Egg Drop Soup Vs. Wonton Soup (All You Need To Know)

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Chinese soups are quite the delight of many people. The taste, uniqueness, and nutritional content leave you wanting more. 

Both egg drop soup and wonton soup make the top of the menu in most Chinese restaurants.

And especially when you’re trying to eat healthily. So it is no wonder you’d want a comparison of both soups.

It may not be easy going for just one out of the two. Here is a detailed comparison to help narrow your choices.

Wonton soup contains more calories, sugar, and minerals than egg drop soup. Egg drop soup contains more vitamin C and saturated fat. It also has higher contents of cholesterol than wonton soup. However, both soups have equal vitamin content and glycemic index. The prices of both soups are also the same in most restaurants.

What is Wonton Soup Made Of?

Egg Drop Soup vs. Wonton Soup

Wonton soup consists of two parts, the broth, and the wontons. The broth is a watery blend, thick and not slimy. 

If you discover that your broth is slimy, there may have been a mistake. Boiling wontons in the broth make it slimy and ruin the soup. 

The broth for wonton soup is from chicken, turkey, or pork. The meat adds an extra pleasing flavor to the soup.

A host of other ingredients also play a role in the broth mix to give it that pleasing flavor and aroma. 

The second part of the soup, the wontons, is the main deal hence the name, wonton soup.

Wontons are similar to dumplings. They are wraps of seasoned meat or meatballs. 

The amazing feeling of biting into crispy yet juicy dumplings of sweet meat is irresistible. The wontons are thin and yet very crispy. 

The meat and shrimp inside the wraps are seasoned with many ingredients like ginger, green onion, salt, and spices.

Flour serves as a binder to hold the wrap together. The meat choice for wonton soups depends on those consuming it.

A Chinese restaurant, however, offers different options of pork, turkey/ chicken. 

The combination of both the broth and the wontons gives wonton soup.

The right ingredients in the right amount leave you wanting more. And makes your wonton soup experience worthwhile. 

All the ingredients in wonton soup are healthy. If you’re sticking to a vegan diet, you may be worried this soup is not for you. 

Well, great news, you can make your wonton soup to suit your diet. You can decide to make your soup with vegetables, and it will still taste great. 

Egg Drop Soup vs. Wonton Soup: Taste Difference

While egg drop soup has a savory taste, wonton soup has quite a different taste. The ingredients for making both soups are not the same, so they’re bound to differ. 

For example, an important ingredient of egg drop soup is eggs. Meanwhile, wonton soup contains no eggs. 

Egg Drop soup has a unique taste because of the ingredients and eggs it contains. The base for this soup is a savory salty chicken stock base.

The seasoning of sesame oil, green onions, garlic, ginger, e.t.c, and the unique base make the taste different and unique.

Wonton soup comes in different flavors depending on the region you find it in and, very importantly, the ingredients it contains. The taste varies a lot and will not be the same everywhere. 

However, you should be able to tell wonton soup by the taste wherever you may find it.

The Typical taste of wonton soup everywhere is sweet, salty, sour, and if it contains pepper flakes, then hot. 

The broth, which could be ken or pork,  has either flavor in the recipe. It is flavourful because of the rich ingredients of sesame oil, shrimps, ginger, pepper, e.t.c, in it.

On the other hand, the wonton dumplings have meatballs wrapped in them. It is quite juicy and crispy. It tastes sweet, too, because of the seasonings in it. 

Which is Healthier, Egg Drop Soup or Wonton Soup?

The difference in the total nutritional value of both soups is almost insignificant.

This insignificance is so because both soups meet different nutritional requirements.

The wonton soup, however, can stand out as the healthier one of the two soups.

The very low cholesterol content of the wonton soup places it slightly above the egg drop soup on the health benefits chart.

Wonton soup also has higher concentrations of carbohydrates and proteins than egg drop soup. 

But of course, others may choose egg drop soup over wonton soup. The egg drop has high national value and is just as healthy too. 

Here is a table with a detailed comparison of both soups. This table could help you decipher which of the two soups is healthy enough to work for you. 

Egg Drop SoupWonton Soup
It contains a high amount of cholesterol(55.4mg)It contains less cholesterol(8.9mg)
It contains fewer calories(65)It contains more calories(71)
It contains a higher amount of saturated fat(1.5g)Contains less amount of saturated fat (0.6g)
More vitamin CLess vitamin C
Lower in minerals Richer in minerals 
Lower sodium content(891.8mg)High Sodium content(906.4mg)
Less sugarMore sugar
Lesser carbohydrate value(10.3g)Higher carbohydrate value(11.8g)
Lesser protein content (2.8g)Higher protein content(4.6g)

With such high nutritional value, the health benefits of both soups are endless. Therefore, the more the national value, the higher the health benefits. 

That is why it is safe to say wonton soup is slightly healthier than egg drop soup. But of course, that does not mean egg drop soup is not healthy. 

Also, the low-calorie content of egg drop soup may make others consider it over the wonton soup. That is why it is necessary to know what works for you and go with it. 

What is the Broth of Wonton Soup Made Of?

The broth of wonton soup is from seasoned chicken. This process entails a real chicken drill into soup with the right seasoning.

The broth usually begins with a well-seasoned base, and the meat comes in after. Chicken broth is the most common because of its unique taste and aroma. 

The broth of wonton soup may differ from one restaurant to the other, one chef to the other, diets, e.t.c. But here’s a great tip: broth for wonton soup is never slimy. 

The broth will get slimy if you boil the wontons in it. Therefore, if you’re making your broth on your own, ensure not to boil the wontons in the broth. 

Unless, of course, you have your recipe and want to make it your way. 

There are several ingredients people use to make the broth of wonton soup. You may find a list handy, just in case you want to try it out on your own. 

  • Garlic
  • Sesame oil
  • Ginger
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Vegetable
  • Other spices of your choice

Everyone has a unique way of making their broths, especially restaurants, to give out unique tastes.

So, if you have other spices in mind, you can try them out with your broth.

And just in case your health or diet does not agree with some things on the list like garlic or a vegetable, make sure to take them out. Either way, your broth will still taste great. 

How about if you’re on a vegan diet? Well, that’s not an issue; most Chinese restaurants have wonton soups to suit such diets.

The broth contains more vegetables than the seasoned chicken it normally would. 


Both egg drop soup and wonton soups are high-quality Chinese meals. They have nutritional content, preparation method, ingredients, and taste. 

However, a minor constituent of both soups is the broth. In the very thick broth, wonton soup has wontons in its lighter broth.

At the same time, the egg drop soup has eggs, vegetables, e.t.c.

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