Bread Flour Protein Content By Brand! (Top 10 US Brands)

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Bakers often derive maximum satisfaction in the outcome of delicious loaves of bread that taste delightful.

This outcome exists due to the content of protein in the bread flour. 

However, many brands that manufacture bread flour usually harbor different amounts of protein.

Some brands have a high protein content, while others have a low protein content. 

Look at some brands that manufacture bread flour and its protein content. 

Great River Organic Bread Flour contains 14% protein, King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour has 12.7% protein, and Pillsbury Best Bread Flour contains 12% protein. Furthermore, White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour harbors 13.3%, Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour has 13% protein, and Gold Medal Bread Flour contains 13.3% protein. 

In this article, I’ll accentuate the protein content of the US’s top ten bread flour brands.

In the end, you’ll gain more insight into the bread flour brands and make the best choice for yourself. 

Protein Content of the Top 10 Bread Flour Brands In the US

Bread Flour Protein Content By Brand 

When baking tasty bread, you want to work with bread flour with high protein content.

For this purpose, you must look for bread flour brands with high protein content. 

The flour’s amount of protein affects the bread’s overall texture, viscoelasticity, loaf volume, and cohesiveness. 

However, not all bread flour brands in the US contain the same amount of protein, as the amount of protein varies from brand to brand. 

Nevertheless, I’ll highlight the protein content of the US’s top ten bread flour brands.

This way, you can critically scrutinize the brands and choose the best to patronize. 

Here are the top ten bread flour brands in the US with high protein content. 

#1. Great River Organic Bread Flour 

The bread flour of the Great River Organic brand contains 14% of protein.

This brand manufactures products that are 100% organic and have high nutritional value. 

For instance, bread flour contains hard red spring wheat. The wheat undergoes proper milling and produces fine flour ideal for baking tasty bread. 

Due to this flour’s high protein content, your dough rises to give you an appealing shape and texture.

Furthermore, it doesn’t harbor harmful ingredients and is safe for consumption. 

The best part is that you can use the bread flour to bake pizzas, pies, and cookies. This bread flour is available at Walmart, Amazon, and other stores. 

Additionally, this brand’s bread flour has been authorized by QAI & Kosher. It has also been approved by USDA organic. 

#2. King Arthur Unbleached Bread Flour 

This brand of bread flour has approximately 12.7% protein.

This flour contains ingredients highly rich in nutrients that are beneficial for health-conscious bakers. 

The flour easily rises and provides a fine texture due to its high protein content.

The bread flour of this brand is one of the bakers’ favorites as it produces chewy, soft, and delicious bread. 

You can also experiment in your kitchen by mixing this bread flour with other flour to produce amazing results. 

Apart from manufacturing luscious loaves of bread, you can make pizza crusts and biscuits with flour. 

This brand’s high quality and consistency keep customers trooping in for continuous purchases. 

Furthermore, its bread flour has been certified by USDA organic and ratified by Kosher.

You can visit any nearby supermarket or superstore to purchase the quantity you desire. 

#3. White Lily Unbleached Bread Flour 

This brand’s bread flour contains 13.3% of protein. White Lily is one brand that manufactures the finest products in high quality. 

The bread flour rises effortlessly, giving the dough a fine texture and shape. You can preserve this flour for one year from the day of purchase

You can extend its shelf life with adequate care and the right temperature conditions.

Plus, it contains nutrients that enrich the body with Vitamin C and potassium. 

You can also utilize this bread flour to bake pizza crusta, biscuits, and rolls.

In addition, this bread flour of White Lily has been approved by Kosher.  Therefore, you can get it in any store of your choice. 

#4. Bob’s Red Mill Artisan Bread Flour 

The bread flour of Bob’s Red Mill has 13% protein. This bread flour is unique and one of the bakers’ favorites. It combines artisan flour and malted barley flour

The malted barley flour is the game changer in this mixture, giving the entire flour a rich flavor.

It also increases the texture, size, aroma, and taste of your bread. The taste is so heavenly that it makes you melt with just a bite.

This brand lives up to its name as it maintains its quality, much to the delight of many customers. 

The bread taste is just right to suit the taste buds of every bread enthusiast. 

Plus, it’s best for anything you want to bake, whether it’s sourdough bread, regular bread, flatbreads, bagels, or pizzas. 

#5. Pillsbury Best Bread Flour 

This brand’s bread flour has roughly 12% protein. Pillsbury is one brand that offers different varieties of flour. 

Apart from bread flour, they produce all-purpose and self-rising flours. Bread flour has high nutritional benefits. 

