What Happened To The Festive Turkey Loaf?

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

 Have you searched for your favorite meat turkey loaf and have not gotten any? Then, of course, you may not find the festive turkey loaf in stores.

In this article, I will explain why you will not find the festive turkey loaf. 

Jennie-O, a significant producer of your favorite festive turkey loaf, has announced that they will no longer produce festive white meat. As a result, the festive turkey loaf is no longer on sale across stores. However, you may find another brand of festive turkey loaf on sale but not from Jennie-O.

Do They Make Festive Loaf Anymore?

What Happened to the Festive Turkey Loaf

Jennie-O no longer produces your favorite festive turkey loaf made by Jennie-O.

However, there are other competitive festive turkey loaves in the market or grocery stores that you could purchase.

Over the years, Jennie-O has been a front-line producer of festive white meat.  

As a result of these regular sales, the festive turkey loaf has made big-time sales in the previous Years.

Jennie-O has made so many customers making it a frequent staple as an oven-ready turkey for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

And so, other companies have taken up the interest in producing the same turkey loaf with a different brand name.

You can find a festive turkey loaf made by brands like the “Walmart” industry. The Walmart industry seeks to take advantage of the festive loaf’s patronage.

This patronage is extensive and can encourage continuous production of the festive white meat and also finds it necessary for the constant production of the festive loaf.

However, official reports have not highlighted the reasons for the brand’s discontinuation.

Why are Festive Turkey and Gravy Discontinued?

The festive turkey and gravy discontinued production because of a fall in sales of the brand.

Though the producers didn’t give specific reasons, market observers have speculated a fall in sales after the lockdown period.

So, the brand name Jennie-O has decided to move the festive turkey and gravy into a new brand

This new brand is called the festive brand. The company gave no reasons for this abrupt end and transition to a different brand name. 

Another company took over Jennie-O; hence they discontinued the production of the festive turkey loaf.

It is now more engrossed with the growing of turkey and providing logistics.

As a result, Jennie-O is more concerned with the production and distribution of turkey products, while Walmart produces and distributes the festive turkey loaf on sale.  

Does Jennie-O Still Make Turkey Loaf?

Jennie-O does not produce turkey loaves anymore due to a fall in demand. Yet festive turkey must be on sale.

Jennie-o has announced that the brand will keep the commodity in the market. 

The festive turkey now sells under a new brand. Jennie-O no longer makes the turkey loaf.

Transferring festive turkey and gravy to a new brand is part of the plan to continue sales distribution. 

This move would also help quell the rising questions that consumers ask daily.

Storeowners have also heaped pressure on Jennie-o, requesting explanations as to why the product’s discontinuation.

Who Sells Festive Turkey Loaf?

Walmart has taken over the production and distribution of festive turkey loaf sales. The brand is now known as the festive brand.

This brand is widely available and is what you will most likely find in stores. The festive brand is now packaged and sold in a vacuum container by Walmart.

With about 20 dollars, you can purchase a pack of the festive brand turkey loaf from any store near you. 

Though sold as a festive brand, there are variations of the products with different recipes to match.

Turkey remains the main ingredient of the festive loaf. Though other components are present, the recipe for the festive turkey loaf is unique. 

Once you purchase the festive brand in the store, you can choose. Though the rightful owner of the festive turkey loaves, Jennie-O sold the brand out.

Walmart company packages and distributes the brand of festive turkey. 

The production and distribution of the festive turkey bring the product to you at stores nearby.

Walmart, founded by Samuel Moore Walton, is among America’s largest grocery stores or supermarkets. 

Walmart is a middle man in the distribution channel linking the festive brand to its final consumers.

Due to the comprehensive spread demands, Walmart supplies the product across America for easier customer access.

Facts About Festive Turkey Loaf

Essential facts about the festive turkey loaf are written on the packaging of the oven-ready turkey.

These facts include the nutritional value, calorie content, and shelf life. You could also see the recipe for the festive turkey loaf on the package.

You will find that the festive turkey contains 8% fat, among the nutritional facts.

Saturated fats make up about 1.7 grams of the whole package. Another fatty content found in the festive turkey is cholesterol. 

The festive turkey also contains some minerals. The most significant of these minerals is sodium which 790 mg is in the festive turkey.

This value equals about 33% of the entire mineral content.

You would also find 2% carbohydrates of 5g in the oven-ready turkey. Carbohydrates are essential biological molecules that feed us with energy.

When you cook your turkey loaf, make you look at these nutritional facts. These facts provide information on how best to combine the meat turkey loaf.

Your festive turkey loaf should Also contain sodium phosphate and sodium lactate.

These nutrients are considered trace elements. It is because your body needs them in small quantities, yet they are essential for your bodybuilding. 

Away from its nutrients, you can be sure to trust the source of the primary ingredient: turkey. The turkey is a rich source of protein.

The calorie content of the festive turkey loaf is also a fact you will find on the product.

The calorie content is the amount of energy present in any food. Your body needs the fuels supplied by these foods, and the calorie is the unit of energy.

There is 130 kilocalories worth of power on the festive turkey loaf. 

The shelf life of the festive turkey loaf is an essential fact that you must be on the lookout to note.

This information is written on the package for you to see. The shelf life of any product is the time with which sellers can sell. 

After this time, the product is no longer viable, so sellers should not sell. The shelf life of the festive turkey loaf is two years.

That is, from the time of production, the festive turkey loaf is good for up to two years after that.

It would help if you did not confuse the shelf life after purchasing with the viability after you open the festive turkey loaf.

Once you open the festive turkey brand, you must finish consuming it within three days. Once opened, the festive turkey brand would go bad after three days.

This table summarizes some of the facts mentioned above:

S/NNutritional ContentPercentage Composition.
1.Calorie130 kilocal
2.Fats5 grams
3.Carbohydrates5 grams
4.Sodium790 milligrams
5.Cholesterol40 milligrams
6.Sugars2 grams


The production company has discontinued festive turkey loaf.

Jennie-O has transferred the brand to a new name to a festive brand now produced and distributed by the Walmart company.

Festive turkey loaf contains many nutrients and has a two-year shelf life.

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