How Many Servings Are In A #10 Can Of Green Beans?

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Packaged foods are usually very convenient, especially for large gatherings and commercial purposes.

But, it is always essential to know the number of servings you can get from a specific size, especially as the cans for packaging canned foods vary widely.

Each size #10 Can of green beans contains 24 servings of green beans measured in ½ a cup which is the standard serving of green beans. Although there are different canned beans, each brand usually contains the same 24 servings of beans per #10 can.

How Many Ounces In A #10 Can Of Green Beans?

How Many Servings Are In A #10 Can Of Green Beans

A #10 can of green beans contains 102 ounces, the standard weight for a #10 Can of green beans.

It cuts across all brands that produce and package green beans.

However, there may be slight variations in the precise measurements of the various products, especially as they’re from different brands.

In some cases, even products from the same brand can have variations.

But, the weight is usually between 100ounces to 110ounces, and the more common weight is 102 ounces.

So, that is typically about six to seven pounds of green beans, which the #10 can usually contain.

Since green beans are usually an accompaniment to the main dish or the entrée, this can of green beans can serve a reasonable number of people.

Thus, it is convenient for food service operators and large gatherings.

As a result, most people find it much more convenient to open one large can to serve many people than to open several small cans.

Also, one large can is more economical than many small cans with less weight, and you spend less money that way too. 

How Many People Does A Number 10 Can Of Green Beans Feed?

A #10 green beans can conveniently serve about 25-30 people. The portions vary slightly, depending on the main dish and the host; the number isn’t static.

The kind of event you’re catering for would also affect the number of vegetables you have to serve.

For instance, at a tailgating event, people mostly eat barbecue and drink alcohol, so they consume fewer greens.

At a Christmas lunch, however, you will need more green beans because the meals are different.

So, the quantity of canned fruits and vegetables varies slightly.

Still, canned green beans are very popular for family gatherings, picnics, brunches, dinners, and parties where actual food is served.

Green beans are a popular side dish for many meals, like mashed potatoes, turkey, BBQ, and gravy.

If you’re making any of these, you can get the green beans and cook them beforehand, keep them on low heat until everyone is ready to eat; be careful not to overheat them.

So, for whatever gathering you’re planning, remember that a #10 can of green beans contains about 100 ounces, and you need 42 ounces to feed ten people.

So, to serve ten people, you need almost ½ of a #10 can of green beans. Since you need 80 ounces to feed 20 people, a #10 can of green beans feeds 25 people or even more. 

But, to be on the safe side, so you don’t underestimate and end up running out, get a #10 can for 25 people.

You can use one large can of beans for 25 people, that is about 100 ounces for 25 people. So, if you buy the small cans, you need three small cans for 25 people.

Also, keep in mind that there are several serving quantities for different meals and different people.

For example, some meals require that you serve a generous portion of greens so that the person eating will feel full since the main meal may be light.

If the main meal is on the heavy side, you need a small helping of greens to go along with it.

So, the servings will be smaller, so you will need fewer green beans for more people.

But, if you stick with the recommended serving sizes, whether for the public, personal or commercial consumption, you should find that the #10 can is just right for 25 people. 

How Many Cups Are In A Number 10 Can Of Beans?

As I mentioned, a #10 can of beans contains about 24 servings of half a cup, meaning that a size #10 can roughly have about 11 cups of beans.

That means 102 ounces or slightly more green beans will give you 11 cups of green beans.

Of course, that would vary because different people will measure the beans into cups, so some may be more heavy-handed than others.

As such, that will leave room for some discrepancies in the measurements. Maybe half a cup.

Also, when you chop the green beans, you’ll realize that one pound can easily make up three cups of beans.

So you’ll need one pound to get three cups of green beans. So you can use 1/3 of a pound to fill up a cup.

The measurements for all these are vital because if you have an event to cater to or a large group of people to feed, you will know how to go about it.

Or maybe you want to know so you can purchase for everyday use.

Either way, in this table, you’ll find various green bean sizes, their weight, how many cups they contain, and how many people you can feed if you purchase a particular can.

Size Of CanNumber Of CupsHow Many People Does It FeedHow Many Pounds In A Can
14.5oz1 1/3 cupsFour persons0.906 pounds
28oz3-3/4 cupsSeven people1.75 pounds
80ozEight ¼ cupsTwenty persons5 pounds
50oz5 ½ cupsTwelve persons3.125 pounds
102oz or #1011 cupsTwenty-five people6.325 pounds

How Many Pounds Are In A Number 10 Can Of Green Beans?

Usually, people measure the individual servings of green beans in pounds, so it is also helpful to know the quantity of the green beans measured in lbs.

Also, some count the single green beans, like 40 pieces in a serving.

However, the #10 Can of green beans holds about 6-7 pounds of the product. Thus, there are about a hundred ounces of green beans in the container.

The number is not uniform because of differences in brand and packaging.

However, the distinctions are negligible. For example, all cans range from 100-110 ounces and nothing more.

That is why the weight in pounds cannot be uniform. The can will serve many people, which is ideal for large gatherings. 

But, you can also store the can for long periods, which means it is excellent for extended storage periods; it will not go bad.

You should check the expiry dates at least to ensure you’re on the safe side. And if you open it and it remains, makes sure to refrigerate it to avoid waste. 


If you have to serve a group of people, you must know the size of canned goods and vegetables that will be sufficient for the group.

So, if you’re looking at purchasing a #10 can of green beans, you should know that a number 10 can, can conveniently serve at least 25 people. Even 27, if you’re right-handed.

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