This is The Spice Level Of Takis! (Have You Tried?)

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When comparing snacks, you’d find out that Takis stand out as one of the best among other snacks.

This crunchy Mexican tortilla snack can be addictive due to its tasty nature.

However, the spice level on this snack is a talk that would never seize. Doctors have advised consumers to consume moderately amidst health risks.

In this article, I’d be telling you everything you need to know about spices used in Takis.

The spice level of Takis differs as it involves many products. Takis, such as Crunchy fajitas and the Guacamole spice level, is ‘mild,’ while Xplosion is ‘very hot’ and Nacho Xplosion is ‘hot.’ But the spice level of Fuego, Blue Heat, and Nitro is ‘extreme.’ 

Is Takis Spicy?

Mini Takis - Crunchy Rolled Tortilla Chips – Fuego Flavor (Hot Chili Pepper & Lime), 25 Individual Snack Packs (1.2 oz)

Takis are all spicy, even though they come in bags of different flavors. The purpose of producing Takis in different flavors is for consumers to have different tastes and choices.

Each product bag has a unique flavor which you can see at the start of this article.

The Takis, with most spices, are Fuego, Blue Heat, and Nitro, while others are extreme or mild.

Below is a chart showing the heat level, also referred to as the spice level of Takis.

Ranking of Hottest Takis Flavor

RankProductHeat Level Flavor
1Takis FuegoExtreme Hot chili pepper and lime
2Takis Blue HeatExtreme Hot chili pepper 
3Takis NitroExtreme Habanero and lime
4Takis XplosionVery hotCheese and chili pepper 
5Takis Nacho XplosionHotZesty Nacho
6Takis Crunchy Fajitas MildFajita 
7Takis Guacamole MildGuacamole 

What Spices Are in Takis?

Takis come in salty, spicy, and sour flavor profiles. However, you must know that Takis come in different recipes.

Tasting this crunchy tortilla snack will make your mouth pucker up.

In a bit, not to bore you with lots of facts about Takis, it’s good we go straight to it. Below are the spices used in the production of Takis.

#1. Spices Used in Takis Production 

  • 20g Sea Salt
  • 60g Annatto Powder
  • 2.5g Miso Powder
  • 8g MSG
  • 10g Roasted Onion Powder
  • 4g Garlic Powder
  • 45g Citric Acid
  • 16g Ground kimchi Powder
  • 10g Ground dehydrated solids from fermented hot sauce
  • 3g Superhot Chile Powder 

While knowing the spice used for Takis, it’s also important to know what you’ll be expecting in each Takis flavor you’d purchase. The headline below would address all Takis flavors.

#2. Spice Level for Each Takis Flavor

The spice level in Takis makes different flavor profiles stand out amongst others.

As I told you before,  the recipe for Takis production may look alike, but they differ in spices. 

#3. Takis Fuego 

Takis Fuego is supposedly the hottest flavor. Fuego is a steady and popular Takis flavor.

Fuego reportedly reaches high temperatures. It’s between 30,000 and 50,000 Scoville units, making it as fiery as cayenne and tabasco peppers.

Fuego’s flavor is lime and chili pepper. Spicy and tangy from the lime. 150-calorie Takis Fuego has 8 grams of fat. It has 420 mg of salt per 28g serving.

#4. Takis Blue Heat

Takis Blue Heat is another spicy taste. Blue Heat and Fuego are incredibly hot; hence their spiciness is similar. Blue Heat isn’t as fiery as Fuego, say many.

Takis Blue Heat contains hot chili pepper, unlike Fuego. Takis Blue heat lacks lime; therefore, it has a strong chili pepper aftertaste.

Like Takis Fuego, Blue Heat contains 150-calorie servings. Blue Heat includes 180 mg of salt per serving, which is mild (28 grams).

#5. Takis Nitro 

Takis Nitro is spicy but not as spicy as Fuego and Blue Heat. Despite the manufacturer’s claim, Takis Nitro has less heat than Fuego.

