How Much is Pizza Express: The 2023 Menu Price Updates!

Pizza Express is comfortably one of the best pizzerias in the United States. This restaurant chain offers a lot of mouth-watering treats to keep you returning and ordering more. 

However, with such a solid reputation courtesy of their extensive and inclusive menu, you may wonder about their affordability. 

Could Pizza Express be too expensive for you? Let’s find out how much Pizza Express costs. 

Pizza Express offers a reasonable price range for their meals across all locations. You can get Pizza Express for as low as $8.50 for the 10″ plain option and $13 for the 16″ large. Many other offers, like the Gyro, Buffalo, BBQ, and Grilled Chicken Pizza, cost between $13.50-$25, depending on the size.  

If you’re wondering how much you need for satisfaction at Pizza Express, this article has got you covered. 

It’ll highlight Pizza Express’s prices, discounts, and special offers at this beloved pizzeria. So sit tight as we explore affordable pizzas and exciting dining experiences at Pizza Express!

Cost Range for Pizza Express Pizzas Based on the 2023 Menu Updates

After the recent menu updates, dining at Pizza Express has a distinct cost range, particularly regarding their pizzas. 

The price of pizza express food from their 2023 menu varies depending on what you order.

Below are some of the delightful options on Pizza Express’s menu and their prices: 

PizzaPrice Range by Size ($)
Plain8.50 – 17.00
Margherita 12.00 – 25.00
BBQ Chicken13.50 – 25.00
Athens13.50 – 25.00
Gyro 13.50 – 25.00
Buffalo Chicken13.50 – 25.00
Hawaiin 13.50 – 25.00
Southwestern13.50 – 25.00
Deluxe13.50 – 24.00

At Pizza Express, dining is more than just an extensive gallery of pizzas and salads. 

The Pizza Express menu offers many other delicacies that bring out the Italian spirit in every bite.

Below are a few items you can try at Pizza Express and their current prices: 

Delicious Starters

For starters, there’s the delightful garlic bread with mozzarella. This Pizza Express classic costs only $6.44, a fantastic way to whet your appetite without breaking the bank.

Next up, we have the bruschetta originale “PizzaExpress”. This traditional Italian starter costs $7.74, according to recent updates from September 2023 on UK prices.

Pizza by the Slice

If affordable pizzas at Pizza Express are what you’re after, then their By-the-Slice service is perfect for you! 

A slice of thin-crust pizza topped with mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce & parmesan cheese will set you back $21.95 per slice – a little piece of Italy served on your plate!

Satisfying Salads

In addition to their well-known pizzas, they provide some nutritious and tasty salad options.

These include 

Pizza Express SaladsPrice ($)
Chef Salad9.50
Turkey salad9.00
Ceaser Salad7.00
Tuna Salad9.00
Cold Cuts9.00

Please remember, even with the Pizza Express price listed here, rates at Pizza Express can vary. 

Moreover, confirming prices with your local Pizza Express before placing an order is always a good idea.

Remember, meal costs at Pizza Express represent more than just value for money; they offer a taste of Italy – one you’ll absolutely enjoy!

Is Pizza Express Affordable?

If you’re searching for affordable pizzas at Pizza Express, you will definitely find it!

The cost of specific items can be lower during certain periods because of discounts at Pizza Express or ongoing special offers.

Whether you prefer a calm dine-in experience or a fast delivery service, your option will impact your expenses.

However, keep an eye out for special offers in Pizza Express, like discounts, which can reduce your meal costs at Pizza Express even further.

Affordable Pizza Express’s By-the-Slice Service

At Pizza Express, you can indulge in a slice of your favorite pizza without ordering the whole pie. 

Pizza Express’s menu offers a by-the-slice service at affordable prices, once again being an economical choice among restaurants.

You can taste Pizza Express for just $21.95 per slice! With these rates at Pizza Express, enjoying good food has never been more affordable!

With the option of ordering by slice, customers can sample different pizzas without buying separate pies or sharing them with others. 

This option is perfect for individuals or those dining at Pizza Express alone.

Whether you’re looking to satisfy a craving or simply want something quick and delectable on the go – grabbing slices from their by-the-slice service presents itself as an attractive deal when considering expenses at Pizza Express!

However, these prices may vary based on location and other factors. So, always confirm prices before placing an order! 

However, one thing remains constant: we all love good deals, especially when they involve the deliciousness of Pizza Express’s menu!

Variation in Prices Based on Location and Possible Discounts at Pizza Express

When dining at Pizza Express, remember that the variable Pizza Express prices depend on location. 

Noticeably, the price of Pizza Express food may differ from one outlet to another due to various factors such as operational costs and policies.

The cost of pizza express items can swing greatly based on your locale. For example, you might pay more for a specialty pizza in California than in Illinois.

This variation is worth considering when anticipating the meal costs at Pizza Express during your outing.

Possible Discounts at Pizza Express

One exciting aspect about eating out at this chain is that discounts are often available. These special offers in Pizza Express significantly lower the rates at Pizza Express.

You could find deals enabling you to enjoy affordable pizzas at Pizza Express, making it cost-effective for groups or special occasions.

Pizza Express deals, however, are subject to availability and may vary across locations or even times of year. Therefore, checking what they currently offer is always worthwhile before placing an order.

In conclusion, whether you’re simply grabbing a quick slice or planning a full-spread feast with friends or family members enjoying various menu selections, always plan for variations and look for discounts when dining out at any restaurant, including Pizza Express!

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