How Many Scoops Of Ice Cream in A Cup? (Explained)

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Are you organizing an event for children? The absence of ice cream can be the absence of joy. Likewise, ice creams can make it a perfect party.

However, you must ensure they eat healthily. This statement involves checking the quality and calorific value of the quantity you give to the guests.

Therefore, when analyzing the quantity of ice cream suitable for a child or adult, you may wonder how many scoops of ice cream make a cup.

There are two scoops of ice cream in a standard cup. One scoop of ice cream almost fills the cup. However, sometimes, the number of scoops may be more, depending on certain factors. 

How Many Scoops Are In One Ice Cream Serving?

How Many Scoops of Ice Cream Are In a Cup

One Scoop of Ice cream is almost the same as one serving. But, it is not exactly equal. 

A cup is averagely the same as one serving size of ice cream. The quantity is equal to the cup’s size by estimation. A scoop will fill 60 to 80 percent of a cup.

Other factors may affect the measurements of the scoops that will fill one ice cream serving. They include;

#1. Volume of Scoop

The size of the scoop determines the quantity of the scoop. For instance, a bigger scoop will scoop more ice cream than a smaller-sized scoop. 

Therefore, your measurements will differ if you do not use a standard-sized scoop. 

#2. Caloric Density

Many people are watching their weight. However, calorific density is important when serving such persons.

A serving for others could be half or a cup. But those with weight issues should take two-thirds of a cup of ice cream.

Nutritional Benefits of Ice Cream

Ice cream has many nutritional benefits. Many people often focus on the bad side of consuming ice creams rather than the positive rewards.

Ice cream is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. The extra flavor ingredients top the original nutrients present in ice creams.

Traces of vitamins and minerals include;

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Potassium
  • Calcium

More to this, ice cream energizes the body. It contains glucose and other forms of sugar, which are burnt down immediately by the body.

Ice cream also helps activate organs of the respiratory and nervous systems. It also increases sexual performance.

In addition, ice cream prevents cancer. It aids weight loss when taken suitably.

Warnings About Ice Cream Intake

There is no doubt that ice creams can be addictive. So, you should apply moderation to consumption. Ice cream could cause a lot of harm if abused.

Below are possible consequences of excessive consumption of ice cream.

  • You might gain too much weight if you can’t balance your intake. 
  • It affects the alimentary tract of the digestive system.
  • Too much sugar might result in diabetes and harm the heart. It affects the alimentary tract of the digestive system. 

Below is a list of ice creams with low sugar and fat:

  • Arctic Zero, Non-Dairy Desserts, Pistachio
  • Rebel Butter Pecan Ice Cream
  • Edy’s Slow Churned No Sugar Added Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
  • Snow Monkey Acai Berry Frozen Superfood Blend
  • Klondike No Sugar Added Vanilla Ice Cream Bars
  • No Sugar Added Salted Caramel Swirl

Some dairy ice cream products are still good when you can take note of the amount you take.

Most of them are non-dairy products. Those with dairy products have higher fat content.

However, take note of the following to ensure healthy consumption.

  • Consume two scoops on average daily.
  • Examine the contents of any ice cream you are purchasing. Select less sugary brands and more nutrient-oriented types.
  • Take note of the ice cream you’re taking if the company is unknown. The standard of the ice cream can be very helpful.

What Size Is a Standard Ice Cream Scoop?

A standard ice cream scoop should be able to hold a capacity of ice cream that is half a cup.

It would be best if you positioned the scoop so that it can comfortably engulf the ice cream. 

This table shows some scoops and their capacity for holding ice cream.

Standard ScoopsCapacity
Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream ScoopFour tablespoons
Good Cook Smart Scoop Six tablespoons
Jenaluca Cookie ScoopThree tablespoons
Vollrath Stainless Steel DisherEight tablespoons
OXO Good Grips Ice Cream SpadeEight tablespoons
Spring Chef Ice Cream ScoopSix tablespoons

You can keep ice cream outside the freezer to melt. The best standard scoops can carry two to eight tablespoons of ice cream.

Below is a table showing recommended scoops for better accuracy and price.

Standard ScoopsPrices
Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoop25 dollars
Good Cook Smart Scoop 22 to 39 dollars
Jenaluca Cookie Scoop60 dollars
Vollrath Stainless Steel Disher21 dollars
OXO Good Grips Ice Cream Spade15 to 35 dollars
Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop13 dollars

The Zeroll Scoop is the best recommendation. It is mostly in use because it is very durable. It makes fine forms of ice cream.

Some Ice cream scoops have different sizes although the same design and product.

This idea accommodates the user’s desire towards the size of scoop he wants.

Users can track the amount of ice cream scooped when they use different sizes of scoops. 

For business purposes, you can use scoops size knowledge to give customers accurate measurements of their desired amount.


  • Always wash the scoop after use to avoid stains and reactions.
  • Do not use highly concentrated acidic or basic substances to wash your scoop.
  • Rub your scoop gently while washing.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on your scoop to avoid damage.
  • Dip the scoop in warm water, not hot water, before scooping. This process will reduce friction and aid in smooth scooping if the ice cream is too frozen.

How Much Is a Standard Scoop Of Ice Cream?

A standard scoop of ice is as much as 4 oz of ice cream, worth about 3 dollars. This value is equivalent to half a cup of ice cream.

Most people prefer to get ice creams in gallons. This decision is to get a quantity advantage.

In addition, it permits the regular supply of ice cream at home. A gallon of ice cream costs about 9.5 dollars.

A gallon is proportional to 128 oz of ice cream. Therefore, 16 cups of ice cream make one gallon.

Do You Get More Ice Cream In a Cone Or a Cup?

It depends on the size of the cone and also the cup. A standard cup can hold two scoops of ice cream.

On the other hand, a cone can hold two to three scoops of ice cream.

Furthermore, eating ice cream on a cone and cups has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s highlight them.

While it’s easier to lick ice cream from a come, you won’t have the luxury of savoring multiple flavors together.

Also, cones tend to get soggy as the ice cream melts. On the other hand, cups are durable and can hold melted ice cream.

With cups, you can also combine multiple flavors in a mouthful. But it may not be easy to finish ice cream from a big cup at a go.


The size of your ice cream cups determines the number of scoops that will fill it up. However, two scoops are ideal for a standard cup and can serve one person.

Despite this, certain factors such as the volume of the scoop & caloric density of the ice cream affect the measurement.

Whichever scoop measurement you use, be sure you don’t consume too much for health reasons.

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