OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros (Everything You Must Know)

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It is no news that Dutch Bros. makes one of the most delightful coffees in the United States.

Aside from coffee, the brand specializes in drinks such as teas, lemonades, and energy drinks made from fruits.

One of these fruity delights from Dutch Bros is the OG Gummy Bear.

The OG Gummy Bear is a flavor option for some servings at the Dutch Bros. It combines a blend of fruits with the main item to give fruity tastes to the drinks. Available in blended and iced options, you can choose to top it with whipped cream for optimum taste satisfaction. 

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros Rebel

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros

The Rebel is a fruity energy drink from Dutch Bros, available in many flavors.

The flavors of the Dutch Bros Rebel are distinct from one another in the fruit combination used to make them. One of these tastes is the OG Gummy Bear.

Incorporating some fruit syrups, the OG Gummy Bear Rebel flavor adds delight to the energy it gives.

The energy fruit drink is an excellent substitute for the caffeinated coffee for which Dutch Bros is popularly known.

However, the OG Gummy Bear Rebel flavor differs from the ordinary Gummy Bear Rebel flavor.

While the former contains varying fruit syrups and soda water, the latter contains kiwi, Lime, and white chocolate. 

Aside from the OG Gummy Bear and the Gummy Bear flavors, there are a lot of other Dutch Bros Rebel tastes.

The table below gives the flavors of the Dutch Bros Rebel and their fruit constituents:

Electric BerryLime, Blue Raspberry 
Aftershock Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Lime
Shark AttackBlue Raspberry, Coconut, Lime, Pomegranate Drizzle
Double RainbowStrawberry, Peach, Coconut
Peach Peach
Vampire SlayerStrawberry, Pomegranate
Midnight RebelBlackberry, Pomegranate
Unicorn BloodStrawberry, White Chocolate, Almond
AquaberryStrawberry, Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon
Peach RingWhite Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Peach Drizzle
Pink FlamingoPeach, Strawberry, White Chocolate
Ray of SunshineBlackberry, Peach, Grapefruit
Red, White & BlueRaspberry, Blue Raspberry, White Chocolate
Rocky PointBlackberry, Peach, Coconut, Orange
Stop LightPomegranate, Passion Fruit, kiwi
Starry NightBlue Raspberry, Blackberry
Palm TreePomegranate, Passion Fruit, Lime
Sweet SunrisePeach, Passion Fruit, Orange, Banana
Tricky TreOrange, Peach
TrixieAlmond, Orange, Pomegranate
Passion WaterPassion Fruit, Watermelon
Palm BeachPomegranate, Peach
AstronautBlackberry, Raspberry, Almond
Galaxy FishStrawberry, Lime, Passion Fruit
BubblegumBanana, Strawberry, Vanilla
Dinosaur EggBlue Raspberry, Strawberry, White Chocolate, Almond Drizzle
Dragon SlayerRaspberry, Blue Raspberry, Blackberry Drizzle
Dutch MojitoCoconut, Lime, Crème De Menthe
EclipsePeach, Passion Fruit, Blackberry, Blue Raspberry Drizzle
Fire LizardStrawberry, Banana, Orange
FreedomVanilla, Blue Raspberry, Raspberry drizzle
Gem BerryBlackberry, Vanilla, Raspberry
OrangesicleOrange, vanilla
Gummy BearKiwi, Lime, White Chocolate
HawaiianBanana, Orange, Peach Strawberry
HyperchromeOrange, Passion Fruit, Pomegranate
Laser CatRaspberry, Coconut, 
Majestic ForestBlackberry, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi
MarmaladeStrawberry, Orange, Grapefruit
MidnightBlackberry, Pomegranate,
OG Gummy BearPomegranate, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Grapefruit

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros Ingredients

Accounting for the rich flavor of the Dutch Bros’ OG Gummy Bear is a combination of fruit syrups.

The following are the unique ingredients of the tasty Dutch Bros drink flavor:

  • Pomegranate syrup
  • Watermelon syrup
  • Passion fruit syrup
  • Grapefruit syrup
  • Soda water

The ingredients mentioned above are the primary constituents of the OG Gummy Bear.

In addition, you can request a whipped cream top-off and ice for a more pleasant taste when ordering.

