What Hot Sauce Does Pizza Hut Use? (Read This First)

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Pizza Hut is one of the world’s largest international iconic pizza chains. The brand is well-known for its incredible and tasty pizzas, desserts, pasta dishes, and wings.

Unarguably, nothing beats the enjoyment and satisfaction from a pizza, snacks, and other dishes that are well-marinated with savory and quality hot sauce. 

Hence, if you are curious about the kind of hot sauce Pizza Hut uses, you are in the right place. Therefore, what kind of hot sauce does Pizza Hut use?

Pizza Hut doesn’t use just one hot sauce. In contrast, the brand offers different hot sauces depending on customer preferences. Some of the hot sauces are; Buffalo mild, medium, and Burnin’ hot sauces, classic marinara, sweet chili sauce, Asian sweet chili sauce, Nashville hot sauce, etc. These sauces are combinations of different hot spices and ingredients.

In this article, I will list and explain the varieties of hot sauces that Pizza Hut uses. 

I will further mention the ingredients and spices that make up the hot sauces, and by the end, you will be able to discover and choose the best hot sauce suitable for your taste.

Eight Hottest Sauces Used at Pizza Hut

What Hot Sauce Does Pizza Hut Use

First, it’s necessary to note that what you consider “hot” might differ from what another person considers hot. 

For this reason, Pizza Hut offers several hot sauces ranging from mild to hot to extra hot, meaning there’s something suitable for everyone.

Therefore, below are the hottest sauces used at Pizza Hut.

#1. Buffalo Mild Sauce:

Buffalo flavor sauce is available in three different levels of spiciness, and mild buffalo sauce is one of them. 

The ingredients and spices that make it up are garlic, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and butter.

#2. Buffalo Medium Sauce:

This sauce is spicier and hotter than buffalo mild sauce. 

The ingredients and spices that make it up are higher concentrations of cayenne pepper, hot sauce, margarine, and butter.

#3. Buffalo Burnin’ Hot Sauce/Peppery Hot Sauce:

This sauce is the hottest of the buffalo flavor sauces. 

The ingredients and spices that make the sauce are black pepper, vinegar, margarine, garlic, cayenne pepper, honey, cumin, and nutmeg.

#4. Nashville Hot Sauce:

This sauce’s main ingredient and spice is cayenne pepper. Nashville hot sauce offers a sweet, flavorful, and tangy taste.

#5. Classic Marinara:

Classic marinara is Pizza Hut’s classic pizza sauce, and its ingredients and spices are garlic, black pepper, and Italian herbs.

#6. Sweet Chili Sauce:

Pizza Hut mainly uses this sauce as a dipping sauce for its wings, and its ingredients and spices are garlic, chili, and red capsicum.

#7. Asian Sweet Chili Sauce:

This sweet, spicy, thick, dark red sauce is mostly used to marinate and stir-fry Pizza Hut’s wings. 

You can also use it as a dipping sauce, and its ingredients and spices are chili peppers, garlic, ginger, vinegar, and sugar. 

Pizza Hut also uses this sauce on many of its Asian-inspired dishes, and the sauce is available in bottles for purchase.

#8. Honey Sriracha:

This sauce blends honey, sriracha, red chilies, garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and salt.

All the hot sauces listed above are made to spice up your dishes and add heat and tangy flavor to your taste buds.

Some hot sauces, such as buffalo flavor sauces, are made to stir-fry or used as dipping sauces for wings. Also, some are used to marinate pizzas, such as the classic marinara sauce. 

Hence, the sauces have different uses, and their levels of spiciness range from mild hot, medium hot, to extra hot. 

However, you may choose to use any hot sauce for any dish if you can handle the heat and it suits your taste preference.

Meanwhile, selecting the proper sauce for your taste buds can be challenging, especially if you are yet to learn the differences between mild, medium, and extra hot sauces.

Therefore, check the table below for differences between mild hot, medium hot, and extra hot sauces.

Mild Hot SauceMedium Hot Sauce Extra Hot Sauce
Mild hot sauces are light in texture.Slightly thicker than mild hot sauces.Mostly thicker than both mild and medium hot sauces.
This sauce balances between sweet and spicy.Sweet but spicier than a mild hot sauce.Sweet but extremely spicy, making your tongue feel the heat.
A mild hot sauce is consistent, i.e., smooth.Contains small pieces of chili peppers.Increased quantity of chili pepper pieces.
It has a low Scoville heat rating.Has a moderate Scoville heat rating.Has a high Scoville heat rating.

Does Pizza Hut Use Frank’s Red Hot Sauce?

Yes, Pizza Hut uses Frank’s Red Hot sauce. Pizza Hut collaborates with the famous Frank’s Red Hot sauce and uses it on some of its products.

However, it’s worth noting that Pizza Hut doesn’t use Frank’s Red Hot sauce as a standard topping on any of its pizzas. 

In contrast, Pizza Hut mostly uses Frank’s Red Hot sauce as an ingredient in its buffalo-style sauces and as a condiment in its three new pizzas. 

The three new pizzas are vegan Flamin buffalo, the veggie Flamin buffalo, and the Flamin buffalo. 

These pizzas contain buffalo-style sauce; one of the sauce’s ingredients is Frank’s RedHot sauce.

Vegan Flamin, as its name implies, is a pizza specially made for vegans. Veggie Flamin buffalo is also made for vegetarians, while the Flamin buffalo is meaty (mostly chicken).

Moreover, Pizza Hut also serves Frank’s RedHot as a dipping sauce for wings. Nevertheless, sauces and dish combinations are all about individual taste preferences. 

Since Frank’s RedHot sauce provides a tangy and spicy flavor, you may use it as toppings on any of Pizza Hut’s pizzas.

Therefore, you can ask for Frank’s RedHot sauce as an additional topping on your pizza or request it to be added to your order separately and use it for whatever you like.

Regardless, Pizza Hut primarily uses Frank’s RedHot sauce on their wings, not pizzas, but you can choose to use it however you want, for it all boils down to personal preferences.

How Hot Is Pizza Hut’s Burnin’ Hot Sauce at Home?

Pizza Hut describes its burnin’ hot sauce as “fiery.” It also describes the sauce as “hot and spicy.” 

Meanwhile, a result shows that Pizza Hut’s burnin’ hot sauce rates 1500 on the Scoville index. 

This makes its heat and spiciness level noticeable but not severely spicy as it sounds “burning,” but this result might not be accurate.

Regardless, it’s essential to note that this question has yet to be definitively answered because of individual taste preferences. 

What one person considers “hot” might be different from another. Hence, you can only confirm how hot Pizza Hut’s burnin’ hot sauce is when you taste it yourself.

Also, it’s necessary to note that the hotness and heat level of Pizza Hut’s burnin’ hot sauce can differ depending on how you prepare and serve it at home. 

In addition, the quality of the chili peppers, the recipe, and the preparation process are other crucial factors affecting the heat levels of burnin’ hot sauce.


Is the Hot Sauce Used by Pizza Hut Available for Purchase?

Yes, Pizza Hut distributes its hot sauce to some selected locations, meaning the availability of Pizza Hut’s hot sauces varies depending on your location. 

Are There Any Allergens in Pizza Hut Hot Sauce?

So, Pizza Hut’s hot sauce may contain allergens as the hot sauces have different ingredients and spices.

Check with Pizza Hut or consult its allergen information before consuming hot sauces.

Can I Use Pizza Hut’s Hot Sauce on other Dishes?

Yes, you can use Pizza Hut’s hot sauce on any other dishes as long as you are okay with it, for it all depends on individual preferences.

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