaurant to another and rely on the current discounts.

Therefore, checking the McDonald’s menu when you get there is essential to get detailed pricing information.

Here are some of McDonald’s popular items and their prices outlined in a table.

Menu ListPrices
Big Mac$9.00
Crispy chicken sandwich$4.79
Crispy chicken sandwich meal$7.99
Double quarter pounder with cheese meal$10.50
40 pieces McNuggets$12.39

What Can 100 Dollars Get You at McDonald’s?

Hundred dollars at McDonald’s can get you similar items as you can get for fifty dollars but with better and higher meal values depending on your region. 

Below are a selection of meal you can get for a hundred dollars at McDonald’s.

#1. Max Combo Meal 

Comparable to a fifty-dollar budget, you can purchase several combination meals for one hundred dollars. 

With a BigMac, which costs nine dollars, you can distribute eleven pieces among peers during an event or outing.

You can also purchase more of each item listed at a discount on the menu. These items can include french fries, Cheeseburger meals, etc.

#2. Family Meals

When placing an order for a bigger party, you can also request the availability of family or group meal choices.

These options often include a selection of burgers, nuggets, sides, and beverages.

#3. Desserts and Snacks

With a budget of a hundred dollars, you could also explore the dessert menu and add apple pies, sundaes, and McFlurries to your order.


Can I Pay With a Gift Card at McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s accepts digital payments from various sources, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other cards.

Can I Make Payments Using the McDonald’s App?

Yes, without a doubt! You can order your meal using the McDonald’s app and then pay for it directly from the app.

Do All McDonald’s Restaurants Follow the Same Cash Policy?

No, the rules regarding the acceptance of cash might vary from one place to another, and they are often up to the discretion of the individual shop manager.

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