Plus, the dough rises effortlessly due to its high protein content.

You can make biscuits, cookies, and pizzas with this bread flour. Furthermore, you can purchase bread flour at affordable prices. 

#6. Gold Medal Bread Flour 

This brand of bread flour is one of the finest creations in the United States. The bread flour usually contains roughly 13.3% of protein. 

Gold Medal bread flour is always in high demand by many customers. 

According to statistics in 2020 by U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), approximately 148.69 million Americans utilized Gold Medal flour. 

Your bread or pizza dough will have trouble rising with this flour in full swing. You can bake pies, biscuits, pizza crusts, and bagels with this bread flour. 

With its massive popularity, you’ll not have trouble purchasing it in supermarkets or superstores. 

#7. Robin Hood Bread Flour 

The bread flour of the brand harbors 13.3% of protein. This brand goes out of its way to satisfy the customers’ needs as it offers different varieties of flour. 

It also manufactures all-purpose, cake, and pastry flours. You can find the uniqueness of this brand in its mixture of hard red spring wheat and soft winter wheat. 

This combination increases its versatility and gives each dough a delicious taste and lingering aroma. 

You can bake almost anything with this flour, from bread to cookies. So you can purchase the flour and experiment with different recipes in your kitchen. 

#8. War Eagle Mill Bread Flour 

This brand’s bread flour has 12.5% protein. The bread flour increases the bread dough’s taste, size, and shape. 

With full utilization of this flour, your dough will rise effortlessly and bake properly. You can use this flour to bake your bread, cookies, and biscuits. 

#9. Giusto’s High Performer High Protein Unbleached Bread Flour

The bread flour of this brand has 13.5% of protein. The dough rises easily due to its high amount of protein.

Giusto is also one of the best bread flour brands in the United States. The bread flour is best for many loaves of bread, pizza, and cookie recipes.

You can purchase the flour at Walmart or Amazon. Furthermore, the bread flour has been certified by USDA organic. 

#10. Cairnspring Mills Organic Espresso Bread Flour

This brand’s bread flour contains roughly 13.8% protein. Cairnspring Mills manufactures other varieties of flour, such as all-purpose. 

Although it might not be as popular as the Gold Medal, it’s still used by the best bakers in the United States. 

You can use this bread flour to bake cookies, sourdough bread, and pizzas. Additionally, USDA organic has certified it; you can purchase it at any store. 

What Is the Minimum Protein Content Bread Flour Should Have? 

Bread flour should have a minimum protein content of 12-14%. The protein content of bread flour is crucial when baking bread. 

The reason is pretty easy to decipher! Protein forms an essential part of bread flour as it generates the production of gluten. 

The gluten further performs its function by enabling the elasticity of the bread.

So, in other words, the higher the protein content, the higher the elasticity of the bread. However, not every bread flour you see has the same amount of protein.

There are tons of brands that make bread flour, each with specific protein content. Before purchasing any bread flour brand, you must consider certain factors. 

Below are some of them; 

#1. Size:

Most bread flour brands usually produce different sizes, from small, medium, and large.  So, ensure to pick the best size for you. 

#2. Quality:

The bread flour quality is of utmost importance. Hence, it’s best to patronize a brand that manufactures high-quality bread flour.

#3. Price:

The cost of every size of bread flour from brands matters as it helps you to budget properly.

Settle for a brand that meets your budget but maintains high quality. 

#4. Protein and gluten content:

This depends on the purpose of the bread flour. If you plan to use it for baking bread, your best bet is to get bread flour with high protein content. 

These factors are crucial as they help you to make the best choice out of the multiple brands in the market. 

Does the Protein Content of Bread Flour Determine Its Quality? 

The protein content of bread flour determines its quality. Bread flour with low protein content doesn’t contain the same quality as high content. 

With a low protein content, the bread will not be chewy and elastic and won’t absorb water easily. 

However, bread flour with high protein has the following qualities;

  • Water absorption
  • Viscoelasticity
  • Cohesiveness
  • Texture 
  • Crumb grain 
  • Loaf volume 
  • Strength 

In addition, bread flour with high protein has many nutrients that promote good health. 

The table below contains some nutritional facts about bread flour.

Nutritional Facts Amount In Grams 
Protein 12.91 g
Carbohydrates95.3 g
Fat 1.22 g
Fiber 3.1 g 
Sugar 1.3 g 


You can choose from multiple bread flour brands, from the popular Gold Medal to the unique Bob’s Red Mill. 

Nonetheless, you must consider a few factors like quality, price, size, and protein & gluten content to make the best choice. 

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