Can You Eat A Whole Chipotle Bowl? (Read This First)

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Chipotle is a healthy and tasteful fast food chain with several fresh ingredients and no artificial additives. 

A chipotle bowl usually comprises brown rice, tomatoes, romaine, cucumbers, cheddar, roasted red pepper, sweet corn, bacon, chicken, and chipotle sauce. 

Although this meal is very tasty, the real question is can you eat an entire bowl of Chipotle? 

Eating an entire bowl of Chipotle is possible, but it also depends on your appetite and the size of the bowl in question. Since Chipotle offers substantial meals, it is always very satisfying for many people with regular appetites.

In this article, we will inform you about the nutritional contents of a bowl of Chipotle and if eating a whole bowl of Chipotle is healthy; please stick with me! 

Can You Finish an Entire Bowl of Chipotle?

Yes, you can finish an entire bowl of Chipotle; it all solely depends on your appetite, the contents, and the size of the Chipotle bowl. 

If between your Chipotle meals, you feel full, then do not worry because you can save half for later. 

Since most of the ingredients in these bowls are fresh, you would want to have your meal no longer than six hours from when you had the other portion so it does not get spoilt. 

Most importantly, you should know that all foods, including healthy options, can become unhealthy if eaten in excess. 

How Large Is a Chipotle Bowl? 

You can use various sizes of bowls to mix up your Chipotle. When Chipotle is served at restaurants, the standard bowl size is 9.7″ by 6.25” by 1.57”. 

Although the sizes of Chipotle meals majorly depend on the individual.

#1. How to Make a Bowl of Chipotle?

Making your bowl of Chipotle burritos is easy once you’ve got the hang of all the necessary ingredients. 

Some ingredients you would need for your bowl include; 

  • Guacamole. 
  • Rice. 
  • Chicken. 
  • Cheese. 
  • Beans. 
  • Tomato salsa. 
  • Corn salsa. 

For the beans, it would be preferable if you used black beans. Canned black beans can be your go-to beans if you do not have the time to make your chipotle beans. 

You would need oregano; either Italian or Mexican oregano would do. This oregano would taste amazing for this recipe, even if Mexican oregano tastes like marjoram. 

Before mixing your ingredients, you would need to make your chipotle chicken.

Follow the steps listed below to make your chipotle chicken; 

  • Blend your garlic, red onion, olive oil, cumin, oregano adobe sauce, and chili powder to make your marinade. 
  • Add a little water to the marinade and pour it into a plastic bag with your boneless chicken thighs or chicken breast, whichever you choose. 
  • Let it marinate for 30 minutes to an hour, and then cook your chicken in a skillet with a bit of olive oil. 
  • When it has cooked for a considerable amount of time, take the chicken out of the pan and chop it into smaller pieces. 

After finishing your chicken, you should prepare your cilantro lime rice. The procedure you would need to follow to prepare your cilantro lime rice is listed below; 

  • Bring your pot of water to a boil and add your basmati rice. After that, add salt in appropriate amounts and bay leaves (to taste). 
  • Cook your rice for 10-12 minutes or until tender, then drain the excess water. 
  • Rinse the rice with a mesh sieve and pour the rice into another bowl. Stir the lemon and lime juices into the rice, add your chopped cilantro, and then season with salt. 
  • Your cilantro lime rice is ready! 

You would also need to prepare corn salsa like your chicken and rice. To do this, follow the procedure listed below; 

  • Cook your corn, preferably frozen, and place it on a baking sheet to cool off. 
  • Toss your corn with chopped roasted pepper, red onion, cilantro, lemon, and lime juices, and add a little salt.

In addition, you would also need to make your tomato salsa and guacamole to get your ingredients ready.

To make your tomato salsa, chop your raw tomatoes, peppers, red onions, and cilantro, and then combine all these ingredients with lemon and lime juices in a bowl with a pinch or two of salt to taste. 

Scoop out the flesh of your avocados, mix with lemon and lime juices, and then stir into your chopped onions and cilantro. Also, add a pinch of salt to taste. 

If you finish these, 70% of the work is done; all you would need to do now is build your bowl properly. This part should be fun. 

To begin with, set all the ingredients on the counter and grab your largest bowl, ready to lay all these ingredients in. 

Then add your rice to a corner of the bowl, followed by your beans, and then place your chicken on the other part. 

Now, add your salsa, some corn, and a lot of guacamole. Next, add your cheese and lettuce to the top of this beautiful bowl, and now all that is left to do is grab a fork and enjoy. 

How Many Calories Are in a Fully Loaded Chipotle Bowl? 

A bowl of Chipotle contains calories ranging from 750-1250 depending on the ratio at which some ingredients are more than others. 

If you want to prepare a calorie-filled bowl of Chipotle, ensure that you chip in more protein-filled ingredients like guacamole. 

Below is a table that shows the number of calories some of these ingredients contain; 

Ingredients Calories Content 
Guacamole 230 calories 
Cheese 100 calories
Chicken 180 calories 
Brown or white rice 210 calories 
Black beans 120 calories 
Pinto beans 115 calories 
Chorizo300 calories 

If you are a fan of chips, include these in your Chipotle bowl or have some after you finish a bowl of Chipotle. 

Below is a table of some amazing chip combinations that would go well with some other calorie-high ingredients that go well with your Chipotle; 

Chips Calorie Content
Plain Chipotle, nicely salted chips 570 calories 
Chips and fresh tomato salsa 595 calories 
Chips and roasted chili corn salsa 650 calories 
Chips and guacamole 800 calories 
Chips and tomatillo red-chili salsaGoo calories 

These common ingredients in a Chipotle contain high calories, so if you like your Chipotle calories filled, ensure that you have enough of them. 

Is Eating a Whole Chipotle Bowl Healthy? 

Yes, what makes Chipotle bowls healthy or not is not the general name; it is mostly the contents of your Chipotle.

There are several calorie-rich ingredients that you would find in a standard Chipotle bowl.

Still, if you want fewer calories, you can replace most of these ingredients with other suitable ingredients with fewer calories. 

You can opt for a bowl of Chipotle containing salsa, lettuce, vegetables, a little cheese, black beans, and a bit of guacamole to get a healthier bowl of Chipotle. 

All these ingredients are known for their high-calorie content. If you have an issue with the high-calorie content in Chipotle, reducing these ingredients in your bowl of Chipotle would help. 

If you want to go healthy, steak would be an excellent replacement for your chicken. 

Steak does not contain as much protein as chicken, but it doesn’t contain too much either.

Therefore, it is an excellent and healthy source of nutrients for your bowl of Chipotle. 

All these ingredients listed above would not amount to more than 500 calories, making it very suitable for people with a healthy diet. 

However, while eating a whole Chipotle bowl doesn’t have health risk factors, you can have Chipotle once in a while, but it is not recommended to have it every day.


Is It OK to Eat a Lot of Chipotle? 

No. Most ingredients in Chipotle contain high sodium contents, and an abnormal increase in the body’s sodium contents leads to high risks of high blood pressure, heart disease, or even stroke. 

How Many Calories Are Contained in a Bowl of Chipotle? 

About 750-1250 calories are contained in a standard bowl of Chipotle. However certain factors, like the size of the Chipotle bowl, either increase or decrease the amount of calories contained. 

Why is Chipotle So High in Calories? 

The main reason why Chipotle has a very high-calorie content is due to the flour tortillas, sour cream, cheese, butter, and guacamole that it contains. 

Can You Skip the Rice in Chipotle?

You can skip rice in your bowl of Chipotle if you do not want it. But if you would prefer to have some rice for its appearance,  you can just opt for half instead.

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