Does Arby’s Have Smoothies? (Let’s Find Out)

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Arby’s is a popular American restaurant known for its well-defined menu.

Arby’s divided its menu into sandwiches, side salads and snacks, chicken, beverages, and desserts.

However, even with the varieties of desserts, beverages, and other varieties of food, they can’t cover all the kinds of food people need. 

Therefore, one may ask, does Arby’s have smoothies? To find out this and many other things related to Arby’s and the type of shakes they offer, read this article to the end. 

Even with its different shakes tastes, Arby’s doesn’t offer smoothies. The reason is that not all times are smoothies considered desserts. Sometimes they are considered just fruit. Likewise, the brand identity of Arby’s is that they don’t sell any fruit. Therefore, having a smoothie should be considered an outside job.

Does Arby’s Have Strawberry Smoothies? 

Does Arby’s Have Smoothies

Strawberry smoothie is among the perfect drinks offered at Arby’s. It’s a fruity, creamy, and highly reviving drink that’ll be much more enjoyable when taken on sunny days.

The combination of strawberry and milk gives it a fantastic flavor to savor. Hence, making it a popular and delightful drink. 

Furthermore, a strawberry smoothie is good for your health because strawberries are rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.

They are among the top 20 fruits richest in antioxidants. A serving of strawberries (about eight berries) contains more vitamin C than an orange.

Not only but also, the strawberry smoothie is great even for children who are not so fond of strawberries.

For its part, strawberries provide the body with fiber, magnesium, manganese, potassium, vitamin C, B, and folic acid.

A Strawberry smoothie is a great example of a drink that can help us maintain our body health.

Find here the main nutrients that are obtainable by drinking this smoothie. Among the main nutrients that strawberry smoothie contains is vitamin C. 

The strawberry is among the fruits that provide the most of this vitamin. In addition to how good strawberry smoothie is, this light shake is a treat because:

  • Strawberries provide many benefits to the diet: they are very low in calories and rich in vitamin C, manganese, polyphenols, and fiber
  • Strawberries are everything you need for a beauty cure!
  • In this smoothie, you take the strawberry in liquid form. 

The reason is that Arby’s doesn’t strain the pulps of the strawberry; it maintains a large part of its fiber. 

In addition, when taking it with dairy, the rise in blood glucose slows down.

  • It goes well with Stevia: Stevia is the best for sweetening; it hardly adds calories.

Similarly, it doesn’t feed the bacteria that worsen oral health, nor does it cause a spike in blood sugar. 

The only drawback is that many do not like the taste of it. However, the strawberry camouflages the flavor of the stevia quite well.

  • You can use any milk: It works well with traditional milk.
  •  Milk (skimmed, semi or whole) with your favorite vegetable, “milk.”

Nutritional Fact of one serving size Arby’s Strawberry Smoothies:

NutritionCalories info
Calories 498.0 g
Calories from fat100.0
Saturated fat8.0 g
Sodium364.0 mg
Cholesterol33.0 mg
The total amount of carbohydrates81.0 g
The total amount of fat12.5 g
Sugars76.8 g
Fat (Trans)0.0 g
Protein12.8 g
arby's menu smoothies nutrition facts

What Type of Shakes Does Arby’s Serve?

As pointed out earlier, Arby’s serves the following type of shakes. 

  1. Vanilla shake
  2. Mint chocolate shake
  3. Jamocha shake
  4. Chocolate shake

#1. Vanilla Shake

The vanilla shake has strawberry swirls and a tinge of chocolate in it. The milkshake is simply excellent, especially when the sunny days return. 

You can enjoy the pleasure, freshness, smoothness, and sweetness of sipping a good vanilla milkshake when you take it at Arby’s.

