Does Arby’s Have Gluten-Free Buns? (Let’s Find Out)

Good Hamburgers go way beyond the meat, cheese, and ingredients. The buns must be just as perfect, giving full delight and satisfaction.  

Arby’s has many clients who love her burgers with quality buns. With the unique taste and flavor it offers, you can’t stop yourself from wanting more after one. 

However, if you’re on a no-gluten diet but craving Arby’s burgers, this article will help you know if they have gluten-free buns. 

Yes, Arby’s has gluten-free buns. Some clients are gluten-intolerant due to diet or medical conditions. Arby’s meets clients’ requests and always ensures matching these demands and diets. There is a standard gluten-free menu with a complete list of no-gluten meals at Arby’s. And fortunately, Arby’s delightful buns make it to this menu. 

Furthermore, I’ll accentuate the type of buns you can get at Arby’s.

In the end, you’ll gain more information about Arby’s buns and choose the best one to purchase to satisfy your cravings.

Can You Get Wheat Buns at Arby’s?

Does Arby's Have Gluten-Free Buns

There are wheat buns available at Arby’s. There are various wheat bun options available on the menu.

All you need to do is pick the one most preferable to you. 

Finding a restaurant that offers a particular meal just how you like is difficult. Well, lucky you! 

For this quest, at least, Arby’s meets the wheat bun requirement.

Arby’s serves their burgers with three different bun options depending on the client’s preference. 

Wheat buns are not so common because many prefer sesame and no-seed buns. That may be why you’re unsure if they have wheat buns at Arby’s. 

Arby’s customers love all three types of buns due to each’s unique qualities. 

The table below contains all three types of buns and their differences. 

Wheat BunsSesame Seed BunsNo seed Buns
Contains no seeds.Contains sesame seeds.Contains no seeds.
There are no gluten-free options for wheat buns.Sesame seed buns have gluten-free options.No-seed buns also have gluten-free options. 
Made strictly from enriched wheat.The gluten-free option contains gluten-free flour.The gluten-free option contains gluten-free flour.

The wheat buns also differ in size, ingredients, or design. 

Here are a few wheat-based bun options available at Arby’s based on the qualities above. 

  • Harvest wheat bun; an already processed bun that contains wheat and other rich ingredients.
  • Mini bun; it is a small size bun that contains wheat. Only the size here differs. 
  • Star-cut bun; this is a wheat-based bun with a star-cut right on top. 
  • Onion bun/roll; the top bun has a unique flavor of onion bits you can see and taste. 

Which Buns at Arby’s Are Gluten-Free?

The gluten-free sesame seed bun and the gluten-free no-seed bun contain zero gluten.

If you’re trying to pick gluten-free bun options at Arby’s, then they fall between these two options. 

Of the three types of buns available at Arby’s, only two of them have gluten-free options.

Wheat buns contain wheat as their major ingredient, and gluten is present in wheat. 

The other two options, however, have gluten-free options. That means that the flour in them is completely gluten-free. 

These gluten-free buns at Arby’s are; 

#1. The Gluten-Free Sesame Seed Buns

These buns are your regular sesame seed buns but with no gluten.

The gluten-free sesame seed buns are made from gluten-free wheat flour hence, have zero gluten content. 

Sesame seed buns are the most common buns available at Arby’s. Many clients prefer it to the other options available because of its sesame seeds. 

The sesame seeds give the buns a very enticing look and a unique flavor. It would be frustrating not to enjoy these buns due to diet restrictions. 

#2. The Gluten-Free No-Seed Buns

These are regular no-seed buns made with gluten-free wheat flour.

If you prefer the no-seed bun but are presently gluten intolerant, this option is available at Arby’s.

The difference between gluten-free buns and buns with gluten is their flour.

While the latter contain enriched wheat flour as their main ingredient, it’s not so for the former.

Arby’s ensures the use of flour that has no gluten for her gluten-free buns.

Also, the buns have a particular oven in which the restaurant makes them, a gluten-free oven. 

How Do You Order Gluten-Free Buns at Arby’s?

To order gluten-free buns at Arby’s, you must tell the waiter you want your buns gluten-free. 

Ensure to say it well enough, so the waiter gets it and doesn’t mess up your order. 

You could also tell the waiter ‘celiac,’ which indicates that you have a medical condition, celiac disease. The waiter knows that you want your buns gluten-free.

Celiac disease is common, so Arby’s has made gluten-free options available.

If you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, you have strict restrictions from consuming gluten. 

Here’s a tip: whenever the waiter brings in your order, ask again to confirm that your buns are gluten-free. It’s way better to be on the safer side. 

Not only are the buns made from gluten-free wheat flour, but they also are toasted in a gluten-free toaster.

That leaves you with zero doubts about your buns being gluten-free. 

Also, if you’re ordering online or on the app, you must indicate that you want gluten-free buns for your burger. 

Once you type out your order and send it, you’ll get your order the way you want it. 

Are There Other Gluten-Free Options at Arby’s?

Yes, there are several other gluten-free options at Arby’s. There is a whole gluten-free menu. How considerate is that? 

So if you’re sad you can’t eat a particular meal anymore because of a no-gluten diet you’re on presently, here’s news to cheer you up. 

The gluten-free menu has about 70% of the foods on the main menu but with zero gluten.

So there’s a high chance of getting your gluten-free meal to suit your diet. 

Here is a list of gluten-free options available on the menu. 

  • Meats: like roast turkey, roast ham, corned beef, Angus beef, e.t.c
  • Condiments: Arby’s sauce, cheddar cheese, horsey sauce, Italian seasoning, ketchup e.t.c
  • Dipping sauces: like tangy barbecue sauce, e.t.c
  • Beverages: Sierra mist, brewed iced tea, e.t.c
  • Shakes: the chocolate shake and the vanilla shake. 
  • Snacks
  • Salads: chopped side salad, e.t.c
  • Breakfast: breakfast bacon, scrambled egg patty, e.t.c

This list shows that the gluten-free menu contains many options, just like the main menu.

So it should be no trouble switching to the gluten-free menu due to your diet. 

You can go through the full gluten-free menu from Arby’s by searching on the app or website. 

Arby’s maintains strict policies like using different cooking equipment for their gluten-free courses. 

Therefore, you do not necessarily have to worry about having a bit of gluten in your meal.

The workers adhere to these policies to ensure their clients have no complaints. 


#1. Are the Curly Fries at Arby’s Gluten-Free?

No, the curly fries at Arby’s are not gluten-free. If you’re gluten intolerant, do make sure to stay clear of Arby’s curly fries. 

#2. Is Arby’s Sauce Gluten-Free?

Yes, Arby’s sauce contains no gluten. There are several gluten-free options at Arby’s; this sauce is one of them.


There are so many cases of celiac disease now, and it’s only right that restaurants in the country make a menu to suit these clients. 

Arby’s now has gluten-free buns for her gluten-intolerant clients. 

Not just are the buns gluten-free, but there’s a complete menu from condiments to beverages and more that are gluten-free at Arby’s.

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