What Pizza Does Kevin Order In Home Alone? (Explained)

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Home alone is a standard Hollywood movie that was produced in 1990. The movie is a story about Kevin, a naughty, at the same time confident eight-year-old boy who feels ignored by his family.

The young Kevin performs a lot of wonders in the movie. An eight-year-old boy ordering a pizza in the 90s sounds surprising. You will find out more of his amazing acts in this article.

The pizza Kevin orders in Home alone is a cheese pizza. An unidentified delivery man who works for Little Nero’s local pizzeria delivers the pizza to Kevin’s house. Kevin is left home alone when his family unintentionally leaves him behind while going on Christmas vacation in Paris. He has to look after himself because there’s no one to do so.

What Pizza Did Kevin Order in Home Alone 2?

Pizza Does Kevin Order In Home Alone

Kevin didn’t order any pizza in Home alone 2. However, the hotel where Kevin managed to lodge when he got to New York gave him a ride through the city in a limousine. 

They provided him with his favorite cheese pizza and a Coca-Cola to drink during the ride.

Home alone 2 is the same young Kevin who has turned into a nine-year-old boy. In Home Alone 1, he accidentally left Home while his family went on a Christmas vacation. 

But in Home Alone 2, he and his family rushed to catch the flight that was going to fly them to Miami for the holiday because they had slept off due to what happened the night before. 

Kevin stops on the way to get batteries for his Talkboy while the rest of the family rushes ahead.

Unknowingly, he loses track of his family and gets on the wrong plane to New York City while his family flies to Florida.

Just like how free he initially felt in Home Alone 1, he felt the same when he got to New York.

He was happy to escape his bullying family and explore New York. Fortunately for Kevin, his father’s travel bag with his wallet and credit card is with him. He, therefore, rents himself a room at the Plaza hotel.

Kevin uses his usual tricks while in the hotel, pretending to be together with his father. He visits Mr. Duncan’s shop in New York. Mr. Duncan is the philanthropic owner of a toy store who relates well with Kevin during the visit.

Kevin notices the wet robbers, Harry and Marv, who have traveled to New York after fleeing from a prison in Chicago. Harry and Marv don’t stop their bad act but start planning instantly on were to rob again.

Kevin starts thinking of how to prevent the duo from robbing Mr. Duncan’s toy store. He meets with a Pigeon lady he first met at Central Park when he gets to New York.

However, he is scared of the lady at first but later gets close to her. The lady decides to give Kevin a helping hand, and they both plan on how to stop Harry and Marv. 

Fortunately, their plan is successful, and they hand the robbers over to the cops. Kevin leaves a note behind for Mr. Duncan in his shop explaining the robbing plan and how he was able to stop the robbers.

Kevin’s family has been able to locate him, and they are all reunited. Mr. Duncan sends many gifts to the family the next day to appreciate Kevin’s bravery and kindness.

How Much Was Kevin Pizza in Home Alone?

The pizza Kevin orders in Home Alone costs $11.80. To hide the fact that he’s home alone from the delivery man, Kevin hangs a sign at the front door that reads “back door please.” 

Upon the delivery man’s arrival, he knocks and pulls off the sign on the front door before delivering the pizza to the back door.

Kevin, therefore, comes up with a ploy that he will use to communicate with the delivery man.

He uses clips from an old movie, Angels with filthy souls. He specifically uses the voice of Johnny, the fierce boss character in the movie.

Just as he planned, he uses Johnny’s voice to communicate with the delivery man until it is time to pay. 

Johnny’s voice asks the delivery man how much he owes, and the pizza guy replies; $11.80. Then, Kevin slips a $12 note through a doggie door.

Is Little Nero’s Pizza Real?

No, Little Nero’s pizza is not real. The supposed local pizzeria is a fictitious business in the movie Home Alone.

Little Nero’s pizza is a name derived from “Little Caesars.” Little Nero’s pizza slogan is “no fiddling around” in this fictitious business. 

The slogan is derived from the popular myth “Nero fiddled while Rome was burning.” So, they believed it was the best way to say, “we won’t burn your pizza.”

How Did Kevin McCallister Order Pizza if the Phone Lines Were Down?

Kevin McCallister could order pizza in Home Alone because the local phone power lines weren’t damaged. 

Over the years, people didn’t stop asking this question and assumed it was Home’s central plot hole. Yet, at the same time, it’s only logical and can be explained.

At the movie’s beginning, a tree falls on Kevin House’s power lines due to heavy wind.

This causes the power lines to be damaged, and no scene in the movie shows that the damaged power lines are fixed.

When Kevin was left Home the following day, during the Christmas vacation, his father tried to reach him through calls several times, all but to no avail.

Kevin himself can’t contact cops because of the damaged power lines, but he manages to order pizza. 

What happens here is simple but somehow logical if not explained. During the late 1980s, and early 1990, some noble families such as Kevin’s used to have different powerlines for local and long-distance calling.

Therefore, the powerlines for the long-distance calling may be the ones that got damaged by the storm. And this makes it impossible for Kevin’s father to reach him. 

So, if the local phone power lines weren’t knocked over, there’s nothing that would have stopped little Kevin from making local calls, most specifically, ordering the pizza.

How Did Kevin Order a Pizza in Home Alone?

Kevin orders a pizza using the local phone powerlines. He hangs a paper that says ” back door please” at the front door of their house. The pizza guy comes and follows Kevin’s instructions.

Kevin is the youngest child of Peter and Kate. Unfortunately, he’s troublesome, and while the McCallisters are preparing to go on a Christmas vacation to Paris, Kevin gets into a clash with his elder brother the night before the trip. 

This quarrel ruins the dinner the family holds, resulting in them sending Kevin to the house’s attic as his penalty.

Overnight, a heavy wind damages their house’s power lines and resets their alarm clocks which cause the whole family to sleep beyond the planned time.

The family is in a rush to meet up with the flight in the morning, which causes them to leave Kevin behind accidentally.

Meanwhile, it’s like an answered prayer to Kevin when he wakes up because he had wished they had disappeared the night before.

But instead, he feels they don’t like him and only support his elder brother. Kevin feels happy and free at first, but he later misses his family.

Finally, he’s all alone and hungry. Kelvin can eat nothing; there is no one to look after him.

And of course, what happened at the movie’s beginning reveals how much he likes cheese pizza. 

So he’s left with no choice but to order pizza. Using the local phone power lines and tricks, the eight-year-old Kevin orders a cheese pizza delivered to their house.


Home Alone is an exciting and hilarious movie with a unique plot. It shows how independent and dramatic a young boy could be. The origin of all the problems is pizza.

Kevin fights his elder brother because of pizza. And his punishment causes the family to leave him behind accidentally. Some people will even call Home Alone the pizza movie.

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