Does Starbucks Take 100-Dollar Bills? (Explained)

You can make purchases at Starbucks with various payment methods, including cash. However, their some instances when Starbucks cashiers refuse some dollar bills. 

That is a commonly reported occurrence for large dollar bills, including fifties and hundreds.

So, does Starbucks have a policy against large bills? Or can you pay with a 100-dollar bill at Starbucks?

Depending on your location, the sales cashiers may choose not to accept your 100-dollar bill. Although this instruction is not an organizational standard, receiving a 100-dollar bill might be tedious and cumbersome to the sales cashiers at Starbucks stores. Sometimes, the sales cashier at the drive-thru sales outlet might take the 100-dollar bill.

In this article, I will explain why you might not purchase at a Starbucks store with your 100-dollar bill. 

Furthermore, I will also answer questions about how you can pay for services at a Starbucks store and drive-through outlet.

Does Starbucks Accept 100-Dollar Bills?

Does Starbucks Take 100-Dollar Bills

Sales cashiers at Starbucks stores might not accept a 100-dollar bill. This decision is not based on the organizational policy

Most sales cashiers at the Starbucks store do not accept 100-dollar bills because it might become difficult to give out a change.

Most products at the Starbucks store sells for smaller denomination. If customers purchase singly, they may not spend in high denominations.

The cost of most of the products in the Starbucks store is usually within the range of dollars in tenths. That means they do not cost beyond two-digit figures.

When you present a 100-dollar bill, offering you a change for your purchase becomes difficult. Breaking a 100-dollar bill for one customer may not be a problem.

Based on experiences by Starbucks sales cashiers, breaking a 100-dollar bill for many customers in a day might constitute a challenge in sales.

People who make smaller purchases with lesser denominations might be deprived of the change when they need them.

This idea is rational because sales cashiers at Starbucks will have to give out more change to the customers with a 100-dollar bill than those with lesser denominations.

You may not find this mode of operation in the organizational policy of Starbucks sales outlets. This policy may also vary across various locations.

In many instances, this policy may also vary from time to time in the same location.

In the same sales outlet, the policy might be upheld in the mornings and relaxed at night.

The basic idea of this policy is the availability of change at the Starbucks outlet.

Most times, it’s too early to give out the change because sales have not accumulated for the day.

Most Starbucks sales outlets give out the change they accumulate from sales.

It would be best to note that Starbucks specializes in individualized and largely affordable sales and services.

When you look at the price chart of Starbucks, most of the products they sell do not cost beyond the double digits.

This price makes it difficult to give out change with a 100-dollar bill.

When next you want to purchase your favorite product from a Starbucks store, it will be best to have several other payment options.

What Dollar Bills Does Starbucks Accept?

Starbucks accepts all dollar bills. There is no rule prohibiting sales cashiers at Starbucks from accepting any dollar bill.

Provided you have cash, a Starbucks sales cashier will attend to you. Most outlets have some slight preferences in the bills they accept.

Starbucks will accept every dollar bill provided they can give you the change and ascertain that they are not counterfeit.

Since Starbucks operates an individualized and cost-effective beverage store, it is common to find people with different denominations in currency to make a purchase.

The only challenge sales cashiers may have is the provision of change when you make purchases with a high denomination.

This challenge becomes even more cumbersome when you must return the change in large amounts. 

A way around this challenge is when you spend all the money on purchases and will not require any change to be given to you.

The only time that a Starbucks sales cashier may not accept a dollar bill will be if it is counterfeit.

Many people believe that the 100-dollar bill is the most counterfeited bill.

 To avoid having a dollar bill counterfeited, sales cashiers at Starbucks prefer to stay away from the 100-dollar bill.

To notice a counterfeit currency, you need special equipment to do that. Most Starbucks outlets do not have this facility.

Facilities that other retail stores use to detect a fake dollar bill include a UV counterfeit detection lamp and a counterfeit money pen.

