Can You Eat Pizza Rolls With Braces? (Read This First)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Many questions will run through your mind when you intend to get braces; one of such questions is the kind of food to eat.

This question is as important as it sounds because, while you have the thoughts of protecting your braces, you don’t want to, in turn, miss out on your favorite meals.

Many people have pizza as a staple part of their diet, and it is only sensible to consider the kind of foods to eat with braces to avoid any possibility of decayed teeth after removing your braces.

Consequently, can you eat pizza rolls with braces?

Yes, you can eat pizza rolls with braces; while this is possible, you will have to find ways to put less pressure on your braces to avoid causing damage to the construction and keep your teeth in good health.

Can You Eat Pizza Rolls With Braces On?

Eat Pizza Rolls With Braces

Yes, you can eat pizza rolls with braces on, although to completely enjoy your pizza, there are various things you must do to protect your braces.

Dental hygiene is very crucial, and when you are wearing braces, it is twice more important.

As such, you must do everything possible not to damage your braces and also protect your tooth from potential decay.

Braces align a person’s teeth and bite; gradually, they assist teeth in return to normal positioning.

Traditional metal braces are the most popular; they are generally stronger, durable, affordable, versatile, and fast-acting.

Some benefits of wearing braces include: 

  • Braces correct crowding and strengthen teeth.
  • Braces also help in the positioning of the front teeth and back teeth to become more evenly.
  • Also, braces cut down the chance of damage to prominent teeth.
  • Braces help prevent gum decay.
  • Also, braces prevent tooth erosion and aid proper digestion.

While you can eat pizza rolls with braces on, it is also essential that you protect your braces from any possible damage.

And some of the ways through which you can protect your braces include the following:

  • Make sure to avoid chewy and hard food.
  • Kids with braces, so ensure to wear mouth guards while playing.
  • Ensure to seek help immediately if you suspect any damages.
  • Make sure to attend all appointments.
  • Rinse your mouth after eating, brush and floss at least after an hour after eating.

How To Eat Pizza Rolls With New Braces?

Once you get new braces, you can’t eat just any pizza; you must be willing to go out of your way to ensure its maintenance and the general health of your teeth.

Eating pizza incorrectly with braces will lead to wires bending or popping the rubber bands.

When you get new braces, you should consider the following.

  • Ensure you go for soft toppings which are not stringy, as this can get stuck in your braces. Veggie toppings are safe, while overcooked pepperoni toppings are too tough.
  • Always consider soft crust pizza; crunchy or tough crust can break your braces.
  • To avoid pizza getting stuck in your front teeth while chewing with your braces, always eat your pizza in small pieces.
  • You should do well to avoid anything sticky on your pizza.
  • Even after making sure you eat your pizza in small pieces, ensure to brush and floss your teeth after eating.

The idea is to ensure you are very careful while eating with braces, as you don’t want to disrupt the correction process and pose your teeth in danger.

Generally, having gaps between your teeth creates more room for them to decay; even when you wear clear aligners, the efficiency of your hygiene is more important than you think.

What Happens If You Eat Pizza Rolls With Braces? 

It is essential to consider all the risks of eating pizza rolls with braces is essential. Some foods threaten people wearing braces, and it is advisable to resist such foods.

Pizza has different elements, which can affect the braces differently. The crust, the cheese, and also the toppings, all of these affect the braces differently.

Depending on the kind of pizza you eat and how you eat your pizza with braces, know that your braces are at risk of being damaged.

The failure to care for your braces has costly effects and can cause tooth decay and possibly prolonged usage of your braces.

Therefore, it would help if you gave all the attention needed in caring for your braces to avoid any dental issues.

While nothing terrible will happen when you eat pizza rolls with braces, eating pizza that has a hard crust or is made up of too much cheese can cause your braces to break.

Also, when you add too many sticky toppings to your pizza, they can get stuck in your braces, causing damage to your braces and your teeth.

As such, you should always ensure to brush after you eat pizza with braces.

Can You Eat Totino’s Pizza Rolls With Braces?

Yes, you can eat Totino’s pizza rolls with braces; you have to ensure it is soft enough to avoid any harm to your braces and your general oral hygiene state.

While pizza can have a tough, thin or soft crust, you can almost place a special order and request a pizza with a soft crust due to your condition.

After you get braces, there is a total need for dietary changes to make sure you don’t have brackets coming off.

However, since pizza is one of the most sort after meals, you can always be sure of having cravings which is entirely normal.

So do not worry; you have to consider essential factors before placing an order for a pizza, and you will be good to do.

Pizza lovers are free to make orders of Totino’s pizza rolls, even when they get braces, because you can easily choose the content of your pizza and how you must prepare it.

However, with your braces on, you must remember that it is ultimately essential to be on top of your situation to avoid further dental complications.

What Kind Of Pizza Can You Eat With Braces?

The kind of pizza you eat with braces is essential, as it will break or make your braces.

It is important to note that it is very easy for any food to get stuck between your teeth and the metal when you get braces.

Now, it invariably increases your risk of tooth decay and even gingivitis. You should also note that some toppings will get stuck more easily can others.

Ensure to go for a pizza with a thicker crust always, as a thin-crust pizza or any tough crust pizza can damage your braces when chewing and further make room for particles to get stuck between your teeth and the brackets.

Also, your toppings should come in small pieces with slices that don’t have thick, chewy skin, as this can also cause a break of your braces.

You must do everything within your reach to do away with chewing hard and sticky foods.

Some foods to avoid when you have braces are nuts, popcorn, potato chips, hard candies, corn on the cob, gum, sticky candies, and ice cubes. These items can easily break braces. You may read more about Jolly Ranchers.


Having braces does not automatically mean you will have to give up your favorite meals. For example, with pizza, once you make the right choices, you can eat pizza with your braces on.

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