Do Premier Protein Shakes Expired Or Go Bad? (Explained)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Premier protein shakes are a good source of supplements you can trust.

Besides being rich in protein, they contain a reasonable amount of vitamin C and E, essential body antioxidants.

In addition, they go as far as giving the immune system a boost. 

However, you might have had your protein shakes in a place for so long and might wonder if they would go bad if you don’t use them quickly.

So relax! I’ve got answers for you. 

Yes, Premier Protein shakes do go bad, and virtually every Protein shake has an expiry date. However, protein powders can go bad weeks after their expiration. Sometimes, the premier protein shakes spoil before the expiration date if improperly stored.

Do Premier Protein Shakes Go Bad After Opening?

Do Premier Protein Shakes Go Bad

After opening the shakes, they don’t go bad immediately. However, they can last only 48-72 hours if you refrigerate them. 

But, if you refuse to refrigerate, you must consume the shakes at least 2 hours after opening. Else, it would begin to form molds due to bacterial invasion.

You must store the shakes under suitable humidity within 45-65%.

Hence, refrigerating will keep it humid like it should be and repel bacteria from turning the shakes into a breeding site.

Although, refrigerating could result in a loss of the quality and taste of the shake.

But, without refrigerating, you’ll be exposing the shake powder to moisture which will cause massive damage to the shake, so you must consume it quickly. 

#1. Will Freezing Protect Premium Protein Shakes After Freezing?

Freezing is a suitable storage method. It retains the Premium Protein Shakes’ quality, taste, and texture.

You can freeze a Premium protein for three months while you take the little you want and melt it for use.

To freeze the shake after opening it, pour the shake into an airtight container. Once the air accesses the container, it changes the sweet taste to something you wouldn’t like. 

In addition, make sure you freeze the shake with a hard ice tray. The frozen shake won’t stick to the body with a hard ice tray, unlike when you use the soft plastic tray.

Do Premier Protein Shakes Expire?

Premier protein shakes do expire according to their shelf lives, but could still be good, weeks after expiry.

But, the longer it stays on the shelf or refrigerator, the more the milk protein concentrate tends to experience a gradual decline.

However, some shakes have additives such as maltodextrin, salt, and lecithin that lengthen their expiry date.

These Protein shakes could stay effective for as long as two years.

After the weeks of expiration extension, there will be a breakdown of lysine, an amino acid in the protein shakes.

Therefore, the shake will have no protein to offer the body when disintegration occurs.

Meanwhile, protein shakes containing whey powder can last for 12-19 months if under favorable storage conditions.

These conditions include; a temperature of 70°F and 35% of humidity. And if you keep shakes at 45-65% humidity, they could remain effective for 9-18 months.

I wouldn’t like you to have an unsafe meal and endanger your health.

So I’ll inform you of some signs to look out for in your Premier protein shakes before taking them in.

Although, not all these signs will surface at once.

#1. Bad Smell

If you perceive a foul smell from your shakes, then your shakes have expired, and you should get rid of them. Ordinarily, foods smell bad when they go bad.

#2. Unusual Thickness

Shakes are supposed to be mixed easily due to their mild thickness.

So, difficulty in mixing could result from the Premier Protein Shakes going harmful and unsafe for intake. 

#3. Presence of Green Tinge

A green tinge signifies molds are growing on the Premier Protein Shakes.

Consuming shakes with some greenish tinge is dangerous to the health and can cause vomiting and other health disorders.

Is It Safe to Consume Expired Premier Protein Shakes?

Health-wise, it’s not advisable to eat some expired foods.

But, consuming expired Premier protein shakes is safe as long as it’s not showing unpalatable signs.

Sometimes, you might have eaten out of the shakes before realizing it, but you don’t feel stomach ache; why?

So, if you have been storing your unused protein shakes correctly, consuming the expired protein shake will do more good than bad.

Although, the milk protein concentrated in the shakes wouldn’t have as much quality as it used to before expiration.

However, if you open your shakes packet and notice that the color has changed from white to yellow (although some shakes usually are yellow) and molds have started forming, releasing a horrible smell, get rid of the shakes immediately!

Those are clear evidence that the expired protein shake will harm health if taken.

How Long Do Premier Protein Shakes Last After Opening?

Premier Protein Shakes can last for seven days after opening, but they must be in the refrigerator throughout this period and be covered well.

However, you must avoid contaminating the shakes with food particles and water. 

Do well to consume the Premier protein shake within 24 hours if you wouldn’t be refrigerating.

The reason is that; after opening the drink, its efficiency will start declining and develop a bacterial infestation. So, gulping it down is the best.

Premier shakes tend to have an affinity for moisture but are enemies. When you open it for too long, you bring the drink into contact with water, heat, and air.

So, microbes in the air will cause molding in the drink, while heat will cause some breakdown in the drink’s nutrients.

However, refrigerating won’t save your shakes from losing their taste and some quality.

It’s a bit unpleasant, but that should be no big deal since the nutritional value will remain intact.  

#1. How Do I Keep My Premier Protein Shake Well?

Nobody would love to lose a good protein shake like the Premiers’ to poor and inadequate storage.

Hence, If you have been experiencing this before, we’ve come to the rescue! I’ve outlined some simple steps to make your shake last longer.

  • After using the shakes, tightly seal the container. You need to keep air and moisture away totally.
  • If you are storing the Shakes in a packet, expel all the air in the pack to prevent further oxidation. Then, you can seal the container.
  • Keep the shake in a cool, dry, and dark place. A little amount of water will ruin your shake powder.

Final Thoughts

Premier protein shakes eventually lose all their nutritional value after expiring.

However, you can still take in the shake mix even after it expires if you’ve been storing the shakes well.

But, if you notice changes in the meal’s color, taste, etc., the shakes aren’t suitable for consumption.

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