Do You Need To Season Ooni Pizza Oven? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:21 pm

Before preparing to make pizza or any of your favorite homemade dishes using your Ooni oven, the thought of seasoning your oven should come to mind.

The questions about the need to season Ooni ovens have been quite alarming recently.

Is there a need to season my Ooni oven or not? What is the importance of seasoning my Ooni oven?

How do I go about seasoning my Ooni oven? Is seasoning my Ooni oven worth the time spent?

Yes! You need to season your Ooni oven, especially before the first use. It would help season your Ooni oven to burn paint coatings and other oily remnants from the manufacturing process. So do well to strengthen your Ooni oven according to how the manufacturers recommended it in its instructions manual.

Do You Need To Season Ooni Koda?

ooni koda

Yes, before you start using the Ooni Koda oven for the first time, you must season it, as it is also a part of its maintenance practice alongside other reasons.

Though seasoning the Ooni oven might be time-consuming, it is for sure worth the time that you will spend through the process.

Seasoning your Ooni Koda pizza oven is quite important because it accentuates its functionality and extends its lifespan.

Although the oven still works well even without the seasoning, it is always better to carry out this activity.

At the instant of obtaining your Ooni Koda oven, I would recommend that you run your Ooni Koda oven at its top and highest temperature setting for a minimum of about 25 – 30 minutes before allowing it to cool down slowly.

Contained in every Ooni oven instructions manual are the customized step-by-step procedures of Ooni oven seasoning.

Do well to follow the instructions manual’s guide as they were given for a purpose.

The reason behind seasoning before usage is for one’s good.

You should season your Ooni so that all the paints, coatings, and any oily chemical substance that might have been used during the process of its manufacturing can be removed.

Plus, to get your delicious and cheesy homemade dishes ready within the shortest period possible, your Ooni oven must be accustomed to working at a very high temperature for a very long time.

So do well to season your Ooni Koda before using it for the first time.

Additionally, seasoning your Ooni Koda oven before first-time usage will allow for its optimum operation.

Running your Ooni Koda at such a high temperature for such a length of time allows your oven to function at its best level.

In addition, your oven will be able to work at that high temperature for even a longer period because it has been seasoned, just as you are always recommended to charge a new phone before usage for optimum functionality fully.

On the other hand, seasoning the Ooni Koda oven will go a long way health-wise.

You must heat your oven before every use to kill any bacteria that may likely be found there due to the little crumbs and pies left during the last use.

This will go a long way in avoiding common illnesses and diseases. Cleaning your oven thoroughly is a perfect practice, but seasoning is the best.

How Do I Season My Ooni Oven?

ooni oven

Seasoning an Ooni oven is simply the process of heating the Ooni oven to its highest temperature setting for a particular period to remove unwanted remnants before using it.

The best way to season any Ooni oven for the first time before its use is by checking and following the laid down instructions on the seasoning of that particular Ooni oven as stated in the instructions manual since there are different types of Ooni available and they come in diverse models.

Although the general seasoning method is simply by heating; therefore, to season your Ooni oven, heat the Ooni oven to its highest and topmost temperature level for about 30 minutes.

Furthermore, you should then allow it to cool down slowly, after which you can wipe off all the ashes and any other stain with a dry towel.

However, if you had used the Ooni before and kept it for an extended period without usage, be sure to scrape away any remaining ash off the baking stone and wipe them off using a dry paper towel.

You should then turn on your Ooni oven to the highest temperature setting for at least 15 – 20 minutes before you can continue to use it.

The time frame to season your Ooni oven is strictly dependent on the type and model of oven you have.

On the other hand, this depends on what fuels the oven in the long run.

That is to say that the time length cannot be precisely determined. However, there is a general notion that it spans within the time frame of about 30 minutes at least.

This is the period which regular users and professionals have noticed to bring out the maximum effect when seasoned within.

An Ooni using 100% hardwood pellets will take about 15 – 20 minutes to reach its maximum temperature.

An Ooni Koda 12 will reach its highest temperature in about 15 minutes powered by a gas tank, while an Ooni Koda pro model, which is more versatile, will take a lot less time to reach its highest temperature.

This is just the time it takes to reach its highest temperature before talking about seasoning.

Well, on a general note, to season an Ooni oven, you should run it for at least 30 minutes at its highest temperature settings.

Therefore, I am at liberty to say that it would take at least 30 minutes to season your Ooni oven properly.

How Do I Season My Ooni Grill Pan?

Seasoning your Ooni grill pan before using it is a very good practice to imbibe. Seasoning your Ooni grill pan is as comparatively important as seasoning your Ooni oven itself.

This is because the grill pan works in unison with the oven, so whatever directly affects the pan affects the oven as well.

You can follow the following steps to season your Ooni grill pan.

  • Wash and dry your pan thoroughly to avoid dust and other stains from the grill pan.
  • Lightly pour some vegetable oil or your cooking oil over the inside of the pan.
  • Place the pan upside down on the foil and season in an electric oven at about 200 degrees Celsius for about an hour. This will allow the pan to easily conduct heat more rapidly and efficiently on the next use.
  • Then allow the pan to cool off, after which you can then clean neatly with a clean, dry towel.


Never count it as a waste of precious time whenever you are set to season your Ooni Koda oven because the need to season the Ooni oven cannot be overemphasized.

On a general note, seasoning the Ooni Koda oven before every use is good practice.

For maintenance and other reasons, it is very important that before using any Ooni oven, you should take out time to season it no matter how time-consuming the process may seem.


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