The OG Gummy bear is a flavor option for various drinks at Dutch Bros. For that reason, the drink types determine the rest of the ingredients for the OG Gummy Bear.

These constituents added to the fruit combinations give the flavor.

For instance, soda water and the fruits combo give the OG Gummy Bear flavor for the Dutch Bros Soda.

When you add lemon to the original OG Gummy Bear ingredients, you get the OG Gummy Bear Lemonade flavor.

Likewise, the Dutch Bros Rebel with the Gummy Bear fruits gives you the OG Gummy Bear Rebel flavor.

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros Price

For a fruity energy drink as good as the OG Gummy Bear, Dutch Bros is considerate with the price.

You can get a large serving of the OG Gummy Bear drink for as much as $4.20. The small and medium servings of the Dutch Bros Gummy Bear cost less as appropriate.

The price of the OG Gummy Bear is, however, not constant. It differs in the individual Dutch Bros shops in the various states.

You can contact the brand’s shop near you for the drink cost if you want to order. Different prices exist for the different OG Gummy Bear flavors.

You can find in the table below the prices for OG Gummy Bear Frost, Lemonade, Soda, and Rebel:

Dutch Bros Rebel$4.64
Dutch Frost$4.20
Dutch Tea$2.19
Dutch Soda$2.19

Furthermore, Dutch Bros update its price list from time to time, and the price of the OG changes with these updates. 

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros Nutrition

The Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear contains a variety of nutrients. The nutritional information of the drink depends on the servings, which could be large, medium, or small.

The table below gives the nutritional value of the servings of OG Gummy Bear:

Total Fat4g4g4g
Total Carbs81g61mg42mg

Most Dutch Bros drinks are available in the original and sugar-free versions.

People concerned about sugar consumption can always go for the sugar-free version of the OG Gummy Bear.

You can burn out most of the calories by simply walking and by other menial forms of exercise.

OG Gummy Bear Dutch Bros Review

Few drinks at Dutch Bros match the fruit variety of the OG Gummy bear.

This combination of tastes has made it a flavor option for the famous coffee brand Rebel, Soda, and lemonade.

But, unfortunately, you can’t taste this blast of fruity tastes and regret stopping by at Dutch Bros.

The options available for the Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear make it an all-season delight.

So what’s a better drink to cool the heat of the summer with than an iced OG?

With the available OG Gummy Bear options, you can literarily make yourself a drink at Dutch Bros.

The convenience of the Dutch Bros Shops and their excellent customer services add extra gloss to the drink’s delight.

Getting your drink served in your vehicle when the line is long makes it more enjoyable.

Add a smiling employee to that, and you won’t mind the wait because it goes by quickly.

Furthermore, with most Dutch Bros Locations opened throughout the day, you can get the OG Gummy Bear any time you want.

So you don’t have to wait for a particular time to get the fruity taste of the OG Gummy bear drink.

Everyone likes free things, so you get a free serving of the OG once in a while. These occasions include your birthday when you can get a free drink from Dutch Bros.

Also, with unique stamp cards, you get your 11th serving of brew for free.

The OG Gummy Bear has its downsides, however. The drink’s calorie, sugar, and cholesterol content could pose health problems for some people.

In addition, having people sick due to OG Gummy Bear consumption could harm the drink’s identity.

The downsides of the OG Gummy Bear (which you can control) shouldn’t stop you from getting a taste of it.

So the next time you are close to a Dutch Bros shop, treat yourself to a cup of this tasty thrill. As you heard before, you won’t regret stopping by. 

Dutch Bros OG Gummy Bear Lemonade

The lemonade at Dutch Bros has different flavors, including the OG Gummy Bear flavor.

The fruity combination with lemon gives one a sweet-tart sensation enough to refresh a dull day. 

Like every other Dutch Bros drink with different flavor options, lemonade has its main ingredients; lemon and sugar.

It becomes an OG Gummy Bear Lemonade when you combine these items with the constituents of the OG Gummy Bear.


The OG Gummy Bear is a popular flavor option for drinks like the Rebel and Lemonade at Dutch Bros Coffees.

The flavor ingredients remain constant in the individual drinks, which add their main constituents.

The price of the OG Gummy Bear varies based on the drink type and the Dutch Bros shops’ discretion.

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