Popeyes Red Beans And Rice Discontinued (Explained)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Cajun rice and green beans, also known as “Popeyes red beans and rice,” is a former delicacy on Popeye’s menu.

The dish has been a popular option for many customers over the years.

However, there seem to be rumors that the meal has been permanently removed from the company’s menu. 

This article details why the restaurant chain discontinued Popeyes red beans and rice and if it could be reinstated in the nearest future.

Yes, Popeyes red beans and rice has been discontinued due to customer feedback reviews and the need to improve their menu. However, the company cited many delicious side options consumers could try out. Therefore, for a fact, Popeyes red beans and rice has been removed from Popeyes’ menu.

Did Popeyes Discontinue Red Beans and Rice?

Popeyes Red Beans and Rice Discontinued

Yes, the restaurant chain has discontinued Red beans and rice. However, this only applies to the special Cajun rice and green beans recipe.

Other side options may contain either red beans or Cajun rice in it. They still offer Cajun rice and Green beans separately. You may read more about green beans as well.

Cajun rice, commonly called “dirty rice,” contains chicken meat leftovers mixed with spicy Cajun rice.

Green beans are a healthier meal option due to their nutritious, high protein content.

Other traditional side options listed by the company that remains on their menu include Popcorn Shrimp, Cajun Fries, Coleslaw, and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy. 

Let’s look at each of these meals so you can decide for yourself if they are a better option. 

Popcorn ShrimpsThis delicacy is a fried breaded shrimp with a soft, crunchy exterior. Popcorn shrimps can be with or without sauce.
Cajun FriesCajun Fries is a meal that embodies Popeye’s root connections with Louisiana. Cajun fries are spiced with Popeye’s special Cajun seasoning and fried to hot crispy perfection.
ColeslawColeslaw is an excellent Popeye alternative for vegans. The delicious vegetable filling is mixed thoroughly with cream, making a great pairing with Popeyes fried chicken. 
Mashed Potatoes and GravyMashed Potatoes and Gravy make a delicious pairing with Popeyes fried chicken. However, you should eat the potatoes with the sauce, or they might taste bland.

Why Did Popeyes Get Rid of Red Beans and Rice?

The restaurant chain prompted the decision to discontinue Popeyes red beans and rice after the company paid attention to customer feedback.

And after thoughtful consideration, the restaurant took the meal off the menu. 

Popeyes revealed many delicious side options available that consumers could try out.

They include

  • Popeyes mashed potatoes with Gravy, red beans, and rice
  • Popeyes Cajun fries
  • Popeyes Coleslaw
  • A la Carte Biscuits. 

Popeyes red beans and rice was a popular and beloved side option for consumers, not just for its unique taste alone.

The dish contained a rich source of fiber. Each serving contained about 5 to 15 grams of nutritional fiber, depending on the serving size. 

It was also safely gluten-free. And was a favorite with customers who had gluten intolerance.

However, Popeyes red beans and rice did contain soy and were not safe for customers with soy intolerance or soy allergies. 

Popeyes Cajun rice and green beans were not an option for vegans. The dish contained pork fat and bacon in substantial amounts. 

What Happens to Popeyes Red Beans and Rice?

Since being discontinued, Popeyes red beans and rice are no longer available to customers who still want them.

You may still find the red beans and rice option on Popeye’s online website; however, the option would not be available for delivery.

There are other options you could explore if you still crave Popeyes red beans and rice. You could consider preparing it yourself, in your kitchen. 

Popeyes recipe consists mainly of bacon, dry red beans, a quarter teaspoon of liquid smoke, half tablespoon of Cajun seasoning, Chicken stock or broth, and cooked white rice.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Cook the rice under medium heat. Add a tablespoon of oil or butter for extra flavor and moisture. 
  • Pour the chopped bacon into a large saucepan and cook until it starts turning brown.
  • Pour in the red beans and use a potato masher to mash the beans a little. You could choose to cook your beans separately or mix them with the browned bacon. 
  • Add a cup of water, onion, garlic, salt, Cajun seasoning, and liquid smoke into the pot of red beans. 
  • Allow the meal to simmer at medium-low heat for 15 to 20 minutes until the beans soften. Stir very well before serving. 
  • You can mix cooked rice into the beans mixture and serve, or fill your bowl with the beans mixture and place some cooked rice on top. 

Is Popeyes Cajun Rice Coming Back?

After the company discontinued Popeyes red beans and rice, the restaurant chain announced in June that they would unveil a limited release of the famous Cajun rice to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

In addition, the company revealed Cajun rice would be available in all their restaurants.  

It will also be available on the Popeyes delivery app or website even though the release was for a limited time.

The specified duration of the limited release would run was not stipulated in the memo.

However, this could mean ongoing talks of permanently bringing Cajun rice and possibly  Popeyes red beans and rice back to the menu. 

The news has seen many Popeyes Cajun rice fans excited about the comeback; the meals have been taken off the menu permanently since last year.

However, the company also planned to sell the meal for a discounted price in the spirit of the celebration. 

Reasons Why Popeyes Stopped Selling Red Beans and Rice?

Popeyes’  reason for permanently removing red beans and rice from its menu was not quite concrete or explicit.

The company responded to the questions concerning the removal by citing customer feedback and newer improvements on their menu as reasons.

Red beans and rice were also not the only meals to be discontinued. 

Mac and cheese also disappeared from the menu. You may still be able to find Mac and cheese in other restaurants linked to the restaurant chain.

However, you should first verify from the restaurant to be sure. 

Another reason the company may have discontinued the dish, considering they highlighted improving the quality of their menu, is because red beans and rice are classic non-vegan dishes.

The company may be researching newer, better, and more vegan-inclusive recipes for their menu.

Popeyes red beans and rice also contain soy, which makes it non-edible for customers with soy intolerance or soy allergies. 


Popeye ended the preparation of red beans and rice due to the restaurant chain considering customer feedback and needing to improve their menu.

The company revealed other side options, including Cajun rice, Coleslaw, and A la Carte Biscuits.

You could try preparing Popeyes red beans and rice by checking out cookbook blogs featuring the recipe.

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