How Long Does A Pizza Take To Cook In Ooni? 2022

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Since the discovery of Onni, you are making pizzas has never been better. Besides making delicious pizzas, baking with most Onni ovens is time-saving and straightforward.

Furthermore, the Onni baking stone allows the pizza to get evenly cooked in a short period.

However, the style of pizza you’re making also determines how long it should be in the oven.

In an Onni oven, a pizza takes about 2 minutes to get cooked. Within this time, any style of pizza you’re baking should be off the stove. Besides, an Onni oven reaches 500°C (950°F) of heat in less than 20 minutes. This attribute makes it possible for the oven to cook a pizza in no time.

Do All Ooni Models Take the Same Amount of Time To Cook?

If you’d ever conceived that different Onni ovens might have varying cooking duration, then you’re right. All Ooni models vary in the time they take to bake pizza.

Viewing that the oven has many models and hopefully anticipating more, the brand has become the baker’s first choice.

However, let us see how long each Ooni model takes to cook.

#1. Ooni Fyra 12

Ooni has made lots of its models available in the market, and the Onni Frya 12 is one of them. It’s observed that the Onni Fyra 12 takes about 15 minutes to heat up.

The oven reaches its maximum temperature of 500°C (950°F) within this time frame.

Having said that, when the oven heats up, it takes at most 1 minute and 30 seconds to cook a pizza.

#2. Onni Pro 16

The Onni Pro 16 is a multi-powered oven. This model allows you to fuel the range with charcoal, gas, or wood.

However, this oven gets ready to cook in 20 minutes.

In addition, the stove can reach 950°F (500°C) of heat, and that’s its maximum temperature. As a result, the Onni Pro 16 takes 60 seconds to cook a pizza.

#3. Onni Koda 12

Unlike the Onni Pro 16, the Onni Koda 12 is a gas-powered model. However, the Onni Koda 12 also takes a 1-minute time frame to cook a pizza.

With the ability to diffuse heat around the oven, the Onni Koda 12 hit high temperatures in just 15 minutes.

In addition, the oven heats up to 950°F (500°C), and that’s not bad for a gas-powered range.

#4. Onni Koda 16

One common feature of the Onni Koda 16 and Onni Koda 12 is that they’re powered strictly with gas.

However, the Onni Koda 16 has a large cooking area and can cook a pizza in 1-2 minutes.

Like all Onni ovens, it heats up to 500°C (950°F) and takes about 20 minutes to achieve this temperature.

#5. Onni Karu 12

Thankfully, the Onni Karu 12  is a multi-fueled oven like some Onni models.

The oven can be powered by wood, charcoal, or an optional gas burner.

It takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds for the oven to get a pizza ready. The oven reaches 932°F (500°C) within 15 minutes.

#6. Onni Karu 16

Surprisingly, this oven happens to be the latest model of the Onni brand. Although, the Onni Karu 16 isn’t too different from the other multi-powered ovens.

However, this model’s slight difference is the transparent door from the rest.

When this oven fully heats up (700°C), it roughly takes 30 minutes to do so. And it takes 2 minutes to cook a large pizza in Onni Karu 16.

In summary, the pizza ovens listed above are all the Onni models currently available in the market.

Despite most of these models reaching the same maximum temperature, their ability to retain heat differentiates them.

Also, with the analysis, these ovens’ time to cook an individual pizza varies slightly.

Propane vs. Wood Fired Onni?

Wondering which of these ovens you should have in your backyard?

Or Are you having doubts about which oven is convenient and faster? Not to worry, this review will clear all your queries.

So, let’s look at the comparison of both ovens based on the following;

#1. Ignition

Coming to which of these ovens that’s easy to light up, the propane-powered Onni has the upper hand.

It’s even less work when connecting the propane hose from the oven to a propane tank.

Afterward, you have to press the heat control dial and then slowly turn it counterclockwise. After some seconds, you should hear a click and see flames.

Unlike the propane-powered Onni, trying to ignite a wood-fired Onni is messy and a bit time-draining.

Putting all the wood and charcoal together seems like a big deal for many people.

Although it’s fun for some people, considering convenience and time, many agree it’s messy and takes a bit of time to set up.

#2. Heating Up

In this case, It’s natural for the dice to settle in favor of the propane-fueled Ooni oven.

Want to know why? The reason is that after setting up the propane oven, the flames immediately start heating the oven.

This action would get the gas-powered oven ready to bake in just a few minutes.

Therefore, you will be able to bake pizza just in time for any event.

Unfortunately, in the wood-fired Onni, the wood and charcoal would properly light up before fully heating the oven.

However, based on a practical temperature test, the propane Onni oven outperforms the wood-fired Onni.

The two ovens were ignited simultaneously and then checked with a digital thermometer during the test.

After the check, the wood-fired Onni was 100°C less than the propane oven.

#3. Cooking Time and Taste

The cooking time of the gas-powered Ooni is usually 60 seconds. So like most Ooni ovens, you just have to turn the pizza every 15 seconds for an evenly baked pizza.

And coming to the taste, the pizzas made on a propane or gas oven have a delicious and wonderful taste.

Similarly, when the wood-fired oven is allowed to heat up, it takes about 60 seconds to get a pizza ready.

No doubt, the pizza taste from a wood Onni oven is a little different from a propane Onni.

The wood-fired Onni oven gives the pizza an authentic Italian wood fire taste despite being delicious.

And this is the taste most people want from a pizza. In addition, turning the pizza is also necessary here.

#4. Clean Up

Many people prefer using a gas Onni oven, not just because it saves time, but it also involves less stress.

For example, after allowing the oven to cool, a quick brushing would do. Besides, cleaning an oven that doesn’t generate lots of ash is less work than a wood-fired Onni oven.

Another amazing thing about the propane Onni oven is you don’t have to disassemble parts during cleaning.

A dirty baking stone is one of the problems encountered using a wood-fired Onni oven.

The dirt is more pronounced because a wood-fired oven produces more ashes than a gas Ooni oven and needs more cleaning.

And the cleaning may even need you to dismantle the charcoal basket to get rid of the residue.

In summary, the propane Onni oven is faster than the wood-fired Onni oven. However, the pizza from a wood-fired Onni and a gas Onni oven tastes slightly differently. 

Many prefer the taste of the pizza from the wood-fired oven because of the smoky nature of the oven.


The Onni brand is among the best trending pizza makers on the internet today. This oven impressively heats up, usually 15-30 minutes.

When the oven has fully heated up, it can bake pizza in just 60 seconds. Moreover, baking in an Onni oven is quite fun, and it would be great if you get one in your backyard.

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