Did They Discontinue Hot Funyuns? (Must Know It)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

Although snacks are commonly lightweight fast foods, they form an essential part of America’s diet. The snack business thrives well in America.

However, there is high competition in the snack market, which is the bedrock of product depletion.

Many processed and packaged snacks appear in several convenience stores. 

Therefore, the gradual depletion of Hot Funyuns in convenience stores makes many snacking fans curious.

Hence, they ask, did they discontinue Hot Funyuns, or will they discontinue them?

No, they did not discontinue Hot Funyuns, and there seems to be no sign of the brand’s discontinuity. Hot Funyuns, on its social media handle, would have informed its snacking fans if it wanted to continue the brand. So Hot Funyuns has only been phased out of the market but might revive in the future.

Are Hot Funyuns Discontinued?

Did They Discontinue Hot Funyuns

No, Hot Funyuns are not discontinued. They only seem to have been run out of the snack market by other trending snacks.

The dwindling supply of Hot Funyuns appears to be causing a commotion in the snack market.

Therefore, this is why some folks raise suspicions like – Hot Funyuns are discontinued.

Some people can’t help but think about the likelihood of not having to consume the chips anymore because the onion-flavored chips have offered nothing but pure pleasure.

But others have taken it upon themselves to broadcast their suspicion.

It would be best if they conduct a proper investigation from the right source rather than concluding from an assumption.

Regardless, there has never been any published report about the discontinuity of the Hot Funyuns brand.

Hot Funyuns revealed on its Twitter handle that it has not gone out of the market.

Still, Hot Funyuns had fewer constructive criticisms and were in good taste. So, there will be no point calling for its sudden and unwarranted extinction.

Like every other business, the snack business seems to be a competitive one. It entails no snack brand is unbeaten and that innovation is key.

Funyuns had dominated the market in its time, and they brought much profit. To this effect, the claims that Hot Funyuns are discontinued are contestable.

Of course, Frito-Lay, Hot Funyuns producer, would have at least announced to Hot Funyuns fans the brand’s discontinuity. Rather than discontinue the product as though it had no fans.

As mentioned earlier about flavors, Frito-Lay still delivers more Funyuns even though other varieties of Funyuns are discontinued. 

Frito-Lay needs no introduction in the snack market. As of 2021, the parent company produced the typical Funyuns and Funyuns Flamin’ Hot.

It would be best to think that the light onion-flavored snacks are outrun and not discontinued. Conceivably, the tasty rings might bounce back sooner or later.

Therefore, the Hot Funyuns fans should put off their poor countenance and embrace hope.

They should relieve themselves of the possibility of the snack brand reviving. 

Which Hot Funyuns Flavors Have Been Discontinued?

Some Funyuns flavors like Wasabi, Chile, and Limon have been discontinued.

You couldn’t imagine how a traditional snack should be and not see Wasabi Funyuns in your imagination.

These snacks carried a strong taste of Wasabi powder. The Wasabi Funyuns proudly basked in Wasabi’s overshadowing taste, which made it unique.

The pack of fried Wasabi was a profitable and delicious product. Sadly, Frito-Lay arrived at the resolution of discontinuing these products. 

The PepsiCo subsidiary launched Steakhouse Onion flavor alongside Chile and Limon flavors but resolved to discontinue them.

Frito-Lay has the discretion to do so, leaving us to think about it.

Perhaps the general public did not pick rapid interest in the products, or the producer was dissatisfied with its production.

The PepsiCo partner produces more Funyuns even though it discontinued other varieties of Funyuns.

As of 2021, the company produced the regular Funyuns and Funyuns Flamin’ Hot.

Is There A Shortage Of Hot Funyuns?

Arguably, it appears that there is no global Hot Funyuns shortage since they are very much available on Amazon

Unfortunately, there seems to be a short supply at the available convenience stores. But it is unfair to overrate the shortage in Funyuns.

Some convenience stores might have a limited supply of Hot Funyuns.

Nonetheless, there is no reason to raise the alarm because the shortage is not severe.

The intermittent shortage is nothing compared to other packaged foods—the likes of Baby Formula, which seems to put its future in doubt.

In the previous earnings calls, PepsiCo didn’t mention that Frito-Lay products had any shortage. But they said that snack demand is skyrocketing fast in the U.S. 

Separated from the hybrid work model, another reason is that the easy availability of snacks also prompts folks to demand more snacks.

#1. Are Hot Funyuns Bad?

Funyuns are exceptionally good not only for a nice taste but also for a healthy life.

The chips are rich in some nutrients necessary for body growth. It contains small amounts of Vitamins A, C, and D.

However, a bag of Funyuns with 13 single stacks of Funyuns contains 270 mg of salt. 

Arguably, it is risky to misuse Hot Funyuns or become unnecessarily addicted to them. The health risks supersede the benefits in this case.

A serving of Funyuns contains a reasonable amount of salt, considering the 1500 mg suggested maximum salt consumption per day. Hot Funyuns have a highly rich salt content.

And an excessive intake of salt will likely cause someone to be hypertensive and have cardiovascular disease.

High salt intake also contributes to edema, renal difficulties, and reduced bone density. But moderate consumption will bring you more benefits. 

#2. Nutrition Facts

The table below contains a comprehensive list of nutrients needed in the body. Interestingly, you can find these nutrients in a serving of Funyuns.

Every serving of Hot Funyuns contains the nutrients specified in the table. Recall that a serving is equal to a bag of Funyuns. 

Sadly, most listed nutrients hold many disadvantages when not properly administered.

Therefore, the table provides hands-on information about their daily intake as well. 

Below are the nutritional facts.

Nutritional FactsMass (g)DV (%)
Total Fat69
Saturated Fat15
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrate196
Dietary Fiber0.52
Total sugars0.5
Added sugars
Vitamin D0
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

How Do Flamin’ Hot Funyuns Taste?

They have a touch of onion flavor but are less consistent than traditional onion rings.

Flamin Hot Funyuns have considerable heat with a spicy taste to complement it.

The flavor is similar to the traditional Funyuns, but the heat is slightly higher. It is a perfect snack to complement your meals. 

Where Can I Get Hot Funyuns In 2022?

You can get Hot Funyuns on Amazon, convenience stores, and other platforms. And if you attempt to purchase on the Frito-Lay website, a message pops up. 

The message explains that Frito-Lay is working diligently to make every product readily available to its fans. 

That’s why a product might be available in the locator, but you won’t see it on the shelf.

The Hot Funyuns producer recommends that consumers order through grocery delivery or call their local store to check.


Funyuns Onion-flavored rings have been snacks to reckon with on the streets of America.

However, despite their taste consistency, their market inconsistency is surprising.

Regardless of the circulated rumors, the nutritious snack has not been discontinued.

Hot Funyuns are only experiencing a mere shortage and have a promising future.

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