Sex On The Beach Dutch Bros: All You Need To Know

Dutch Bros offers various drinks for different demographics. One such drink is Sex on the Beach; it is exotic, tasty, and deserves recognition.

Dutch Bros blends various syrups to produce this drink. This summer cocktail tastes as memorable as its name; a sip is all you need to convince you of its quality.

In this article, I’ll dissect why Sex on the Beach is such a great drink.

Dutch Bros offers a drink with a flavor combination called Sex on the Beach Rebel. This drink has a combination of fruit syrups that light up your taste buds. Orange, pomegranates, and peach are the syrups that create Sex on the Beach Rebel.

Reading on, you’ll find out what ingredients this juicy cocktail contains.

Furthermore, I’ll explain the nutritional benefits of drinking Sex on the Beach Rebel.

You’ll also learn how to order from Dutch Bros as they have special sequences customers follow.

What Is the Dutch Bros Sex on the Beach Rebel?

Sex on the Beach Dutch Bros

Sex on the beach Rebel is the name given to one of the Dutch Bros’ flavor combinations.

At Dutch Bros, drinks have names based on their flavor combinations.

Dutch Bros makes this drink with three Torani fruit syrups. Each of these flavors is unique and adds distinct quality to the drink. 

The flavors in Sex on the Beach Syrup include; orange, pomegranate, and peach. These flavors combine to provide a delicately sweet drink. 

Torani fruit syrups are rich in quality and nutrients, providing customers with a satisfying taste. 

Once you order Sex on the Beach, the baristas (Dutch Bros servers) will concoct it. The drink will feature all three flavors mentioned above.

What Does Dutch Bros Sex on the Beach Contain?

Sex on the Beach Rebel from Dutch Bros contains Torani fruit syrups. These fruit syrups include;

  • Peach syrup
  • Pomegranate syrup
  • Orange syrup

Let’s look at these syrups and what they offer to your health.

#1. Peach Syrup

Torani peach syrup is a product of peaches. Peaches are mostly sweet fruits, with some having an acidic taste.

However, Torani peach syrups are of the highest quality. The syrup contains natural flavors preserved by sodium benzoate.

Cane sugar and caramel color are also present in the syrup, making it peachier than most syrup. 

Peach contains antioxidants that help build immunity and reduce heart disease. Also, their low-calorie count shouldn’t have you worrying about obesity.

The compounds and vitamins in peaches help build blood. Torani peach syrups are of the highest quality in taste and nutritional benefits. 

Dutch Bros knows how unique Torani syrup is, and that’s why they use it for their drinks.

#2. Pomegranate Syrup

Torani has expertly produced pomegranate flavor in this deep red syrup. Pomegranate fruits taste tart, giving the syrup a sharp, pleasant flavor. 

It offers the right sweetness and doesn’t overshadow other mixed flavors.

The syrup contains natural flavors, refined cane sugar, water, and some caramel color. 

Sodium Benzoate wholly preserves the above ingredients and keeps them fresh.

Pomegranate fruits contain anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants that can help prevent cancer.

The vitamins in pomegranates are important for blood clotting in the body.

Magnesium is another component that regulates glucose levels and blood pressure.

You can see why Dutch Bros include this syrup in their cocktail with these benefits.

#3. Orange Syrup

Torani makes this syrup from Valencia oranges. Valencia oranges have one of the most flavorful juices among oranges.

This attribute helps make this orange syrup special. Water, Potassium Sorbate, and cane sugar are some of the ingredients.

The syrup also features preservatives to ensure that the syrup’s sweet taste lingers.

Since this syrup comes from high-quality oranges, you’ll enjoy the health benefits orange provides. 

The vitamins in orange can fight off the production of cancer-causing free radicals.

Skin health also improves, as well as enjoying essential minerals that are vital for body growth.

A cup of Sex on the Beach Rebel has so much nutritional value. This attribute is due to the usage of these Torani fruit syrups. 

How Do You Order Sex on the Beach Rebel From Dutch Bros?

You can go to any Dutch Bros outlet to order Sex on the Beach. Dutch Bros emphasize flavor combinations, and Sex on the Beach combines three flavors.

However, there’s a proposed sequence to use at Dutch Bros when ordering a drink. The sequence is as follows;

  • Size
  • Nature of the drink
  • Flavor combination
  • Kind of drink
  • Extras and variations

#1. Size and Nature of the Drink

You can get large, small, and medium drinks for kids at Dutch Bros. The sizes are also dependent on the nature of the drink. 

It simply means that there’s a corresponding size for every type of drink. The table below reflects this point;

Small 16 ounces16 ounces12 ounces
Medium 24 ounces24 ounces16 ounces
Large 32 ounces32 ounces20 ounces

For kid-sized drinks, Dutch Bros offer them at 10 ounces. The nature of the drink emphasizes if the drink is iced, hot, or blended.

Their meanings are below.

#1. Iced:

When you order an iced drink, you ask for a drink prepared using cold liquid. The server also pours the drink over ice.

#2. Hot:

Ordering a hot drink means you want a drink made using warm liquids and free of ice.

#3. Blended:

This drink blends with blocks of ice to make a drink akin to a smoothie.

#2. Flavor Combination

Dutch Bros’ drinks have varieties of flavor combinations. Once you know a combination, you can demand the drink.

This point is where you mention the Sex on the Beach drink. The broista will know what drink you want and prepare it dutifully.

Each flavored syrup (orange, peach, and pomegranate) will combine to create Sex on the Beach.

#3. Kind of Drink

The kind of drink mostly concerns lattes, teas, breve, and soda.

Sex on the Beach is a rebel drink; once you order it, you don’t need to specify the kind of drink. 

#4. Extras and Variations

You can have different flavors included in your drink. However, you can experiment by adding any other flavor you fancy.

This part also mostly applies to coffee and tea. You can layer your drinks by mentioning any of the different available styles.

For instance, avalanche style adds ounces of milkshakes to the drink. 

Picture perfect is a style that drizzles caramel and chocolate over your cup and is crowned using whipped cream. 

Mafia style, on the other hand, adds espresso shots and sweetness to your cup. You can choose any styling you want if you’re comfortable with the taste.

The above sequence is how you order at Dutch Bros. Therefore, you can research their flavors and styles, so next time you’re ordering, you can try a new taste.

Dutch Bros Sex on the Beach Rebel Reviews

Few customers have chosen Sex on the Beach Rebel as their favorite drink from Dutch Bros.

Despite the numerous flavor combinations by Dutch Bros, this drink has stood out to some.

A customer hopped on Twitter to describe the drink as “fire .” Another says it tastes like heaven

A Facebook user also shared her delight at combining Sex on the Beach with watermelon.

With the flavors used to prepare this drink, it’s almost impossible not to like it. 

The sweet flavors melt into the tongue and linger there, ensuring your taste buds never forget it.

You can also introduce other fruit flavors into the drink to mix up the taste. Through experimenting, you might discover an even better flavor combination.


Sex on the Beach is a drink by Dutch Bros with three flavors. Peach, orange, and pomegranate are the flavors that make this drink special.

These flavors shine due to the high quality of Torani fruit syrups.

The syrups combine to produce Sex on the Beach Rebel, adored and well-received by many customers.

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