How Many Pumps For SodaStream? (Beginners Guide)

One way of starting your day is by drinking sparkling water in the morning.

Hence, having a machine that forces carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into your water at home will be awesome.

However, the result often varies as some users don’t know how many pumps are appropriate for their SodaStream. 

You need to press your SodaStream with five pumps to get carbonated. For an average of 1 liter, three pumps go in, but anything that goes above five pumps, you’ll end up over-carbonating your water which can burst your bottle. To avoid this, stick to a maximum of 5 pumps and change the water if there’s no result.

In this article, I’ll show you the number of pumps needed for your SodaStream and ways to prepare one.

How Many Pumps Do You Need On SodaStream?

How Many Pumps For Soda stream

Sodastream needs three pumps to get your water carbonated, but users are advised not to go above five buzzes.

Drinking over-carbonated water is not good for your health, so stick with a maximum of five pumps. 

This SodaStream machine supplies your bottled water with Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to make it carbonated and sparkling.

So pumping more than the required amount can get your bottled water exploding, and this might affect you.

If there’s no result as you press the magic dispenser, you’ll need to change the water or replace your carbonator.

When you notice your carbonator, which supplies carbon, is faulty, don’t panic. 

Make sure these things are in place:

  • Ensure that the cylinder is tight, or you can go and retighten it to ensure there’s no leakage.
  • Once you notice anything slightly loose, turn your cylinder to the right after you’ve tightened it.
  • Go back and check if your SodaStream sparkling water maker is working.
  • If these steps didn’t apply any change, such as getting bubbles or the sputtering sound, you might be out of gas.
  • Once you get your gas, and it’s still not responding, it’s time you call a qualified technician to run the diagnosis. 

On the other hand, the issue can be from the water. You can use hard or soft water on the machine anytime.

And if you notice that you’re not getting the desired result despite having gas.

You’ll need to change your bottled water and put it back into your machine to observe.

If this issue continues, it’s time to call in a technician or try replacing your machine with a working SodaStream machine.

How Many Pumps On Sodastream For A Fizzy Drink?

To get your fizzy drink right, the SodaStream must pump four times and a maximum of 5 if you need more (CO2).

All you need to do is put water into the Sodastream multi-use bottles, which can either be glass or plastic. Once you do this, fix it well in the machine and press.

Fizzy drinks have stood out to be the best regarding dehydration. Mostly, it’s advisable to take it early in the morning.

The carbon dioxide works perfectly in curbing dehydration. Most athletes who’re in the gym love it, especially sprinters.

While some go for SodaStream because they want to see bubbles and the sparkling texture in their bottles, whatever the cause may be, there’s no harm in getting your drink carbonated.

Now you know the number of pumps you’ll need for your fizzy drink if you’re using SodaStream. Let’s dive into the process of making soda in a soda machine.

What Are the Steps to Make Soda in a Sodastream Machine?

Knowing the steps of preparing soda can save costs. Having soda with food or without would give the same refreshment. 

Below are the steps:

Step 1: Putting Carbonator in Sodastream Machine

I’ll show you the steps to place the carbonator in the machine, which is the most important factor here.

  • To start, you’ll need to place your machine on a sturdy surface, such as a table or countertop. It will save time if you do this close to a sink, making it easy to refill water.
  • Next, remove the plastic seal of the canister and throw it away. Sodastream comes with a carbonator indicated in it “SodaStream CO2”.
  • Go to the back cover and pull it gently when you’ve done it. When doing this, hold the top firm to avoid any shaking.
  • When you’ve opened this, put the carbonator canister on hold where the cover is on your soda machine. However, this depends on the model of your SodaStream.
  • Next is to screw the carbonator three times in a clockwise direction until it’s tightened and cover the back of your SodaStream.

Step 2: Carbonating Your Water

This procedure is to get your water carbonated and ready to drink.

Here are the procedures to follow;

  • The Sodastream machine comes with a clear plastic bottle. Fill your bottle with cold water from the filter or tap, and ensure it reaches the fill line.
  • Next is to screw the bottle into the machine by turning it three times in a clockwise direction and pushing it to a vertical position.
  • After this comes the time to get your water carbonated. Press the down button or the entire top block of the machine. Note that SodaStream machines come in different types.
  • When making a pump, wait for 1 second before doing another, and on the SodaStream machine, there’s an indication that shows the level strength of the fizz, so check carefully.
  • After this, carefully remove the bottle and pour it into your mug or flask to drink.

How Many Pumps Can You Get From a One Sodastream Canister?

You get an average of 60 liters of sparkling water from your SodaStream canister.

This canister comes in a cylinder filled with a gas (CO2), which helps carbonate drinks.

I don’t know the liters of fizzy water you can drink in a day, but a canister would last three weeks if you drank 3 liters of soda daily. Do people drink soda to that extent?

People consume soda daily despite its sour and sometimes bitter taste. On health stats, it recommends that soda is good for health.

Soda cures indigestion, stomach ulcers, high potassium in the blood, and kidney-related ailments.

With this in place, consuming soda is beneficial, but consuming much is not advisable.

Let’s look at some pros and cons of using SodaStream.

Fizz and flavor are under your control.If you deviate from the directions, you may over or under-dose.
Good for the environment Have to wash bottles
Having access to fizzy waterThe quality of your water can affect the quality of the drunk.


Having a machine that produces fizzy water is a great privilege, and SodaStream is available to carbonate your drink. All you’ve to do is

  • Buy a SodaStream machine
  • Learn the steps on how to use the machine
  • Use clean water when preparation

You should go for soda every morning to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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