Why Are Pizza Hut Wings So Expensive? (Explained)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

Pizza Hut wings have been increasingly popular recently, prompting a profusion of creative new recipes.

Although many similar wings made at home and many eateries serving high-quality wings have also sprung up in recent years.

However, you may have noticed how costly they have become. So, you may wonder: Why are the wings at Pizza Hut so expensive?

Pizza Hut wings are expensive due to the labor and time required to prepare them. Put simply, the increased cost of production, especially from labor and equipment, reflects on the price of their wings. However, you can save money by buying fresh wings and cooking them at home. 

In this piece, we’ll discuss all you need to know about Pizza Hut wings and how much they cost. This way, you’ll know the narrative and decide whether paying a lot for them is justified.

Are Pizza Hut Wings The Most Expensive?

Why Are Pizza Hut Wings so Expensive

No, Pizza Hut wings are not the most expensive. The ever-increasing number of customers who want wings from Pizza Hut has caused prices to skyrocket.

As a potential outcome of this, when they have gained more significant popularity, they often become more costly.

Moreover, since each chicken only possesses two wings, a significant quantity of chicken will be required to satisfy customers’ demands.

You’ve probably heard about the severe lack of chicken wings that many eateries are experiencing. As a result, many have significantly increased the cost of hot wings dishes.

On the other hand, many popular chains like Pizza Hut have not been forced to adjust their prices very much, and in some instances, not at all.

Menu with price estimates that the smallest size of classic bone-in wings that Pizza Hut presently serves would cost roughly $8.99; however, this price varies depending on location.

On the other hand, boneless wings cost $8.69 for an order of eight pieces, which is somewhat less.

The price per wing increases proportionately with the quantity ordered; for example, if you want 12 bone-in wings, it will cost you approximately $16.99. 

If you want 18 bone-in wings, it will cost you approximately $23.99; the most you can order is 36, which will cost you approximately $42.99.

Following in their prices are boneless wings, which consumers can purchase in quantities of 16, 24, or 48 for an average price of $16.49, $22.99, and $39.99.

Like other fast food chains, Pizza Hut provides customers with various coupon options, allowing them to get a good bargain on the pizza and wings that are the ideal complement to one another. 

However, these are also subject to modifications based on location.

What Are Pizza Hut Wings Made Of?

Chicken wings from Pizza Hut have a flour-based flavor browned onto the chicken before cooking. After that, the wings are cooked and served with different sauces.

Buffalo wings from Pizza Hut are chicken wings that have been fried and covered with spicy sauce. 

Its delicious taste can be attributed to its tart and spicy taste. Deep-frying the chicken after soaking it in a marinade of spicy sauce and other spices will provide the best results.

There are roughly 280 calories in a single sale of breaded wings with a breading topping from Pizza Hut.

All these imply that each wing has roughly 47 calories. If you’re watching your weight and seeking a lighter meal, purchasing your wings without the breading might be a good choice.

Pizza Hut’s Buffalo Wings’ Dietary Data

The table below shows the nutritional content of Pizza Hut’s Buffalo wings.

Dietary Fiber1g

What Sauces Are Used for Pizza Hut Wings?

After perusing the Pizza Hut wings menu, you will conclude that the restaurant caters to a diverse customer base through its numerous sauces. 

You can enjoy your pizza wings with spicy sauce, barbecue sauce, or one of the other available varieties at Pizza Hut.

This would be a crucial step in trying this recipe since it can enhance the taste

Below is a list of the wing sauces that are available at Pizza Hut:

  • Spicy Garlic
  • Honey Barbecue
  • Plain/ No sauce
  • Garlic Parmesan
  • Smoky Sriracha
  • Buffalo: Choose Your Heat Level (Mild, Medium, or Burnin’ H)

However, there are better approaches than eating a bowl of chicken wings, particularly if you also order a few pieces of pizza.

You can improve your dining experience at the Hut by making different selections, particularly regarding the wings.

An excellent choice that will only set you back 80 calories per wing is to have them bare, without any seasoning or flavoring ingredients.

Dry rubs from Pizza Hut are another great way to spice up the taste without going overboard on the oil and fat.

A few alternatives are preferable to others if you appreciate smothering your wings with sauce to the point of smothering them.

If you intend on eating single or multiple wings, you don’t have to worry about the calorie count since they vary from 90-140 grams per wing.

Honey BBQ wings include five grams of sugar per bone-in wing, so they’re not a great choice if you’re trying to cut down on carbs. 

On the other hand, Garlic Parmesan wings have the most fat per serving at 11 grams.

If you want to prevent any possible health problems in the long term, purchasing wings from Pizza Hut should be done in moderation, just like everything else you eat.

Based on your choice, there will be no long-term impact on the sauce options available in the subsequent step of the purchase process.

Although buying one instead of the other has a few additional perks, you still need to make sure that your decision is well thought out.

Are Pizza Hut Wings worth the Price?

Pizza Hut’s wings are delectable and well worth the cost if you’re keen on such a delicacy.

Even while Pizza Hut may not take the top spot compared to the other big pizza businesses, the fact remains that their pies are quite excellent.

According to an assessment, thirty-six percent of respondents said they could spend the rest of their lives happy eating the pizza served at the restaurant.

On the other hand, a discussion thread on Reddit that was focused on the chain’s chicken had a variety of viewpoints on the issue.

A user claimed Pizza Hut had the most delicious chicken wings of all the quick-service pizza restaurants. Your final decision is dependent on the items you choose to purchase.

As a result of the many complaints from customers that Pizza Hut’s boneless wings were too mushy, the company decided to introduce a bone-in alternative.

Although many people didn’t want them, others thought they were a good alternative since they were not only very meaty but also had an excellent crispy shell.

You can only determine the obvious response of whether a flavor is superior after carefully considering each individual’s palate.

The Buffalo Burnin’ Hot sauce was ranked first by a reviewer because it was the spiciest of the three offered by the fast food restaurant, yet it was still satisfactory.

On the other hand, if flaming hot tastes aren’t your style, the Honey BBQ and Spicy Garlic flavors are fantastic suited options that you might try instead.

Ordering from Pizza Hut’s wing menu is an excellent idea for any occasion, from a Family Party to a regular Sunday evening.

Even though the price has gone up over the last year or two, it is still not the most costly meal you can eat.

If you search for less expensive options, you always have the option of preparing your wings at home.

Alternatively, given that other chicken parts are often less expensive, you should consider purchasing them instead.

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