Cleveland Style Pan Pizza! (Things You Should Know)

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Locals of Cleveland will always boast about their pizza style. It is one of the core wonders of their county and is unlike any other pizza style eaten.

Cleveland is home to some of the best pizza places in the country. So what exactly is the Cleveland Style Pan Pizza?

The Cleveland Style Pan Pizza is a round-cut pizza with elevated edges. The pizza is extra cheesy with a crusty oily base—the Cleveland style of making pizzas houses extra butter in the recipe. And to compliment that extra butter, the pizza also has extra cheese from the center to the edges. 

What is a Cleveland Style Pizza?

Cleveland Style Pan Pizza

A Cleveland-style pizza is a round pizza that is a square cut with a mid-thick crust with cheese as a primary ingredient.

The cheese on the crust goes all the way to the edges of the pizza. The secret ingredient of the Cleveland-style pizza is the sauce placement. 

The sauce is a sweet red spiral and lays on the cheese. Garlic sauce adds a second spiral to the pizza to bring out that unique Cleveland pizza taste. 

In Cleveland, Ohio, the locals believe there’s nothing quite like the taste of a well-prepared pizza.

The Cleveland-style pizza is one of the most famous recipes in the county. 

If you are ever in Cleveland, picking out a great pizza place can be a drag because there are so many.

Below are some great places to order pizza from if you are ever in the county: 

#1. Angelo’s Pizza

Angelo’s pizza is a pizza place in Lakewood. Their delivery and takeout hours are from 11 am – 11 pm on Sundays to Thursdays.

And from Fridays to Saturdays, their delivery hours are from 11 am – 1 am. You can either go to 13715 Madison Avenue or visit their website

They have a wide range of recipes and toppings that will get you going.

They have different pizza sizes ranging from the small size; 9 inches, large size; 12 inches, and extra large, 16 inches. 

Angelos has the traditional alfredo, garlic butter, and green basil pesto on the menu.

They also have some great pizza sauces in their kitchen. You can top your pizza off with regular toppings or premium toppings. 

If you decide to go with the premium toppings, you will have the option of chicken, beef pepperoni, and slow-roasted ribeye steak, only to mention a few.

And the finishing sauce, you can go with bacon ranch chipotle, bourbon or teriyaki. They are just a click away for a more detailed rundown of all the recipes.

#2. A Slice Above Pizza

This pizza place banks on the idea that not all pizza is created equal. A Slice Above is widely considered by many residents to be the best pizza restaurant.

And as such, they have a gallery of pizzas for customers to order any pizza. The pizza place made it to Thrillist’s list of best pizza places in all of Cleveland.

Above all their recipes, there are individual pizzas the restaurant believes to be their masterpieces.

#3. Mother Load Pizza

The Mother Load Pizza is a fan favorite. Many locals often refer to the pizza as “Deluxe and Supreme.”

But whatever you choose to call this masterpiece, it doesn’t change the amazing taste.

Heavenly pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, beef, pork, black olives, and jalapeno peppers coming together on your tongue.

The mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese brings all the ingredients together. 

#4. Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

The bacon cheeseburger pizza from this restaurant uses full-sized hamburgers in its recipe.

Each burger has American cheese and sliced bacon toppings. Ketchup or mustard sauce is the base of the pizza. 

#5. Bodybuilding Pizza

Bodybuilders often have a limited food bank. At A Slice Above, even bodybuilders have a pizza made especially for them. 

What better way to get you ready for work out than with a pizza topped with spicy sauce, mozzarella, and lean with roasted red peppers? This mix together is a great high-protein meal.

#6. Meathead Pizza

If you are a meatball fan, you will love the meathead pizza. Real Italian meatballs with mushrooms, diced onions, and sharp cheddar cheese are all thrown into the baking pan.

The end product is a recipe that will give your tastebuds an experience of a lifetime.

You can always drive to 8788 Pearl Road Strongsville if you’re ever in the area. Or you can always visit their website to check out their recipes

#7. Antonio’s Pizza

Located at 1100 West Royalton Road in Broadview Heights, Antonio’s has been the favorite of many pizza lovers for more than 50 years now.