Chili and lemon seasons this folded tortilla chips. They’re spicy, sweet, and tangy from the lime. Takis Nitro 28g has 270 mg of sodium.

#6. Takis Xplosion 

One other well-liked flavor of Takis is called Xplosion Takis. It does not compare to the intensity of Takis Fuego, Blue Heat, or Nitro.

Try this traditional Xplosion flavor if you think the other flavors I described are too hot for your taste.

Cheese and chili pepper are the flavorings that go into Takis Xplosion.

Because of this, they are excellent for those who want cheesy appetizers that also have some heat to them.

170 calories and 200 milligrams of sodium are available in a single 30-gram portion of Takis Xplosion.

#7. Takis Nacho Xplosion 

Takis Nacho Xplosion combines crunchy tortilla chips and nachos. This Takis is a Mexican flavor, and it’s fiery and cheesy.

The milder heat of Takis Nacho Xplosion boosts the cheese flavor. Top Takis Nacho Xplosion chips with cheese sauce to prepare a snack or appetizer.

260 mg of sodium is inside a single serving of Takis Nacho Xplosion chips with 47 g per serving.

#8. Takis Crunchy Fajitas 

Fajitas uses corn tortillas, grilled meat, peppers, and onions. Mexican seasonings give fajitas their particular flavor.

Takis Crunchy Fajitas have real Mexican flavor in every wrapped tortilla. Cheese, cumin, paprika, and chili pepper

Takis Crunchy Fajitas includes 28 grams, 150 calories, and 220 milligrams of sodium.

#9. Takis Guacamole

Takis with guacamole is less spicy. This Takis has green tortillas instead of orange or red ones.

You’ll love this combination if you love Takis crunchy tortillas and guacamole.

Takis Guacamole flavor is powerful despite its modest heat. According to reviewers, these spicy guacamole chips are smokey and have a tinge of lime zest.

Takis Guacamole contains 28 grams, 250 calories, and 210 mg of sodium.

What Takis Are the Hottest?

Amongst the flavors of Takis, Fuego, fiery chili pepper, and lime taste, it’s considered the hottest. It’s also considered the spiciest of all the types and most sought after.

However, blue heat is also said to be amongst the list of hottest Takis flavors you can find. Because Fuego is the top, Blue Heat leads as consumers also rush it.

Now that you know which Takis is the hottest let me walk you through the process of making Takis flavor in your home.

#1. How to Prepare Takis at Home

The process you’d be seeing now is how to prepare Takis in your home.

Most snack lovers may find it hard to order Takis on Amazon, so that this detailed step would help them.

Below are the ingredients and instructions needed to make your Takis:

#2. Ingredients for Making Takis

  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • One teaspoon of garlic powder
  • One teaspoon paprika
  • One tablespoon of chili powder
  • One package of Takis (original flavor)

After preparing the ingredients, follow this step-by-step guide to make your Takis.

#1. Instructions:

  1. Prepare the oven by heating it to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Mix chili powder, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, salt, and black pepper in a small bowl.
  3. The Takis should go into a large bowl.
  4. Olive oil should be over the Takis and mixed properly.
  5. Mix the Takis thoroughly after adding the spice mixture to ensure they are evenly covered.
  6. After adding the water, thoroughly blend the ingredients.
  7. Bake the takis for ten minutes before spreading them on a baking sheet.
  8. Enjoy your Takis!

Which Takis Are the Least Spicy?

Takis Guacamole is considered the least spicy flavor you’ll see for now. You can eat the snack without any health complications.

The flavor began with a significant amount of chili pepper and became hotter.

Nevertheless, it’s not as spicy as Fuego, and it does not incorporate lime as Takis often does.


Takis are well-known snacks for their spicy level, hot taste, and aroma.

It’s important to know that Takis are good for your health; however, it might be bad due to spice intake.

All flavors are nourishing, do well to check them out. In this article, everything you need to know about Takis is available.

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