Does Domino’s Use Real Cheese? (Read This First)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

There has been a trending video of Dominos using fake cheese for their pizzas.

However, Dominos has announced to the general public that the Dominos pizza-producing company uses real cheese, which is 100% mozzarella, and no other alternative is used. 

Dominos is one of the largest pizza chains worldwide, which Richard Allison owns, and the headquarters is in the US.

A video surfaced online about Dominos using fake cheese, but the company came out to the general public to clear its name.

Dominos uses real cheese for their pizzas, their cheese which contains 100% mozzarella as the vital ingredient of their pizza. Their mozzarella, made from natural milk, is one of the main reasons for the high amount of patronage the Dominos receives worldwide as one of the best pizza-making companies.

What Type Of Cheese Do Dominos Use?

Domino's Use Real Cheese

Dominos uses real mozzarella cheese for making their pizzas. Their cheese contains mozzarella cheese and a liquid filling of the white cheddar and Monterey Jack.

This makes their pizza recipes one of the best.

#1. Mozzarella Cheese 

Mozzarella cheese is a supple sliceable curd cheese that originated in Italy.

It was traditionally gotten from the milk of water buffalos which were reared in countries like Italy and Bulgaria.

However, due to the unavailability of Buffalos, cow milk is primarily used in making mozzarella cheese.

The mozzarella cheese has different types; the buffalo mozzarella, made from the milk of Buffalos that are reared; the cow mozzarella, the low moisture mozzarella made from skimmed milk and also the smoked type of mozzarella cheese.

#2. White Cheddar Cheese 

White cheddar cheese is a white hard textured cheese made from cow’s milk.

They are rich in calcium and vitamin K, mainly used as a supplement for calcium and vitamin K, which are necessary for bone formation. 

Compared to the mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese has a more rigid texture than the mozzarella. 

#3. Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is a mild buttery cheese from pasteurized cow’s milk. This cheese is soft and mild when made, but as it stays for some time, it hardens; the hard cheese can also be grated.

However, the Monterey jack easily melts when heated due to its buttery nature. 

It is similar to cheddar cheese but has a softer texture than that of cheddar cheese, and it can also be used as an alternative to cheddar cheese. 

Where Does Dominos Get Its Cheese?

Dominos gets its cheese from the Leprino company. The Leprino company is the largest mozzarella cheese producing company worldwide and one of the leading producers of whey proteins. 

The Leprinos, the lead cheese supplier to most of the pizza-producing companies, supplies mozzarella to the Dominos, pizza hut, Papa John’s, Tony’s, Jack, Hungry Howie, Little Ceasers, and Digiormo.

The Leprino is owned by the Leprinos family and maintains its quality for maintaining the best mozzarella cheese worldwide

Does Dominos Have Rennet?

Dominos pizza contains rennet, but a non-animal-based rennet allows vegetarians and vegans to order at any of the Dominos pizza restaurants all over the place.

It is called the Pacific veggies pizza.

The Asiago cheese, used as a hand-tossed crust for making pacific veggies pizza, contains an animal-based enzyme called lipase, but the grated parm cheese rennet, which is a non-animal-based rennet and does not contain lipase.

As a result, vegetarians and vegans tend to avoid the Asiago and parm blend cheese. 

Is Dominos Cheese Vegetarian?

Vegetarians can also order pizza at any domino pizza restaurant which contains mozzarella and cheddar cheese but is made explicitly without meat toppings but is topped with a lot of veggies.

When ordering the vegetarian domino pizza, always remember to specify that you want a no-meat-topped pizza.

The American-style pizza for Dominos pizza dough for vegans is made without cheese; surprisingly, who would want a pizza without cheese?

But the Domino pizza sauce is topped up with a lot of vegetables, which tastes exceptionally good for a pizza without cheese. 

Most vegetarians go for Dominos fast-food pizza because of the use of animal rennet in cheese by most pizza-producing companies.

However, Dominos always tends to assure their customers that their cheese does not contain animal rennet and is suitable for vegetarians.

Who Makes Cheese For Dominos?

Leprino makes pizza domino cheese; due to the high standard and quality of cheese made by Leprino, Dominos always gets their cheese from the Leprino company.

The cheese makes the critical ingredient for the Dominos pizza.

Although Dominos makes their pizza themselves, the primary ingredients for producing pizzas are supplied by other companies to Dominos.

Ingredients like flour, tomato sauce, and cheese which are the key ingredients for pizza production, are supplied by three different companies to the Dominos distribution centers.

#1. Leprino Foods Company 

The Leprino food company produces cheese for Dominos. Cheese accounts for about 40% of the price of a pizza.

According to statistics, it was discovered that Dominos consumes almost 3.5 million pounds of cheese every week from a single supplier. 

#2. Ardent Mills

The Ardent mills supply Dominos with flour for making dough and thin crust bread.

The Ardent Mills, the largest flour-producing company in the US, supplies about 8 million pounds of flour to the Dominos weekly for making thin-crust bread and pizza doughs. 

Although Ardent mills supply flour to Dominos, the Dominos make their pizza themselves by particular distribution companies that supply the company with dough and thin crust bread.

These doughs are made from flour, salt, sugar, yeast, and oil. 

#3. Paradise Tomato Sauce

The tomato sauce used by the Dominos is supplied by a single company called the Paradise Tomato Sauce.

This company supplies up to 2.5 million pounds of tomato sauce to Dominos per week, which accounts for up to 16 % of the total cost of Dominos pizza.

Domino pizza sauce comprises tomato paste, carrot, garlic, Xanthan gum, parmesan cheese, sugar, onion, olive oil, sunflower oil, butter, natural flavors, citric acid, salt, spices, and celery. 

Dominos, one of the largest pizza chains in the world, makes good pizza for their customers to give satisfaction to the public and also for continuity of the company.

Therefore, this company tends to produce excellent and cheap pizzas and operates widely all over the world. 

Pizza Hut, a competitor of Dominos, sells its pizza at a higher cost than Domino’s pizza. However, the pizza hut has a wide variety of pizzas in their stores than the Dominos.

But if you want affordable and good pizzas, Dominos is the right place for you.

Other competitors of the Dominos pizza include; Starbucks, McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s international, Little Ceasers, and KFC.

But, Domino’s remains the best producer of excellent and affordable pizza worldwide. 

Some of the Domino cheese pizzas are; hand-tossed pizza, the Domino pan pizza, the crunchy thin crust, the gluten-free crust, the Brooklyn style, and the deeper deep pizza.

The Domino pan pizza and the hand-tossed have the same toppings; the only difference is in their crust making. 


Dominos assures its customers that it makes pizzas with real cheese, non-animal rennet, which is consumable by vegetarians, and excellent and delicious toppings for your fast-food pizza.

But, of course, you can also make your fast food pizza just like the Dominos at your home.

You just have to visit Domino’s official website for the ingredients and procedures for making your delicious domino pizza.

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