And as such, they have various outlets all over Cleveland. If you want to check if they have an outlet in your area, visit their website

What Makes the Cleveland Pan Pizza So Good?

Cleveland pan pizza is one of the most delicious pizzas you would ever taste, and it is all in the preparation method.

Pans with slightly raised lips make the Cleveland pan pizza. The lip of the pan isn’t as big as that of Chicago or Detroit pans, but that’s what makes it unique. 

The Cleveland pan pizza is a regular medium-thick round pan pizza, so what makes it so special?

The local pizza shops of Cleveland pride themselves on having a unique style of pizza making; even the pans are different. 

The heat it is cooked under is also a key factor in making a Cleveland pan pizza taste good.

The heat level required to make the Cleveland style is between 450-475℉. 

Sugar is added to the sauce to make it sweeter, and then it is added to the thicker side of the dough. The thicker side houses the cheese and toppings. 

The dough from the Cleveland pan pizza has more butter and is extra crunchy at the base, thanks to the oily base.

The base is crunchy but still soft and extra chewy on the inside. The dough has a specific fermentation time in Cleveland and has much more cheese than many other pizzas. 

Chefs are so proud of the Cleveland pan pizza that the preparation is almost sacred to them and the locals and, of course, lovely travelers. 

Cleveland Style Pan Pizza Recipe

These pizza recipes are identical; pepperoni pizza has the same recipe as other pepperoni recipes worldwide.

The only difference is the method of preparation. Whatever pizza you make, you must remember some of these key things.

To make a Cleveland-style pizza, you need to have the right pan. It’s the pan that will give you that elevated edge Cleveland touch. 

The base of the pizza is always extra oily to give it a crusty finish. Add the sauce in spirals to the pizza.

Always ensure to make the pizza extra cheesy. Put the cheese to the edge of the pizza to give it a gooey texture. 

Which Pan Should I Use for the Cleveland-style Pizza?

It would be best if you got the pan right to make a good Cleveland-style pizza.

The best Cleveland pizza pans always lift the edges of the pizza to a certain degree.

They also have a slightly smaller lid than pans of Chicago and Detroit-style pizzas.

The right pan is very important if you want to create a masterpiece. Properties like the thickness of the pan can have a great effect on the outcome of the pizza.

I am going to outline a couple of pans that will give you the desired Cleveland style you are looking for: 

#1. Wilton Premium Non-Stick Bakeware

The Wilton Premium Non-stick bakeware is one of the best pans to make Cleveland-style pizza.

It takes the top spot because it is very easy to use and clean after use as it is steel made.

Asides from that, it will give you a perfectly round pizza with raised edges. 

#2. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Commercial Deep Dish Pizza Pan

This pan is a product of pure aluminum; the Nordic ware gives room for your pizza to rise and bake evenly.

It is easy to clean and a perfect pan if you are looking for a soft crust and a cheesy dough, typical of Cleveland Pizzas. 

#3. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan With Loop Handles

This pan is one of the most famous baking pans on this list. Cast iron is the primary raw material used to make this pan. The pan is a 14-inch baking pan with iron handles. 

If you opt for this baking pan, your pizza will come out extra crispy on the bottom.

You can also use a floor-free pizza and make something good with this pan. It does all the hard work for you. 

Cleveland Style Pizza vs. Detroit Style Pizza

The debate about the best pizza style is always heated. As you would expect, the locals of each region declare dominance over the other in terms of superior pizza styles.

Below is a table highlighting the key differences between Cleveland Style Pizza and Detroit Style Pizza. 

Cleveland Style PizzaDetroit Style Pizza
Round-cut pizzaSquare-cut pizza
Spiral sauce streakVertical sauce streak 
Slightly wet doughVery wet dough
Round-sized pizza panRectangular-sized pizza pan


In terms of pizzas, you cannot deny that Cleveland Style Pizza competes with some of the big guns in the pizza industry.

The Cleveland style quickly gains traction with an extra crusty base but a chewy center.

And pizza lovers love this pizza style, so if you are in Ohio sometime, why not try one of their pizza places?

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