Nutritional value and the calories info of vanilla shake

NutritionCalories info
Serving weight376.00 g
Calories 490.00 g
Calories from fat160.00 g
Fat (Saturated)10.80 g
Sodium309.95 mg
Cholesterol55.80 mg
The total amount of carbohydrates74.00 g
The total amount of fat23.00 g
Sugars65.8 g
Fat (Trans)0 g
Protein12.50 g
arby's vanilla shake nutrition

#2. Mint Chocolate Shake

This shake is so delicious and satisfying. Mint chocolate is super healthy and should be your next target when going to Arby’s.

As the name implies, a blend of peppermint and chocolate constitutes a mint chocolate shake.

The minimum ingredients a mint shake should contain are ice cream, mint, and whipped cream. 

But even so, Arby’s mint chocolate shake also incorporates a much-needed chocolate component. The shake includes, at the top of it, a candy cane and a whipped. 

Mint chocolate shake has the highest calories among the four shakes offered at Arby’s.

Nutritional value and the calories info of mint chocolate shake

NutritionCalories info
Serving weight429.00 g
Calories 660.00 g
Total calories from fat200.00
Saturated fat15.00 g
Sodium322.85 mg
Cholesterol55.90 mg
The total amount of carbohydrates102.00 g
The total amount of fat23.00 g
Sugars91.00 g
Fat (Trans)0.00 g
Protein14.50 g
arby's mint chocolate shake nutrition & Calories

#3. Jamocha Shake

The Jamocha shake is one of the newest shakes at Arby’s. Jamoka shake is a blend of chocolate and some coffee, milk, and ice cream flavors. 

Therefore, it combines the sweetness and bitterness of chocolate and coffee. Hence, the name “Ja-mocha.” 

Nutritional value and the calories info of Jamocha shake:

NutritionCalories info
Serving weight413.00 g
Calories 590.00 g
Calories from fat159.50
Saturated fat10.90 g
Sodium361.80 mg
Cholesterol55.00 mg
Total carbohydrates96.00 g
The total amount of fat17.00 g
Sugars81.00 g
Fat (Total)17.00 g
Protein12.85 g
jamocha shake nutrition

#4. Chocolate Shake

This variant is a combination of chocolate and ice cream. The other name for a chocolate shake is a chocolate milkshake because it contains some milk at its topping. 

Nutritional value and the calories info of chocolate shake

NutritionCalories info
Serving weight413.00 g
Calories 590.00 g
Calories from fat160.00
Saturated fat12.00 g
Sodium351.00 mg
Cholesterol54.95 mg
The total amount of carbohydrates94.80 g
The total amount of fat18.00 g
Sugars84.00 g
Fat (Trans)0.00 g
Protein14.00 g
arby's chocolate shake nutrition facts

How Does Arby’s Shake Cost? 

Arby’s have varieties of shakes, and they come in different sizes. They have small, medium, and large sizes for all the varieties of shakes

Therefore, let’s observe the table below to know the different prices.

SmallVanilla shake$ 1.99
MediumVanilla shake$ 2.49
LargeVanilla shake$ 2.99
SmallMint chocolate shake$ 1.99
MediumMint chocolate shake$ 2.49
LargeMint chocolate shake$ 2.99
SmallJamocha shake$ 1.99
MediumJamocha shake$ 2.49
LargeJamocha shake$ 2.99
SmallChocolate Milkshake$ 1.99
MediumChocolate Milkshake$ 2.49
LargeChocolate Milkshake$ 2.99

Are Arby’s Shakes Healthy?

The shakes offered at Arby’s are somewhat high in calories and sugar.

The number of calories ranges from 590-660, depending on the size of your desired shake. 

The sugar, on the other hand, is about 70.0g, a bit higher than the daily sugar intake.

Moreover, the calories usually came from carbohydrates (64%), fat (24%), and protein (12%).


Though Arby’s doesn’t offer smoothies, their varieties of shakes are there to replace the smoothie.

However, when consuming any shake, you should ensure the number of calories and sugar won’t harm your health. 

Now, from the options available, strawberry smoothies are among the healthiest and most nutritious drinks. So go out there and have a taste of it.

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