Busiest Pizza Day Of The Year

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Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the fast-food world. Due to its constant patronage, chain pizza stores and local pizza restaurants are usually the busiest food business in the United States.

If you plan on ordering pie during celebrations like Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, you might not receive your pizza on time.

Usually, your order might not arrive because celebration day is often the top busiest day for pizza franchises. 

Super Bowl is the busiest pizza day for chain pizza stores and local pizza restaurants. This is the top busiest pizza purchasing day, with the others being New year’s day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Eve. 

What Day of the Year Are the Most Pizzas Ordered?

Busiest Pizza Day of the Year

Super Bowl Sunday is the number one day of the year people order pizzas. As a result, the game day has the highest number of pizza sales across the country.

Other busy pizza days include Halloween and Thanksgiving Eve. 

On an average Super Bowl pizza sales day, pizzerias in the United States usually get a 35 percent rise in pizza sales, making Super Bowl Sunday the top busiest pizza day in America.

Local pizza restaurants sell about five billion pizzas yearly, and three out of these five billion pizzas are sold in the U.S.

The National Football League has partnered with three pizzerias since 2010 to cater to football fans during the Super Bowl games.

Its first sponsorship was with Papa John’s from 2010 to 2018 and Pizza Hut from 2018 to 2021.

The NFL’s recent sponsorship started last year with Little Ceaser and is still ongoing. 

What Are the Top Five Pizza Sale Days in the United States?            

The five busiest pizza sales days are Super Bowl, New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Eve,  Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

During these celebration days, local pizza restaurants offer discounts to their customers, as they also get massive sales. However, you might not be able to get your pizza order if you do not order early enough. 

According to the American Pizza Community, the biggest eating holiday is Thanksgiving, sometimes topping Super Bowl sales. However, the game attracts about 100 million viewers every year. 

Though you might not be taking part in a Super Bowl party from the stadium, you could watch from the comfort of your home with your family, with a pizza.

Pizzas are convenient and great hot-and-ready fast foods, especially for celebrations.

If you want to enjoy this fast food during these busiest pizza days, it is advisable to order and pick it up early to avoid getting missed in a rush.

As celebration days draw closer, top chain pizzerias and local pizza restaurants make extra efforts like increasing ingredient orders and adding more working staff to prepare for these busy sale days. 

Sights like kids and teens dressing up in costumes and going around collecting candy or partying is not the only thing you might notice on Halloween.

You would also note the pizza delivery people delivering a pizza box to different homes across the States.

This is one of their top busiest days because people would be busy preparing to receive visitors, decorating, or preparing meals for the Halloween celebration.

Thanksgiving Eve is also another top busiest pizza day for pizzeria company workers.

This is because most people do not want to cook the day before the next day, which is the Thanksgiving celebration day.

So on Thanksgiving night, families would instead purchase a convenient, low-priced, and delicious fast meal while preparing for the next day.

The demand for fast and convenient food a day before Thanksgiving spikes the number of pizza sales on Thanksgiving eve.

Because of the high demand, local pizza restaurants offer pizza discount pizza deals during this period to increase the influx of new customers to the company and get more pizza sales.

In addition, top chain pizza stores sell about 1.2 million pizza boxes on these celebration days and occasionally more on Super Bowl game days.

The following are the reasons people consume more pies on celebration days: 

  • Convenience – Pizza is a convenient snack you can take anywhere anytime– if there’s a store close by, though, especially during a holiday.
  • Flexibility – You can take your pie to a diner, at home, or in your car.
  • Togetherness – During celebrations, eating pizza brings families and friends together due to the communal style of sharing the meal. 
  • Customizable – You could also select from different flavors of your choice ranging from vegan to meat-flavored crusts.

Halloween and Thanksgiving are also busy pizza days, but Super Bowl Sunday has higher sales and is the busiest pizza day across the country.

Here are some tips to get your order ready in time for the games:

  • Order online if you can because this will save you time and trouble going through the normal ordering process.
  • If it is impossible to order online, call ahead of the game or before rush hour to get your order on time.
  • If you can, try to pick up your order yourself to avoid waiting too long. For example, you could swing by a pizza store, order, and wait for your order to get ready. Once you pick up your order, you will not have to wait for so long to get a pie from delivery.
  • Always look out for pizza deals when purchasing pizza dishes for the Super Bowl.

The American Pizza Community is a coalition of most pizza companies. According to the American Pizza Community, people ordered 13 million pizzas on Super Bowl Sunday in 2021.

Domino’s sold 11 million pizza slices and Pizza Hut 1.4 million pizzas that same day.

What is the Top-selling Pizza Chain in the United States?            

The top-selling pizza chain in the U.S is Domino’s Pizza, with Little Caesars and Pizza Hut following behind.

The pizza franchise has expanded across the country with different brands, both top chain and local pizza restaurants opening almost every three months. 

#1. Domino’s Pizza 

Domino’s Pizza has annual sales of $17.8 billion. It is the top-selling pizza franchise in the world, with over 15,900 stores worldwide.

They also sell ingredients for pizza to other local pizza restaurants and chain stores.

#2. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is also very popular in the United States. The founders, the Carney brothers, started the pizzeria since there was no pizza store in their Texas community.

Pizza Hut generates $13 billion yearly, with 18,703 stores across the country.

#3. Little Caesars

Among the three top pizza franchises, Little Caesars is the most affordable and has the fastest delivery. This gives it a competitive edge over other pizzerias.

It is in Detroit, Michigan, and generates gross annual sales of over $4 billion yearly. 

Domino’s Pizza’s Busiest Delivery Day of the Year:            

The busiest delivery day of the year for Domino’s Pizza is the Super Bowl. On the game day, most fans watch the game at home to adhere to the COVID-19 precautions.

As a result, domino’s Pizza delivers over 11 million pizza slices across the country. This is an 80 percent increase from the regular Sunday pizza delivery. 

The pizza chain also uses trackers to allow customers easy order and delivery requests. It also helps them organize their sales on their busiest pizza delivery day.

Domino’s Pizza Busiest Day of the Year: 

Domino’s busiest day of the year is on Thanksgiving Eve. Families would sooner buy pizza for the whole family than cook before Thanksgiving day.

This increases sales and therefore gets the franchise working almost all week to meet the Pizza orders across the country. 

They also send pizzas to U.S military camps around the world. In addition, domino’s delivers over 1.1 million pizzas to different homes in the United States.


Super Bowl Sunday is the busiest pizza day of the year because most football fans like watching the game with a pizza ready.

Other top busiest pizza days include the day before Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the New year’s period.

Since it is a hectic delivery day, order and get your pizza earlier to avoid missing out on your pizza order.

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