These materials are found in banks and other financial institutions with significant cash flow into and out of the organization.

In the case of a Starbucks outlet, it may become cumbersome to dedicate staff or time to detecting fake currencies. This process may slow down the business. 

The basic idea of this policy is to curb the risk of having an influx of counterfeited currency in stock. 

Once there is an influx of fake 100-dollar bills, Starbucks stands a great risk of incurring losses.

Some outlets might reject the 100-dollar bill altogether to cut the possibility of this risk.

Does Starbucks Break Dollar Bills for Customers?

Starbucks does not break dollar bills for customers. You would not have dollar bills in lesser denominations when you buy in higher denominations.

Sales cashiers at any Starbucks outlet are not obligated to give you change when you return dollar bills to them. This instruction is part of Starbuck’s operational policy.

You might be given a chance when you buy beverages from Starbucks stores. This exchange in currency depends on the bill you carry.

Since Starbucks operates an individualized and cost-effective beverage store, it is common to find people with different denominations in currency to make purchases.

However, you cannot have your dollar bill broken if you do not buy anything from the store. 

Even when you buy beverages from the store, you should always come with smaller denominations. 

The drive-thru often may accept higher denominations in purchase; this preference does not translate to giving out change when you do not purchase.

A way around this challenge is when you spend all the money on purchases and will not require any change to be given to you.

If you need to break your dollar bill, other outlets specialize in giving out change even if you do not make any purchases.

The bank or credit union is the easiest place to break your dollar bill. These organizations are well-equipped to handle dollar bills.

They have equipment that can detect fake or counterfeit currency and a constant supply of smaller denominations.

If you do not have a bank or credit union close to you, you can approach the nearest grocery store, restaurant, or supermarket to get your dollar bill broken.

In some of these sales outlets, you might be charged a token to get your dollar bill broken.

Sometimes, you might need to make a purchase no matter how minute they are.

How Else Can You Pay at Starbucks?

Other payment options exist to explore in case Starbucks rejects your 100-dollar bill.

These payment options are the alternatives to making cash payments with the 100-dollar bill.

No matter your needs, you cannot run out of options at Starbucks. This ease of settlement is because Starbucks seeks to make your purchase seamless.

Here are some of the alternatives to cash payments at Starbucks:

#1. The Starbucks App

The Starbucks app is an initiative by Starbucks to reduce the stress and processes involved in payment.

This app incorporates other payment platforms into one app to allow for smooth and easy payment at all times.

When you use the Starbucks app, you can earn stars after purchases, make orders, and connect your cards and other PayPal details in the app.

#2. Starbucks Card

The Starbucks card works like every other bank card. You can get the Starbucks card from any Starbucks store and online platform.

Once you recharge the card with an amount, you can make purchases with the card directly at the Starbucks Pay outlet.

#3. Electronic Pay

You can also make purchases from Starbucks via electronic means. A common electronic payment platform for Android users is Google Pay and Apple Pay for Apple users.

These apps function just like the Starbucks app but with greater flexibility and areas of coverage.

#4. PayPal

PayPal is another alternative to cash at Starbucks. PayPal allows you to recharge many other payment platforms.

With your PayPal account, you can make direct payments to other payment platforms via your PayPal account.

You can also fund your Starbucks app with your PayPal account. PayPal offers great flexibility and ease of payment across many platforms.

#5. Credit Cards or Debit Cards

You can also pay with your credit cards or get debited from your debit cards.

The cards provide a fast and secure means of payment when you want to make purchases at a Starbucks store.

These cards are connected directly to your bank account, and Starbucks deducts these payments from your account.

The table below highlights the advantages of the alternative payment models of Starbucks.

Payment methodAdvantages
Starbucks appCustomized for Starbucks purchases
Starbuck cardCustomized for Starbucks purchases
Electronic payEasy and flexible
PayPalWide range of coverage
Credit and debit cardsFast and secure.

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