What Gas Does An Ooni Pizza Oven Use? (Explained) 2022

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Every cook tends to be fully aware of the products and appliances used to prepare meals. And why not? Cooking, especially baking, requires a great deal of care.

When preparing pizza, it’s best to look out for what best suits your oven to ensure the best results and maximum safety in the cooking area.

The Ooni pizza oven uses propane gas when you fully optimize it. This is because the products which characterize this oven produce a great level of compatibility with this fuel. However, the design of this pizza oven doesn’t allow it to work with other camping fuels, so do not attempt to use it with jet-power energy, isobutane, or different fuel types.

What Gas Do I Need for My Ooni?

ooni koda

Usually, propane gas with the maximum gas tank size of 25lb is the type needed for your Ooni.

But also, the type of gas needed for your Ooni depends on the type of oven and occasion.

If you’re going hiking or camping, it’s best to use a propane gas tank size of 1lb for easy mobility.

Do Ooni Pizza Ovens Use Propane?

ooni koda 16

Ooni pizza ovens use propane. Also, propane serves as the default gas for Ooni Koda ovens.

When you rate them approximately, Ooni ovens consume propane gas at the rate of 350g/h. Therefore, at least three hardwood pellets are burnt at around 2lbs per hour.

Although, Ooni Koda ovens have undergone redesigning as the Ooni Koda 16 so that you can run them on gas fuels other than propane.

It can be used when brought out of the box with propane. However, if you decide to use other gases, you may need to re-assemble.

Ooni Koda oven works like a professional pizza oven used in eateries. A good pizza is one that both its top and bottom get done simultaneously.

The stone in the Ooni oven is heated with a flame that begins at the rear and curls overhead in the oven, Thereby producing a good pizza.

What Kind of Propane Does Ooni Use?

propane tank

In the United States, the Ooni ovens sold are made to use 5lb, 10lb, or 25lb propane gas tanks. This is done to optimize the functionality of the oven.

It is somewhat stressful to move these gas tanks as they are heavily built. If you prefer a portable gas tank, you should use the 1lb propane tank, usually used during camping and hiking.

When using the 1lb propane tank, make sure you connect it to its regulator using a tank adapter.

Will Ooni Run on Butane Gas?

It is recommendable for Ooni Koda to be used with butane gas. Although, the regulator included in the box can only be applied to propane gas.

To run Ooni on butane gas, you must swap the propane regulator for a suitable butane regulator.

The type of regulator applied to a butane gas depends on the kind of oven you have. Ooni can also be run on a mixture of butane and propane gases, referred to as LPG gas.

Propane is similar to butane, but the apparent difference is that it burns slightly differently. The temperature at which propane gas vaporizes is a low -43.6F.

This allows vaporization, which occurs when propane is released from its containers. Comparatively, butane’s boiling point is at 30.2F, or you can say it’s below the freezing level.

Typically, butane is blended into gasoline and sold as finished products, for example, butane torches and lighters.

Can I Use Patio Gas with Ooni?

Yes, patio gas can be used with Ooni. However, to regulate the setup of your Ooni Koda with patio gas, ensure that you use an adapter.

The patio gas regulator seems slightly different as it has a push-on gas fitting. To connect it, make sure the black switch is horizontal.

Please press down the button below the black switch and press the regulator until it is attached to the tank valve.

What Gas Do I Need for Ooni Koda 16?

ooni koda 16

A compatible regulator is usually included in the box that comes with the propane gas. Propane is the gas needed for Ooni Koda 16.

It has proven compatible, and recommendations require disconnecting the gas source immediately after use.

Consequently, using another gas in the operation of your Ooni Koda 16 would cause severe damages to the device.

Also, you would risk explosions and fires if the components do not support that particular gas.

Can Ooni Use Natural Gas?

Ooni has 6 different types of models and they work with gas, wood, and charcoal. However, ooni Koda 16 is the only one that is compatible with natural gas.

Moreover, You need Natural gas conversion kit in order to convert it from propane gas to a fixed natural gas line.

Natural Conversion Kit Includes following:

  • Natural Gas Control Dial Collar
  • Gas Hose
  • Quick Connector
  • Scredriver and Hex Wrench
  • Natural Gas Nozzles
  • Instruction Manual

The detailed instructions below can completely guide you to convert your Ooni oven to one capable of using natural gas.

#1. Disconnect the propane regulator.

  • Gently collapse the oven’s legs and lay it upside down on a smooth surface.
  • Using the 19mm wrench, loosen the propane regulator hose by turning it anti-clockwise.

#2. Remove the control panel.

  • Pull off the dial to remove the control dial.
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew the collar screws.
  • Remove the collar.

#3. Remove the control box.

Using the screwdriver, remove the screws attached to the control box. Then gently lift the control box and place it aside.

#4. Change to natural gas.

  • Disconnect and unscrew both nozzle housings that are connected to the ejector tubes. Do this using the 12mm wrench. You can also use your hands as it is easy to detach.
  • Pick up your hex wrench to unscrew the end of the propane nozzle. Do this carefully and counterclockwise. Repeat this pattern for the second nozzle.
  • Using your hand, tighten the natural gas nozzle into the housing. To completely secure fitting, use the hex wrench to turn clockwise, carefully and not too tight.
  • Tighten the nozzle, using your hand, into the injector tube. This should be done using the 12mm wrench.

#5. Adjust the gas flow.

  • This is done at the control dial.
  • Pick up the screwdriver in the kit to rotate the valve adjuster.

#6. Reassemble the control box.

  • Place the control box back into position. Ensure that the stem valve and gas terminal is accessible.
  • Screw the control box until it is secure. Use the Phillips screwdriver in doing so.

#7. Place the control dial and natural gas collar.

  • The natural gas collar should be placed into position and properly aligned with the control dial.
  • You should return the natural gas control dial to the stem.
  • Using the Phillips screwdriver, screw both until fully secure, but do not overtighten.

#8. Attach the hose.

  • Use the 19mm wrench to properly secure your natural gas hose into the gas terminal.

#9. Attach the natural gas supply.

  • Stand the Ooni Koda oven onto its feet.
  • Re-insert the baking stone.
  • And connect the right ends of the natural gas hose into the quick connector.

#10. Light up.

  • Before lighting up the oven, test for gas leaks and ensure all screws are securely attached in the right places.

After doing this, your OoniKoda 16 oven can effectively use natural gas. Remember that you can do this conversion with Ooni Koda 16 ovens only.

Refer to the Ooni Koda 16 manual for pictorial steps to avoid confusion.

Watch this video for more and a better understanding.


Ooni Koda ovens possess designs that allow for use with propane gas. However, you can run it with other gases such as butane and natural gas.

To use Ooni Koda pizza ovens with butane, you must change the propane regulator to a butane regulator.

Similar changes also occur when you switch to running your oven with natural gas.



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